Father Knows Best

by ingrid

Lex looks forward to these weekends.

Weekends with Dad, spent in the privacy of a faraway estate, smack dab in the middle of Montana. There are horses to ride, a babbling stream to fish in and a fireplace so huge it warms Lex straight down to his toes when they return from their activities outdoors.

His father spends much of their time there fixing things, removing the tangles from Lex's reel or replacing the worn leather on the bridles. He squints intently at each task while Lex chuckles, resisting the urge to just take the broken things away and show Dad the stockpile of reels and bridles they keep there in reserve.

But that would spoil all of Dad's fun, so Lex refrains.

Instead, he relaxes by the fire or the stream or just basks in Dad's presence watching him enjoy a new version of his favorite opera. Sometimes Dad will read aloud to Lex in that sonorous voice of his, sometimes he'll just sit silently and grace his son with a warm smile.

It's at this moment Lex knows how it feels to be truly loved.

This weekend Dad surprises Lex with his own corporation, an offshoot of the parent company, entitled LexCorp. He unveils the specs with a flourish, right down to the scale model of the building he's presenting to his son, the one next door to the main LuthorCorp building that Dad purchased especially for him.

The tiny streets around the model are lined with bonsai trees and street lamps that actually work and Dad starts making jokes about them "doing lunch."

Lex laughs and laughs. The levity dissipates a little when Dad turns to Lex and asks, "Is this what you wanted?"

"It's everything I ever wanted," Lex replies, reaching over to embrace his father, holding him tightly.

It's almost a shame when Lex pulls the long knife out and plunges it deep into Dad's side, between his last two ribs where his lungs meet his heart. The blood bubbles out of Dad's nose, down his chin and he can only mouth one word, again and again.

Why? Why, why, why, why ....

"Because Father knows best," Lex whispers in his ear before allowing Dad to fall to the floor and die.

It takes only a moment to wipe off the blade and call in the cleanup crew. They work with silent efficiency, hauling the corpse away and Lex makes a mental note to call Cadmus first thing upon returning to Metropolis.

This clone was good, but not as good as the last one. There was something about his hair Lex didn't quite like. And like any father ...

Lex wants his children to be perfect.

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