Comfortably Numb

by athena

Spoiler for Rosetta

Lex drove Clark to the castle and walked beside him to the library. "So why were you sleepwalking on Route 8?"

"I was dreaming about the cave." Clark sat on the leather sofa.

"Why are you so interested in that cave?" Lex took off his jacket to reveal a black causal shirt. Clark felt underdressed in a blue tee shirt and black sweatpants. His feet were still naked. He didn't want to talk about his sleepwalking with Lex. The whole thing was rather embarrassing. Not as embarrassing as kissing Chloe in the Talon, but that was another story.

"Kyla died to save it. How are things between you and Helen?" Not wanting to talk to Lex about the hieroglyphics, Clark spread out on the sofa. The sleepwalking or sleepingfloating, as the case may be, wouldn't stop until he inserted the key into the cave wall the way he had done in his dream. Lex could have wrecked another car by running him over. This had to stop. Clark couldn't tell Lex any of that. They would have to settle for small talk.

"I practically recited Roger Waters to her and all she did was hold my hand. I thought she was going to sing 'Comfortably Numb'." Lex walked to the bar and got two bottles of water and put them on the coffee table.

"Who's Roger Waters?"

"A singer/songwriter." Lex went to his rack of CDs, took out The Wall, put the two CDs in the player and turned up the volume. "The proper way to hear this is loud."

Clark got out of his seat, walked over to the stereo and lowered the volume. "You listen to everything loud." He returned to the sofa.

"True enough." Lex sat by Clark on the sofa. "Would you like some hot chocolate?"

Clark put a hand on Lex's face and the other on his shoulder. He wanted to kiss him, but he didn't know how the older and more experienced man would react. "I'm not some kid." Tonight of all nights he didn't want Lex treating him like a kid. Lex had always treated Clark as an equal. However, he had never found Clark asleep in the middle of a road. That wasn't going to buy him brownie points for sophistication. He wanted Lex to see him as mature, as a potential lover and not as a foolish kid.

"I buy the hot chocolate for myself. I don't keep cocoa around for kids that you kidnap." Lex brushed a hair off of Clark's face with his fingertips.

Clark could feel Lex's breath on his face; two inches less and they would be bumping noses. The tension weighed in the air. Clark had to make the first move; Lex would always see him as a child. "I shouldn't have imposed on you like that."

"I didn't mind. Ryan was a good kid." Lex's hands still lingered on Clark's shoulders. "I can make you some coffee."

"Don't bother." Clark liked having Lex touch him.

"It's no bother." Lex looked into Clark's eyes. Clark, sometimes, felt that Lex only made eye contact when he wanted to kill or kiss someone. Clark could tell from the small smile on Lex's face that he didn't want to kill him.

The third song on the CD, "Thin Ice", started playing. "The music is depressing." Clark put an arm around Lex and leaned back into the sofa.

"It's better with reefer." Lex snuggled against Clark and slid off his shoes. "I haven't smoked the stuff in years."

"I think I'm immune to reefer." That wasn't a smart thing to say. Then again, Clark was a bit out of it from lack of sleep due to his frequent nightmares. Now he was sleepwalking, but he wasn't sure how much walking was involved. He was floating in his dream. That wasn't a good sign.

"Everyone in this town is a mutant. Remember Pete's head injury by Tina? He was fine after a few kisses from Chloe," Lex said, like Pete got hit on the head everyday. Tina had smashed Pete's head into the lockers and he was up and around in no time.

Clark smiled. "Maybe Chloe's the mutant." Clark moved his arm behind Lex to listen to the strangely compelling music. His parents wouldn't approve of them listening to an album with the lyrics, "We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control." His father listened to Country. His mother's tastes were more varied, but he couldn't see his mother listening to Pink Floyd in her younger days.

Lex brushed his lips against Clark's lips. "I wanted to ask you about the cave."

"Another time." Clark kissed Lex deeper allowing his tongue to slip in Lex's mouth and pressed his lips against Lex's soft lips. Lex's tongue pressed against his and he enjoyed the taste of Lex's mouthwash as the man put his hand on Clark's back pressing him against him. Lex's body didn't feel as fragile as it looked as Clark pulled him closer to him in a tentative embrace.

Finally, Lex broke the kiss. "Wow."

"Yeah. Wow. Looking at you makes me high." Clark stroked Lex's smooth cheek.


Pink Floyd continued to play. "What does this have to do with Helen, and do I want to know?"

"Listen to the song, 'Mother', and that will give you an idea."

Lex sang along as the song "Mother" played, although Clark thought he was singing about his dad. Lex's words showed his pain as if he had suffered like the character in the song. Clark could see how talking about this album to Helen wouldn't endear Lex to her. Clark already knew how dysfunctional the Luthors were and found himself falling in love with Lex to spite that.

Clark shivered in Lex's arms. "Sounds like your father checking out your dates, bugging your office and having Dominic bean count."

"You're one lucky kid not being able to relate to these songs." What really scared Clark was that Lex knew all the words to the songs. While singing along, Lex rested his head against Clark's chest and looked into his eyes. "Building a wall was the only was to survive around my father."

"Ryan warned me about your dark side," said Clark. "He told me to keep an eye on you."

"I wish I had your innocence."

"You can't be innocent in this town."

"You're more innocent than I was at your age. I was using drugs and going to wild parties." Lex put his mouth against Clark's ear.

"But you were escorting Amanda so Jude thought you were a safe date. I have trouble believing anyone thought Lex Luthor was a safe date."

Lex turned the music down. "I hate screaming over music. I had a steady back then. He had to work so I offered to keep an eye out for Amanda. Yes, I wanted to show Amanda the kind of man that Jude was. I knew he hung out at Club Zero. I was wrong to bring her there, but I had no idea it would end so badly."

Clark put his hand over Lex's scalp. "You were trying to help a friend."

"I wanted her to see what kind of jerk he was before they tied the knot." Lex said. "He even hit on me. Looking back at it, he was playing me."

"Are you playing Helen?" Clark moved his hand over Lex's face.

"I think she's playing me, but I can't prove it. Why would anyone give up a position in John Hopkins for Smallville?" Lex asked.

"Perhaps she loves you."

"She was ready to walk away from me twice. She barely looks at me when we talk. I had more sexual tension with Victoria and I knew where I stood with her."

"If I were you, I'd tell Helen to go to Baltimore."

"I have repeatedly. It's like she wants to be miserable. I gave her the key to the castle, hoping that she would take the position at John Hopkins, knowing that she always had a room here."

"Then, Chloe and Lana aren't going to outgrow it. Women are always this crazy."

"I think Helen is an unique case, but she's beautiful and intelligent."

"And has no bedside manner."

"You noticed that, too." Lex moved his hand over the stubble on Clark's chin. "Helen thinks she has a soul mate with me because neither of us had friends growing up."

"Perhaps, just be careful around her. I hate to see you heartbroken, again."

"I have you to rescue me from my despair." Lex moved his thumb into Clark's mouth and Clark sucked it gently. "I must sound stupid talking to you about Helen; I'm the one with all the experience."

"I'm your friend." Clark kissed Lex moving his tongue over Lex's lips. Lex opened his mouth and drove his tongue into Clark's mouth. Lex pulled away breathless. His lips were slightly bruised from the pressure.

"We could move this to bedroom."

"I need to get home. It's getting to be light."

"Clark Kent, farmboy, needs to be up with the roosters."

"I want to stay, but I can't fall asleep." Clark couldn't risk having Lex see him float.

The older man gave Clark a concerned look. "Why can't you sleep?"

"Nighmares," Clark said weakly. "I'd rather sleep in my own bed. If we go upstairs, you won't be able to wake me for school."

"I wouldn't want you missing school."

Clark kneeled in front of Lex and licked his lips. "I want you." Clark unbuckled Lex's belt then unzipped the older man's slacks. After opening his pants, Clark gently took out Lex's dick. Recalling how Jessie came down on him, he pulled Lex's underpants and slacks down to little above the knees. Lex wasn't only bald on the top of his head. The other end was equally hairless.

Clark cupped Lex's balls with one hand as he licked the tip of Lex's organ. Clark's other hand went to Lex's naked thigh.

"Take it all," moaned Lex.

Clark put more in his mouth. He knew how strong he was and was frightened that he could hurt Lex or accidentally bite him. Moving his mouth up and down like he was licking a lollipop, Clark sucked on the hardening organ. He had to concentrate too much to totally enjoy it. He did like Lex's hands in his hair and salty taste of pre-cum. He needed to pretend he had a red meteor rock in his pocket. Enjoy the handsome man. Let yourself go.

"Oh my God," cried Lex.

Clark moved his mouth up and down on Lex more vigorously. He didn't want to hurt him, though Lex seemed surprisingly resistant to injury. Lex moaned as Clark became more active in his sucking. Then Lex's body shook and he fired into Clark's mouth. Clark licked off Lex's organ then swallowed back the salty liquid in his mouth. "Wow," said the teenage boy.

Lex fixed his silk boxers and slacks then zipped and buckled himself. He kissed Clark's forehead. "We need to get you home."

"Already?" The boy was still kneeling in front of Lex.

"I don't want to meet the end of Jonathan's shotgun," Lex said.

Clark stood up and gave Lex a full-mouthed kiss. The man tasted so good and kissed better than the average high schooler. Clark wondered how much longer he could keep secrets from this man. Lex already knew so much about him. Clark pulled away to let the man breathe. "Let's go." Clark didn't need this sleepfloating stuff on top of everything else. At least, he had one friend who didn't ask questions because he didn't want any questions asked about his life.

The album and Lex knowing all the words only made him wonder more about Lex. Knowing Lex wasn't the only one with a dark side, Clark followed Lex to the car. All anyone needed was to stick a red meteor rock in his pocket. Kissing Chloe was embarrassing, but no one got hurt this time. Clark felt like a kettle ready to boil over. No wonder he was sleepfloating.

Clark didn't talk to Lex on the drive over to the Kent Farm. Lex's driving terrified him. Lex nearly died the day they met. Clark wanted to yell at Lex to slow down. Instead, he watched the scenery pass. When Cassandra said someone close to him would die, the first thought that hit his mind was Lex dying in an automobile accident. Clark didn't want to nag, so he stayed silent until they reached the farm.

"Thank you," said Clark as he ran out of the baby blue sports car.

"No problem, Clark," said Lex. "Anytime. Don't make a habit of sleeping on the road."

"I won't." Clark went inside to face his parents, who probably wondering what happened to him. His bare feet touched the dusty clay path outside their yellow farmhouse. The day had begun. He couldn't tell his parents that he was over at the castle most of the night. Dad didn't hate Lex as much he used to, but Clark didn't want to push it.

Still barefoot, in his tee shirt and sweatpants, Clark hurried inside his house. He closed the door quietly and hurried to the stairs. Maybe, he could still pretend that he had been in his room all night. Too late, noticing Mom and Dad waiting for him, he stopped on the stairs and looked at them. He wouldn't be getting any sleep till tonight. That was par to the course with those nightmares.

His father's voice rang in Clark's ears. "Where have you been, Clark?"

Clark shrugged his shoulders. He couldn't say at the Luthor manor. He wished he could vanish just about now. Dad, my life is totally out of control. Don't be angry with me. The next car on Route 8 might not stop in time. How would Clark explain why he was unharmed and the car totaled? Phelan had seen him destroy a bus. He didn't need a repeat of that. He couldn't be ending up in the middle of highways. Couldn't he have normal teen angst for one night? He didn't want to deal with his parents right now.

"We've been looking all over for you," said Martha. At least, his mother sounded more worried than angry.

Clark started up the stairs. "I've been out."

"Hey, hey. Son, what is going on with you?" Now his dad sounded worried. Not a good sign. "You've been acting strange all week. It's like your mind's somewhere else. What's up?"

Clark sat on the stairs. He could forget about going to his room anytime soon. He was in for one of those long, let's talk about Clark's latest spell of weirdness in the timeless annals of I was a Teenage Alien. Only Clark happened to be living the role. Right now, he needed to explain to his parents about last night. He wasn't going to tell them about Lex or Pink Floyd, but they needed to know the nightmares were getting worse. He could tell his Mom and Dad all the things he couldn't tell Lex. How did his life get so compartmentalized? It was like he was living one life for public view and another in the privacy of his house. For those couple hours while he was in Lex's arms listening to The Wall things made sense. Now it was morning and he needed to face the reality of his screwed up life.

"When I woke up this morning, I was in the middle of Route 8," Clark explained.

The End

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