Chloe's Orgasm

by Smallville Pimp

Chloe rocked back and forth. Moaned. It had never felt ths good before.

"Yeah, I know you like that, slut," Clark said.

Chloe half lauhed, half moaned, as Clark continue to thrust his rock hard dick into her perfect ass.

"Oh! Oh God!" She yelled in delight.

"Oh. Oh man. Here it comes," Clark managed to get out between breaths.

After a few moments, he exploded deep inside her ass.

They lay down on the bed, heads turned to face each other.

"You like that?" Clark said, laughing.

Chloe replied, "Definitely an interesting experience," and cracked up.

Clark turned her around and she lay on her back. He put his monster dick into her already wet vagina.

"Oh," She moaned.

Clark thrust back and forth slow at first, gradually picking up pace. Thay were both in ecstacy. His dick penetrated her faster and faster.

"Oh! Holy shit! Oh God!"

She yelled in delight as she creamed all over Clark's bright red pole, which he then took out and cummed onto her nipples and neck and mouth.

She the took his hard on between her cum-covered lips, which made Clark moan at the sight of it. She swallowed his cock, all ten inches of it, with extreme ease. she fngered herself as she sucked.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good, Chloe, damn!" Clark praised as ahe worked his siff erection.

"Oh, oh man, aah yeah," Clark half whispered as he started to cum.

He let half his load go down Chloe's throat, then pulled his cock out and released the rest of it onto her face and titties.

They both lay down, embracing each other, and she masturbated him again before they went to bed.


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