by Smallville Pimp

Clark could tell it was going to be a long night. He had just got home from a night of partying with Lana when he found a note that said his parents would be out late. He smiled. "What?" Lana asked. Clark showed her the note. She grinned menacingly. "I'll meet you upstairs," Clark said. Lana went up to Clark's room. Clark took a sip of OJ and went up to his room. He found Lana naked on his bed. He smiled broadly and walked over to her. The two began kissing passionately Clark put his hands on her full, round breasts. Lana started to undo Clark's shirt buttons. Lana lay back on the bed. Clark unzipped his pants and his throbbing erection sprang free. Clark put two of his fingers into Lana's vagina and got to work. She moaned in pleasure and soon later had an intense orgasm. Lana turned around and placed her hand on the base of Clark's dick. She teased him for a few minutes, and then she put her soft, bright red lips around Clark's cock. He pushed her head down. "Oh," he moaned in delight. She sucked slowly, fast at times, but never too fast, because she wanted him to have the best orgasm of his life. Then, she decided to be a little bit of a cock tease. She pulled her mouth off of Clark's pole. "What was that?" Clark asked. She laughed and said "Gotcha!" She quickly went back to work, leaving a slick coating of red around hi prick. After 5 minutes, he jizzed into her mouth as he moaned and squealed. Her mouth was dripping with cum. The two kissed passionately and pulled away slowly, leaving a string of Clarks gooey man juice between their lips. They both fell asleep on each other.

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