Dead Man's Tea Party

by mobiusklein

Lana made tea for her guest. It had taken a lot of magic and liquified Kryptonite to make her wish come true but it would be worth it. She held a saucer with a cup of brown liquid in her hand. "I hope you like Earl Grey," she said with a smile.

The woman sitting in the padded chair opened her eyes and looked at her. The body Lana had procured to house her mother's soul was someone who looked a lot like the old photo she had kept of her. She hadn't asked Lex where he found her and didn't really care to find out.

The body wasn't perfect by any means. According to what Lex had told her, the body had been on life support for a long time, leading to overall muscular atrophy. Her movements were stiff and awkward like those of a marionette. Also, the spell book had warned that the shock of reanimation would leave the soul dazed and speechless for a few days.

"La . . . na."

Lana put down the cup and saucer on the coffee table and knelt beside her. "Yes, mother?" Now, she thought, she'll praise me for what I've done. Tell me how much she's missed me. She'll tell me how she . . .

"I . . . want to die."

"What?" Lana frowned.

The woman's eyes rolled grotesquely before she shut her eyes and said, "Please . . . let me die."

"Why? Aren't you happy to be alive? Aren't you happy to see me? Is this all you have to say after everything I've done?" Lana said, standing up and screaming.

"It hurts," whimpered the woman. The body started shaking like a doll stuck in a tug of war between two careless children who didn't care if it was broken just as long as the other didn't have it. There was a flash of light and the shaking subsided, leaving only a lifeless corpse.

"No," Lana screamed. "You can't abandon me again!" Lana slapped the corpse but it was beyond caring.

After crying a little, she thought, Whitney . . . Whitney wouldn't have done this. She quickly gathered up some candles to lay them out in the form of a pentagram.

The End

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