by mobiusklein

Tina had had a lot of time to think about Whitney Fordman, in fact she had been thinking about him for years.

They had never been friends. Since she was a friend of Lana's ever since they were children, Whitney had known who she was and unlike some of his jock friends, had actually been polite to her. But if it weren't for Lana, he wouldn't even know her name. Most of their conversations pretty much ended up like this:

"Hi, Tina," said Whitney.

"Hi, Whitney," said Tina.

"Oh, Lana, there you are."

Over the years, she had grown to envy the way that people would sweep by her to talk to Lana. She wished that for once Whitney would ignore Lana and want to talk to her instead. It wasn't that she was madly in love with Whitney Fordman in particular, but she had always wanted someone beautiful, loved and admired by others to pick her for once and Whitney was all those things. She knew that Lana was expressing dissatisfaction with him and it drove her crazy that Lana was throwing away things and people that she would kill to have. She had told Lana that her life wasn't so bad but she knew that Lana would never believe her. Lana would never know how someone like Tina felt, never go through the things that Tina had gone through like being plain, ignored, invisible.

Invisible . . . that was how she found out what he looked like without clothes. Pretending to be one of those guys at school who just seem to fade into the background, she managed to get a good look at him naked. It embarrassed her to see what his dick looked like. She had seen pictures from the internet but it was another thing to see it in real life especially from a couple yards away, especially connected to someone you knew. She managed to leave without causing a stir. That night, he was the first guy that she had tried to copy completely.

When she had pretended to be Lana and kissed Whitney in the hallway, it had felt good. It wasn't just because he happened to be a good kisser. It was also because he had been so pleased at the whole new "Lana," someone who appreciated her good fortune. You deserve better, she thought, and so do I.

It was hearing that Whitney had gone into the Marines and had disappeared during combat that seemed to trigger an incredible desire to escape. One of her fellow patients also came from Smallville and liked to talk about what her family had told her was going on in that small town. Over several weeks, Tina had made sure to strike up an acquaintance with her and learned how to steer the conversation towards people that she was interested in. She learned that Whitney's father had died, leaving only his mother. She also learned that Nell Potter, Lana's aunt, had moved away to Metropolis, leaving Lana in the care of the Sullivans in Smallville. Perfect, thought Tina. Most of my obstacles have already been eliminated.

After she had escaped, she had been so horribly tempted to pretend to be one of those horrible doctors at the psychiatric hospital while robbing the bank but she knew that it would backfire. Then they would know that the charred body wasn't her, but that of a fellow patient who had already run away several times from the institution and looked enough like her to be her sister. She left a fake suicide note in her room before escaping. With luck and sloppiness on the part of the staff, it would be thought that she had died and that the other girl had simply run away again. So, for the robbery, she chose someone she had seen on the news who had been wanted for some other crime. She shrugged. It wasn't like she was sending an innocent man to jail by impersonating him.

She checked into a hotel that was just off the highway between Smallville and Metropolis that was a short walk away from the bus station. She morphed into Lana before walking in, figuring that Lana wasn't going to be coming to this hotel anytime soon. Not that it mattered too much as it seemed the hotel clerk was inattentive and everybody thought she, Tina Grier, was dead, but still she didn't want to take any chances. She locked the door behind her and made sure all the shades were drawn.

After stripping off her clothes, Tina looked at herself in the mirror as she morphed into Whitney. She smiled at herself proudly, the handsome young man in the mirror was a perfect copy right down to the long thick uncut cock that angled slightly to the left, the large heavy balls and the abundant pubic hair that was a few shades darker than the hair on his head. Furthermore, she could hold the form of this body indefinitely. She had never had to exert much effort to keep a form and once she chose one, it would only change when she wanted to look like someone else. She had even gone to sleep as Whitney and woke up looking exactly the same as when she had put her head on the pillow. There would be no problems regarding that.

There would be a few problems regarding his football buddies and his mother. My getting caught near an explosion, she thought. That should explain any problems I have with my memory. As for everybody else, I know their names and what they do. As for his mother, I don't plan to stay too long at home. I'm going to come back, stay a few days and do what I set out to do. I've got enough money to live in style in Metropolis for months and finally, everything will be perfect.

Tina put on the Marine uniform she had bought from a costume shop. She smiled at how incredibly handsome she looked. Everybody's going to look at me and welcome me back as the returning triumphant hero, she thought. If anything, I'm going to be even more popular and revered than Whitney was even when he was quarterback. Nobody will be able to saw a bad word about a Marine who managed to come back home after being missing for weeks. And as for Lana, she can't help but love someone like the heroic Private Fordman, the man who came back from halfway around the world from the battlefields of Indonesia for her. The ultimate triumph will be the look of adoration in her eyes. This time, Lana, queen of Smallville, would run past others to bask in her presence.

Tina took off the clothes and put them back in the hotel closet. "Tomorrow," she murmured. "Tomorrow, I'll reunite you with the one you love."

The End

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