Christmas Vacation

by Zoey Luthor

disclaimer: If I owned them they would be with me not in my story.

Nell had drived Lana to Metropolis to spend the day with her over christmas break but of course business had taken it's usual toil. Lionel Luthor had called and said he needed to spend a couple hours going over some problem that had occurred on there property. They still had a half an hour til they had to be there so they went to the stationary store.

She should have figured Chloe would be there. A stationary store. Of course. Clark was with her. Apparently they had a school project to work on together. Lana wondered if Chloe still liked him. Of course she did. She'd seen the way she looked at him. Of course, how could you not like Clark?

'Wow , I did not just think that' Lana said to herself. She didn't like him.Well.. She liked him.... but only as a friend.

As soon as Chloe heard she was going over to Lionel Luthor's house she voluntereed herself to come along. Knowing Chloe, she would probaly have a story on the Luthor household by Monday.

So the three of them and Nell headed out on there way.The place itself was amazing but much to big for any of there likes. They walked inside and were surprised to find out the entire first floor was an office. Lionel greeted Nell and told the rest they could hang out upstairs.

They were even more surprised to find Helen and Luke up there in there watching cartoons. They knew it was a Saturday but they didn't know celebritys watched cartoons - at all. Helen, being polite, unlike Luke, showed them the house. It was super-nice and everything was brand new.

They asked if Lex was working and were shocked to hear he was still asleep. Lex was a work-a-holic. When did he ever sleep in? Then again it was Christmas Vacation. Helen called him down for us. He must have been up pretty late last night because he looked exhausted. He said that his dad was working him to the bones. That was no surprise. When didn't he?

Luke had just started Lukecorp and wasn't working on it at all. Of course it was just a tiny plant in Edge City. It's not like his father expected him to really run it. It was all for the fame.

After a couple hours or so of watching tv, playing tennis, driving go-carts, and going swimming in the indoor-pool Lionel sent a maid to tell them supper would be served in fifteen minutes. So they made themselves presentable for the occasion.

Clark felt a little under-dressed in his flannel-plaid but also dragged himself downstairs. The oak table was lit with candles and everyone thought to themselves only Lionel Luthor could prepare a meal like this in this amount of time. No one spoke...

Everyone's thoughts during the meal. Clark- I wonder how long it would take to super-speed around this house.... Lana- I do not like Clark!
Chloe- Get out of my way , Lana, he's mine! Lex- I wonder how many corporations I can put out of business today... Helen- When is he going to propose?
Luke- This chicken is really good....

The aftermath of the meal was even worst than the silent dinner. Lex and Luke got into a fight over which one got the black porshe. Lex lost and had to take the blue porshe. What a shame. After Nell had settled everything with Lionel they headed on there way home.

Clark didn't arrive home until ten-thirty or so. He would have been there two hours earlier if Chloe hadn't insisted he ride with her. To top it off she had just gotten her license and wasn't the best at driving. His parents didn't mind until he told him he was at Lionel's house. His dad thought the Luthor's were a bad influence on him. He didn't care what anyone thought. Him and Lex would be friends forever....

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