Three's Company

by Smallville Pimp

"Oh shit," Clark said as the footsteps on the stairs to the loft grew louder. He got off of Chloe and looked to see who it was. Lana. His dick stood up like a broomstick.

"Clark?" Lana asked hesitantly.

"Uhh....hold on a...sec...I'm...."

"Masturbating?" Lana said laughingly.

"Um, yeah, actually," Clark laughed.

But Chloe's laughter gave it away.

Lana smiled menacingly and said, "Well, well, well, whatever is happening here?"

Chloe got off the couch and stood up smiling.

"Well, Clark was just giving me the most incredible sex I've ever had."

"Can I join in?" Lana asked with an evil grin.

With that she ran up the stairs and threw her jacket to the ground. She knelt before Clark and ran her tongue over the head of his cock.

"Not now! Let him finish me off!" Chloe said playfully.

Lana laughed. "Clark, you must be a happy boy today. You've got two girls fighting over who gets fucked first!"

Clark smiled broadly. Lana stripped down as Clark got back onto Chloe. He thrust into her with amazing force.

"Oh fuck yeah....oh God....." Chloe continued to moan in delight for the next minute or so until Chloe creamed all over Clark's monstrous dick. Clark pulled out and jizzed onto her nipples as she came.

"Mother of God!" Chloe yelled as Clark got up. "How the fuck do you do that?"

Clark laughed between breaths.

"Now, about that blowjob...." Clark said after he caught his breath.

Lana walked over to the couch and knelt on the floor. She closed her eyes and kissed the tip of Clark's dick.

"Fuck...." Clark moaned.

Lana expertly sucked his throbbing dick for a few minutes. He took the head of his cock and pressed it between her closed lips. She licked its underside with her tongue and he cummed almost instantly. The fact that only the head of his dick was on her lips made his cum go down her cheek in streams.

"Goddamn, Lana....." Clark complimented her on her blowjob.

He then went down on the floor and licked her pussy. She lay back and moaned in delight. His tongue probed deeper and deeper into her pussy. After a few moments, she broke into a screaming orgasm.

I think it's safe to say that all three of them had a great night's sleep.

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