by mobiusklein


"This is so decadent," said Chloe as she and Lex relaxed in a large bathtub filled to the brim with milk.

"It's said that Cleopatra used to bathe in this to soften and exfoliate her skin," murmured Lex as he admired the way the drops of milk slowly trailed their ways down the curve of her breasts and the occasional sight of her nipples coated with the white liquid. He felt tempted by the idea of slowly swirling his tongue around the sweetness of her flesh flavored by the creamy fluid.

"I remember reading that it was the lactic acid in milk that did the trick," said Chloe. "Thank you for inviting me." It had been a horribly hot day and the coolness of the milk was a delightful relief.

"Nothing less for the one columnist in Metropolis that speaks the truth about our local superhero."

"Well, somebody has to. My cousin Lois is too besotted to see the clay feet of our local boy wonder. Now, you and I . . . we've grown past the besotted stage into . . ."

"Cynical amusement," said Lex. "Speaking of feet." Lex took one of Chloe's feet and gently tickled the sole.

"Oh, stop," giggled Chloe as she smiled and threw her head back.

"Oh, if she only knew what we knew . . ."

"Occasionally I feel like writing the truth in big bold letters but you know what . . . I'm not giving away that secret just like that. If they want it, let them go through the crap we went through. Just knowing it while nobody else does is what makes it special."

"I know exactly what you mean."

Chloe laid down on top of Lex, sitting in his lap and her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her. Chemistry, snark and an eclectic knowledge of odd facts usually wasn't the greatest basis for a relationship but adding common goals, one doozy of a shared secret and a love for milk baths to the mix . . . that was a different story.

The End

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