Drabbles - Volume I

by Marisol

Rated: G or PG
Category: Drama, Humor, Angst
Description: Volume One of my collection of drabbles. Assorted Smallville drabbles. Quick fixes for all your angst, fanwanking, missing scene (and sometimes humor) needs! Disclaimer: If there is question about how much money I make from this endeavor, my piece of car says it all. Feedback: Be a doll.


Spoilers: Pre-Smallville. Spoilers for Lineage and Crush, kind of. Description: April 1994. It's that time of year again.

"And to end my day," Lionel said to himself. He picked up the manila folder on top of his desk, and looked over his annual income tax summary. He always requested one from his accountant before the final paperwork was submitted. He basically spot-checked for glaring omissions, compromising inclusions, and fact errors.

"Name, social, profession," he muttered to himself, scanning all the obvious blanks. "Family status," he continued, running his finger along the dotted line.

What was 28B?

He looked in the box at the bottom of the page, and matched the numbers.

Single parent.

He hurriedly turned the page.


Spoilers: Suspect, *Forsaken *
Description: Let's play favorites.

"Excuse my lack of hospitality, but, uh, how exactly did you make it pass the gate." Lex said, rising from his chair, and instantly angry. "I'm family, they don't even ask." His glee at the statement made him all the more repulsive.

"Well congratulate yourself on thinning my staff. Firings are in order."

"Ah, Lex," he said with a chuckle, "we'll make a fiscal conservative of you yet." He moved forward some, tracing the engravings on a nearby ebony table with his wiry finger.

"And for what do I deserve the nausea of your presence?" The sardonic tone was a thin disguise for his very real disgust.

He waited a beat before answering, but not before dropping his glib expression. "You finally did it"

"If you think I'm gonna tolerate a lecture from you, you're sadly mistaken. GET OUT." There was gristle in Lex's voice and fury in his eyes.

"Your father is genius, Lex," he continued undaunted, growing more accusing. "A business maverick. And yet, even he was blinded by nepotism, tolerating your debauchery for years, relegating me to his right hand, while his screw-up son remained his signet ring."

Lex was inches from his face. "I said get out." They gazed at each other in fixed derision a moment, before he turned to leave.

"I always was your father's favorite son."

"Or whore."

Dominic gave Lex a cold look over his shoulder as he left the room.


Spoilers: Forsaken, Covenant
Note: Written for slodwick's "Pick a card, any card" Challenge

"And explain to me why you have soo many carton's of cigarettes under your bed?" Lionel asked. It was all rather bewildering. "Currency in here, Bud. No money, so you go to the next best motivation...addiction."

Lionel nodded. It certainly wasn't beneath him - he rather liked the idea.

"While we're getting, um, acquainted, I been meaning to ask you somethin'. I mean, your people's over there. You ain't exactly the...uh - "

"I catch your meaning, Thicke. I'm not exactly like anyone in here."

"So, what do you get out of hanging out with us?" He chuckled. "It ain't jungle fever."

"I have strategies of my own," Lionel said, internally applauding himself.

Besides, he never knew if he'd have to play the race card.


Spoilers: Forsaken
Note: Inspired by the 5-12-04 wednesday 100 drabble challenge: Fear. (I know - it's more than 100 words)

Lex hasn't left the mansion in three days - since they took Lionel away. He has forbidden visitors under the guise of a massive coorporate coup. It might be called isolation, something like depression. Except that he's never felt so free in his life. And he's too manic to be depressed. Manic and frantic and edgy. He won.

He hears footsteps coming down the hall. Odd...maybe it's the accuser, coming to lecture, to deride him, to drown him in brutal honesty. To tell him that he hasn't won after all. That he himself is more powerful than Lex will ever be. That Lex will never win. The door swings open.

"Did I scare you?" Lana asks with a tickled grin.

"No," Lex says, swallowing his heart and his fear. "I thought it was Clark."


Description: The boardroom.

These days it took a lot to make him anxious. Still, standing outside of that door, Lex felt the faintest bit nervous. All the lessons his father had taught him had led up to this moment. He summoned him in. "Why should I hire you to run my company?" he asked.

"I was born a leader - you know that; it's in my genes; it's my destiny," Lex responded.

"But some say you're...unethical," he countered.

"I've had to wade into gray areas, make shrewd decisions. But I extol and champion business morality."

"I don't buy it," he said sharply.

"Please don't say it Mr. Trump," Lex pleaded.

"This is a tough one, but...YOU'RE FIRED!"

Author's Notes: Just in case you've been under a rock, do not live in the United States, or considerable time has passed since this was first written, this scenario is based on the reality show "The Apprentice."


Spoilers: Season 2 Finale
Description: Come back.
Notes: Written for the 8/18/2004 Wednesday 100 Drabble Challenge: Write a drabble based on one of your favorite quotes.

The sunrise was incredible: a panorama of awe-inspiring hues that seemed to taunt the mediocrity of a clear blue sky. From the loft's elevated view, it was even more spectacular. She now knew that from the many grieving nights that had turned to grieving mornings before she'd realized it.

She stretched as she rose, walking towards the window, chanting the only words that had soothed her these many weeks.

"If you love him - set him free..." She stopped there. With each passing summer day, the doom of the statement overtook its hope.

She went down to make Jonathan breakfast.


Note: Written for the Wednesday 100 Word Drabble Challenge: Mystery

"Yes, two dozen," Martha said.

"So late in the season, they won't keep long," Marlene said. "I almost feel bad for selling them to you."

"It's OK," Martha replied.

"You sure?" Marlene asked. "Don't you just want the apples?"

Martha knew they wouldn't see the light of day. Ever since Clark had confided they were his favorite food, she couldn't keep them around. It was all she could do to cook them, most times.

"Everything, please," she answered, paying and quickly leaving.

"What does she do with those tulip bulbs?" Marlene asked Beth. She shrugged.

"Martha Kent's a certifiable mystery."


Spoilers: Forsaken
Note: Written for the 9/15/2004 Wednesday 100 Drabble Challenge: Back to school!

"Now turn to the code of conduct," the teacher said, over the flutter of thirty pages turning. There was yet another form his mother would have to sign when he got home. He didn't remember so much paperwork on the first day of school last year - or ever. "Repeat after me: Wichita Wizards are obedient, helpful and studious," she chirped.

The class replied in unison with a sleep-inducing lack of enthusiasm.

"Good," she continued, "Now, Wichita Wizards..."

The girl next to him leaned over.

"Somebody save me," she whispered.

"Amen," Pete sighed, wiping the face of his "Go Crows" binder.


Note: Written for the 9-22-04 Wednesday 100 Word Drabble Challenge: Poetry!

"Roses are red, violets are -blue-

Roses are red, tulips are pink..."

Zinc, link...stink?

"I used to only watch you,
Through a telescope's eye - "


"Who's that to?" It was Lex.

"Nobody, at this rate...Got any ideas?"

Clearing his throat, Lex took a seat.

"Sometimes when it's stinging,
Devouring my soul
I think this love I have for you
Will char me like a coal

But if your beauty burns me, then
Consume me as a flame
And toss my ashes to the wind
That's whispering your name."

"Done this before?"

Lex sighed, despondent. "Once or twice."


Note: Written for the 9/29/2004 Wednesday 100 Drabble Challenge: Fly!

"Three overnight!" Lois beamed. "A robber in Gotham, a rogue plane in Paris and a kitten in Grandville."

"Lois," Clark muttered, "This article isn't gonna write itself."

"It's amazing," she swooned, "bulleting through the sky."

It had been amazing, once - soaring through the stratosphere at supersonic speeds, the panoramic world below, the wondrous heavens above. Once - before the world-weary nights, the ever-blurring identities, and the overwhelming guilt of sometimes coming too late.

"Haven't you ever dreamt of flying, Clark?"

"We're over by 200 words," he replied, curtly. She snatched the mouse.

"You're too earthbound," she snapped. Clark didn't reply.



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