a small boy

by ahlade

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In the town of Metropolis, which wasn't really a town but a city there lived a little boy. the little boy was very little and he cold not run or play or do the other things that other children did.

the little boy had nobody to play with so he played with other children that nobody else could see. these other children were very nice. they did not whisper together or laugh or push the little boy. these little children played for hours and they listened to the little boy and let him decide what games to play or who would drive the toy rollerroy which was a little motor car that the little boy's father had given to him on his birthday.

on most days the little boy did not like his birthday because then he had to wear a suit and wait in a room with lots of food for a very long time. and then he had to open presents that were given to him. which was nice and that was why he liked birthdays somedays. but not on all days.

one day the little boy went to fly with his father in an helicopter that made a lot of noise and went very high. the little boy was very frightened and closed his eyes to make the round go away. the ground was very far downand it shook very much.

the little boy's father wanted him to open his eyes. the little boy's father always wanted him to do things he did not want to do at all.

then after a very long time the ground stopped moving and the little boy went into a field to play.

he walked and he walked till he could not breathe and he was a very bad boy then.

he looked up and something said help.

the little boy was very frightened and he ran and ran and ran even though he could not breathe. and then some rain fell from the sky only it was made of fire and the little boy fell down. he was still frightened and then his other friends came to play with him and they told him many things.

they said that if he gave all is hair they would let him run and play with the children in the park.

the little boy said that he did not want to play with the children in the park. but they pushed him and laughed at him and they took his hair away.

he was a very sad little boy then.

then one day he fell into a river and one of the other children came back and kissed him and when the little boy opened his eyes, he was still there and now everybody could see his other friend.

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