The Brother He Had Always Wanted

by mobiusklein

For Alexander Joseph Luthor, his day started out horribly when he had to spend a day with the father who thought he was the most pitiful son ever. It got worse when he lost his hair and ended up in the hospital. The finale was when his father was struck down by a meteorite, looking for him out in the cornfield.

A farmer and his wife had taken him to the hospital along with this little naked boy who kept hanging on to him. They assumed that they were related to each other because he seemed to like Lex so very much even though they couldn't have looked more different if they had tried.

His nurse Pamela and his mother Lillian came as soon as they heard. Lillian looked at her son in his hospital bed, unconscious and his hair gone, and wept to see him in such a state. Doubly hard on her was hearing about the death of her husband, a man for whom she had mixed feelings. While she was looking at her child, a little boy ran in and crawled up on the bed. Alarmed, Pamela picked up the child to take him out of the room only to have him squirm out of her grasp and end up at the foot of the bed.

The farmer and his wife ran in, saying that they had believed that the boy was Lex's brother since they seemed so close.

"No, this child is not my son," Lillian said.

The farmer's wife looked almost relieved, even delighted.

Lillian, however, saw how much adoration the little boy had for her son, reminding her of how much Alexander had begged and pleaded for a little brother. "Pamela, call the lawyers. If this child is not claimed by any of the residents of this town, I would like to take him in. Alexander needs a reason to wake up."

The farmer's wife looked crushed at the news. Upon hearing that this child was not the brother of the sick child, she had hoped that she could take him home. "Please," she said desperately, wracking her brains for some reason that her claim over this child would take precedence over this wealthy woman's. "I was hoping that I could claim this child if he didn't turn out to be yours. That is if nobody from our town claims him. My husband and I found him so . . ."

Lillian, however, saw the child put his hand on top of Lex's hand and Lex's answering squeeze. Her mind was made up. Lex was going to have the brother he had always wished for.

The End

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