Smallville: Surprise

by DreamingofClois

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Smallville: Surprise
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A low fire burned in the fireplace, reflecting off the gilt and leather book bindings.

"The Art of War," Machievelli's "The Prince," How to Make Friends and Influence People.

At first glance, the owner of such a collection would seem to be stodgy, staid, boring. But then the eye would fall upon volumes by Byron, Shelley, Shakespeare, and D.H. Lawrence. Poets and princes strove for dominance. That's about right, Lois Lane thought. Lex Luthor, Local Man of Mystery.

He wasn't the sole title holder, though.

She pictured Clark Kent sitting in his loft - his Fortress of Solitude - alone with the secrets that hid behind his deep blue eyes.

Everyone in this town had hidden depths, it seemed.

Where did that leave her?

Sitting on Lex's couch wearing a blindfold, that's where.

It was her birthday, and Lex had invited her to his house - castle would have been a better term - for dinner. He said that he wanted to thank her for something, although she couldn't imagine what. But hell, she had no birthday plans to speak of, and why not celebrate in style? She had been forced to go on a shopping expedition since she couldn't very well show up at the mansion in her customary jeans. After a long afternoon at the nearest shopping mall, she settled on a black strappy dress that came down to her mid-thigh and laced up at the sides with red cording that showed glimpses of skin between the laces.

The dinner itself had more courses than her entire semester load at Metropolis U, and she was positive that the china plates could easily fund her entire college education. Finishing her tiramisu, Lois had run out of non-speaking options, and for a moment simply stared at the man seated opposite her. He was leaning forward, his fingers laced together as he rested his elbows on the table and looked at her with an inscrutable expression. Firelight glinted off the gold cufflinks set into his purple dress shirt and outlined his face in muted amber.

Before she could say anything substantial, he passed her a black folder, which she opened with a puzzled frown. It was an article from the Daily Planet - with her name in the byline. He thought that she helped put his father behind bars.

Her eyes widened as she guessed at what must have occurred. "Lex, Chloe must have..," but before she could finish he had moved behind her and wrapped a length of black cloth around her eyes.

"What on earth..," she said, her voice rising. His last name WAS Luthor, after all, maybe she should His voice spoke from somewhere near her left ear. "I have a present for you." Lois shivered as the voice came closer, until she could feel his breath on her earlobe. "It's a surprise." She swallowed, and heard footsteps, then the sound of a door opening and closing.

She waited, feeling the fire's residual warmth lick along her bare leg. After what seemed like an eternity, she heard the door open again.

Then, nothing.

Had she imagined it? Why would he just stand in the doorway?

Lois frowned, her lips curling slightly, before she relaxed. The rumors about his Club Zero days had to be exaggerated. She squared her shoulders and tossed her hair back, placing her hands at her sides and sticking out her chest. She was getting tired of waiting for the eccentric boy-millionaire, if he wanted to play games, well then he'd picked... a pair of warm lips pressed against hers suddenly, and she gave a slight gasp of surprise.

So, those particular nerve endings weren't atrophied after all.

She was kissing Lex Luthor.

His tongue was edging across her teeth as if to memorize her taste. Her hand reached up the nape of his neck without thinking, and tangled in his hair.

His hair..???

Wait..who the hell was she kissing?????

She jerked her head backwards and ripped off the blindfold, only to find herself staring into a pair of earnest blue eyes framed by jet black hair.

Clark Kent.

She had been kissing Clark Kent.

There was a slight noise, like a dress shoe scuffing on a threshold, and she turned her head quickly towards the open doorway to see Lex standing, one hand on the lintel.

"And here I simply thought to get you something involving diamonds." Lex said, with just the barest hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Lois turned a deep shade of red and looked at Clark, who still knelt silently in front of her, his eyes shining with a mix of embarrassment and challenge and something else.

Lex Luthor looked at Clark for a long moment, his chin held at an almost approving angle. Then he spoke in what, for anyone else, would have been a nonchalant tone.

"I can't say I disapprove, Clark, but I can`t say I agree with how you decided to go about it."

Lois started. Lex expected Clark to kiss her? She certainly hadn't. Approval? Well of all the cocky, misogynistic... How should she react? Anger? Resentment? Agreement? She settled for incredulity.

"Excuse me! Don't I get a say in the matter?" she said, her voice and chin rising in the air.

"You're absolutely right, Lois," Lex said, in a deadly whisper, his voice was calm, but his eyes spoke volumes, or they would have if she could have seen them in the half-light.

"Thank you."

Lex moved so that he stood directly behind her, stretching his hands out on the sofa behind her so that he was looking directly at Clark, like an imperious judge.

Clark had blushed slightly at Lex's earlier comment, but now he swallowed and looked Lex directly in the eye.

"You've always told me to go after what I want, Lex. That I haven't been as upfront as I should have..." his voice trailed off, and his voice softened. "Lois, I've wanted to do that..well, for a long time."

Lex, looked away for a second, turning his head back with a slight noise of astonishment. "Clark, it's not your feelings that are being called into question, am I right, Ms. Lane?"

"Yes," Lois said, slightly unsteadily. Clark had feelings for her? She had joked with him in the past about checking her out, flirted with him in her own rambunctious way, but, she'd never really thought...she heard Lex's voice, as if from far away.

"....simply can't do things like that..," Lex continued.

"Lex," she said, her voice rasping slightly in her throat, "I.." but before she could finish the thought a pair of lips settled on the sensitive spot right behind her ear and an agile tongue began tracing intricate patterns along her ear as Lex whispered, "You should have done it like this..." before gently nipping her earlobe.

She ran her left hand through her hair, trying desperately to cling to rationality.

"Now, look, this isn't funny," she managed to get out, waving her hand in the air beside her, her eyes half-closing.

"You're right, it's not.." Clark said, frowning. He leaned forward, and Lois sighed unsteadily. Now Clark would stand up, pull Lex away from her, and this whole crazy thing would simply be forgotten as the insanity it was.

"He hasn't allowed me to fully defend myself, " Clark half-growled indignantly, and then his lips were on hers again, his tongue gently exploring her mouth with slow deliberation. Lois found herself moaning slightly into his mouth as their breath mingled.

Lex finished his exploration of her neck, breathing in her scent as if he was sampling a bouquet. Lois felt as though she was melting into the couch. He left a trail of slow, sucking kisses along her right shoulder before teasing the dress strap down her arm with his teeth. She had a sudden insane wish to have chosen something Victorian with hundreds of buttons...and then he let his lips slide down the soft line the strap left across her chest.

She sighed deeply, almost dislodging Clark's tongue. Clark, in response, placed his arms at her waist and slowly turned her so that she sat sideways on the couch. Distracted, she missed the moment when Lex made his way to her feet as Clark kissed her eyelids softly, rising from his knees to sit behind her.

Lois turned her head, nuzzling Clark's lips with her cheek and looked down into Lex's eyes. They glittered with mischief, and she inhaled sharply from simply watching his sensitive mouth twitch into a smile. Such a mobile needed to be on her. She felt a throbbing warmth from below tease her senses.

        Lex ran a hand over his head and grinned and lifted her legs  onto the couch.  She was now half sitting, half-reclining on the couch.  She curled her legs, making room for Lex, who sat and began to methodically unlace her sandals, carefully placing them on the floor behind him, where she saw that both he and Clark had casually tossed their shoes as well.
        Clark had removed her arms completely from the dress' flimsy straps by that time, and had begun slowly massaging her shoulders, stopping every once in a while to plant long kisses along her shoulder blades.  She didn't know who was winning this odd competition, but the farm boy was an amazing kisser, she gave him that.  His muscular hands made her want to melt into a puddle as he eased every ounce of tension from her body.  

        Her thoughts were interrupted as Smallville's most famous resident lowered his head to her mouth and kissed her, gently at first, then with increasing passion until she felt light headed, her hands reaching up to caress his head.  Who said bald men weren`t sexy?  They`d obviously never met Lex Luthor, she thought.  He ripped his lips from hers abruptly and trailed a series of punishing kisses down her neck before nipping the top of her right breast sharply.  Thoughts of keeping score flew out of her mind with the first touch of his teeth.  Lois gasped and twitched as her skin exploded with sensations and Clark straightened, his hands tightening instinctively on her shoulders as her head snapped back.  

        Lex peeled the dress down over her breast slowly, achingly slowly, until she felt her fingers twitching to rip the cloth apart just to speed up the process.  Her mouth opened wide in shock as Lex grasped her right nipple between his teeth and began to lick it with the tip of his tongue.         Rough and silky at the same time, the sensations almost made her faint.    

        She let out a whimper of need, her mouth finding Clark's as Lex devoured her with his mouth.  Her tongue lashed Clark's to the tempo of Lex's movements.  Then Clark trailed his hand down her left breast and rolled the taut nipple between his fingers.  Lois broke the kiss with a muted wail of pleasure, and felt herself settle into the sofa cushions as Clark moved to kneel beside her.  Lex leaned into the couch, half-supine, his hand at her side, his lips never leaving her breast as Clark took her other breast in his mouth and began to suck.  

        She had to bite back a scream of pleasure as she felt their tongues making wild circles on her nipples, almost cried when one or the other gently teased the aching buds with their teeth.  The throbbing in her clit becoming more intense and her breathing became louder, her hips bucked involuntarily and she writhed on the couch, her dress sliding down to her waist.      

Lex had unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt as he had kissed her nipples, and as he leaned backwards she could see the wide, lightly muscled expanse of his smooth chest, and the hint of wide, dark nipples. Lex straightened, his eyes catching hers. Holding her gaze, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and opened it, pulling it off his shoulders to fall to the carpet under the coffee table. Then, continuing to hold her eyes, he began to massage her feet, lingering over her arches before moving upwards to her calves, smoothing tight muscles with long, slim fingers.

She felt movement beside her and saw that Clark had pulled his red flannel shirt over his head. Well, she obviously had a good memory. He looked exactly the way he had on the night they met, when she found him, stark naked in the middle of a cornfield.

Together, Clark and Lex slipped the dress off her feet and it settled into a pool of ink on the hardwood flooring. She was now completely naked except for her plain white cotton panties, which were rapidly becoming soaked by her juices. Grinning at her and each other, the two men inched them to the floor, and she had a moment of blushing embrassment.

"If I'd known I would have worn something.." she started.

Clark shrugged, "I think you're sexy in blue jeans."

Lex laughed, low and hoarse. "That's because you only own flannel and denim, Clark."

"Good point," the farm boy agreed, and then they went back to their maddening duet.

Her voice broke as a high pitched series of whines left her throat, muffled by Lex's palm as he reached up to run his hand over her face.

The tingling, warm nub of pleasure that had been aching vaguely until now became more insistent. She writhed, her toes curling. Moaning, she gasped, "Could one of you..oh God.." she became incoherent as Clark sucked one nipple sharply as Lex nipped her other aeuole with his teeth. She whimpered in anticipation as two hands slid down her stomach.

One, slim fingered and experienced, slid into the folds of her mons, finding the center of her desperate need. Firm pressure circled her clitoral hood, as Lex made smooth, leisurely circles before stroking the hard, throbbing pearl of her clit like his fingers were gliding across a violin`s strings. Her fingers clutched the leather of the couch, her nails digging into the fabric as she moaned her approval.

The second hand, the fingers larger but no less determined, slid between her lower lips. Innocent farm boy or no, Clark knew enough to go straight for her G-Spot. Lois could barely focus her eyes as she watched her breasts being maneuvered by two gorgeous men as one of them expertly tortured her clit and the other slowly eased a finger in and out of her dripping cunt.

Their mouths worked in tandem on her nipples as she arched her back, Lex`s fingers flying across her clit as Clark ran his finger experimentally over the rough, swollen tissue of her G-Spot. She came almost immediately, her muscles clenching as she screamed, her head burrowing into the sofa cushions.

After a long, shuddering eternity, she sat up, panting, her eyes glowing at the flushed, triumphant faces of the men in front of her. She looked at them and could see that both men were almost cross-eyed, their pants and jeans obviously strained. "On the couch, boys. Now," she said, her throat dry. They obediently climbed onto the couch.

She grinned evilly, and reached to her left, breaking the belt buckle on Lex's pants, her fingers wrestling the zipper downwards, taking the top of his silk boxers with it, freeing his rock hard cock.

Just as he had done to her, she slowly, achingly, drew his pants down his legs and off, then just as slowly slipped his dark silk boxers down around his ankles.

She took a moment to savor the sight of his lightly muscled torso rising and falling to the the beat of his quickened breaths, the way the smooth shaft of his cock thrust towards her. Looking into his eyes, she took his left nipple into her mouth. He inhaled sharply, his eyes closing, and she felt him writhe beneath her, his hardening length nudging her thigh. Never letting her mouth leave his chest, she settled her mouth onto his other nipple and took his cock between her hands. She began a slow, sensual massage, running her index fingers down the ridge that ran from his head to the base of his shaft, before letting her thumb run back and forth slowly across his head.

Back and forth, up and down his length, she reveled in the power she held over this man. Normally he was the one in control, always in command, now he lay helplessly moaning as she gently squeezed his balls. Her name became his mantra as his hips bucked, giving her a view of his gorgeous ass. Kneeling over Lex, Lois could only imagine Clark's view of her slowly undulating behind. She heard Clark groaning her name along with Lex just before she felt his hands begin slowly caressing her. She heard him slipping off his jeans, and felt the brush of his penis on her warming cheeks.

She was kneeling, moving over Lex's lap when she felt Clark's hand slide between her thighs, his fingers gliding into her cunt. The sense of being achingly empty returned and she pressed back against his hand, pressing two more fingers deep inside her. His other hand rubbed along her sex as he began to massage her clit in time to her hands on Lex. Lex shuddered and moaned, gasping as he came, his cum coating her hands as he clutched her head to the hollow at the base of his throat. "You have magic hands," he whispered. Lois felt like a goddess.

She turned back to look at Clark, who had removed his own magic fingers from her pussy, and she saw his eyes mirroring her own need. Leaning back, she placed her elbows on either side of Lex's hips and held out her arms, eyeing him with a hunger she hadn`t known she possessed.

She had seen "Clark Jr" before- and if he only knew how many time she had idly thought of this moment since then. She could tell by his eyes that he had been thinking the same thing, and heard herself sigh as he entered her. Lois wrapped her legs around Clark's waist, drawing him deeper inside her, their bodies merging in a seamless rhythm.

Lex reached around and began to roll her nipples between his fingers, his eyes closing as she and Clark began to rock slowly and gently together. As Clark teased her closer and closer to yet another orgasm, she felt Lex's cock stiffening against her back as their coupling reignighted his passion. Lex began to breath heavily in her ear as Clark lowered his mouth to hers, his tongue darting into her mouth in counterpoint to his slow, relentless thrusts until she felt as if she was going to explode.

She tore her lips from Clark's with an effort as his hands replaced hers at Lex's sides and she clung to his neck as they rode their passion like a wave. She could feel him moving faster and faster within her like some kind of powerful locamotive, could feel her body responding, felt his shaft rubbing her sensitive spot, felt him filling her so completely that her moans became shrieks, and she found herself screaming his name. The hot, undulating center of her universe contracted to a tiny, concentrated point and then exploded to fill her body until she almost fainted, screaming as her muscles clenched around him again and again, her mouth opening wide in climactic shock as he came inside her with the intensity of a speeding bullet.

They collapsed, gasping as Lex's sighs matched theirs, their frenzied coupling bringing him to a second shuddering climax. Lois felt his cum sliding wetly down her lower back as she came to rest against him. She pulled Lex's head against hers with one hand and held Clark's head to her chest with the other as rivulets of sweat trickled from the three of them to settle into the hollows under her breasts.

"I'm going to have to declare this a tie." she said, a note of sadness in her voice. Then her mouth stretched into her trademark grin and she said evilly, "How about a rematch?"

Clark and Lex simultaneously whispered her name. "Lois."
Their voices became louder, more insistent, and she could feel the vibrations along her chest. "LOIS."

Water and bubbles sloshed onto the tile as Lois' eyes opened with a start. She heard a voice, Chloe's voice, call out her name from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Other people want the bath at some point, you know. What are you doing in there?," Chloe said, clearly annoyed.

Lois stretched her arms along the sides of the bathtub as reality slowly reasserted itself.

Exhaling with a puff that sent her bangs flying backwards, she sighed. Lois pulled a towel from the rack and wrapped it around herself as she opened the door upon the quizzical face of her cousin.

Chloe passed her with a shower caddy in hand, and Lois' voice was slightly muffled by the closing door.

"Hey, Chlo? Where do you keep the spare batteries?"

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