by mobiusklein

Whenever life was hard, Chloe would dream about the egg. It was a dream that she had ever since she had left Metropolis for Smallville with her father. It was a big beautiful golden egg that she somehow knew had the most wonderful thing in the world sleeping inside it. It was hers and she couldn't wait until the egg would hatch. She wanted to see and hold whatever was inside. Even though it was her dream, she had no idea what was inside, only that she was the only one that knew about it. That it was a secret only she knew about. When she would wake up from the dream, she would have such an incredible feeling of well-being that nothing could ruin her good mood that day. Lana Lang could be aloof and even rude. She could be in trouble for some article that she wrote. Clark could be running around like he always did, only pausing to say hi then running off again. She would still have a smile on her face for that day.

Lately, however the dream had changed recently. The egg seemed to be shining brighter than usual and a tapping sound could be heard. It seemed like the day of hatching was finally coming. Strangely instead of joy, she only felt a sense of dread. She knew that soon that whatever was inside would soon break out and knew with the kind of certainty that only dream logic could give that it would break out fully formed, and fly away into the wide, wide world without a look back. She could only wonder if the past year of turbulence and darkness had taken a dream that had always given her comfort before and soaked it with ambivalence and uneasiness.


Chloe looked up at Clark, who was holding a cup and a white bag. "Hmm?" she said, turning away from her computer in the Torch office.

"I got you a latte just the way you like it and a chocolate muffin with the cream cheese frosting you like," he said, putting the goods down on the table.

"Hey, thanks."

"Something bothering you?"

Chloe frowned a little. "This is our last year of high school. Have you thought about what you're going to do?"

Clark grabbed a seat and sat next to her. "I was thinking of going to the University of Metropolis. It depends on whether I can get some scholarships but . . . yeah, that's where I'd like to go. Hey, maybe we could sign up for some of the same classes and . . ."

"Actually, I'm not going to school there."


"My dad found a job in Gotham and I'd like to stay with him. Besides, Metropolis doesn't really feel like home anymore, all things considering. I want to start over in an another city."

"Chloe, I'll miss you."

"Yeah, yeah." Still, she was a trifle pleased that he actually looked unhappy. There had been times during the past three years when she wasn't sure that he'd even care.

"No, seriously. I know that I don't say this enough, but . . . You know that we've been through a lot over the past four years. I don't think I would've made it without you. I can't imagine not seeing you or the Wall of Weird. It's like . . . Do you really have to leave?"

"Oh, come on, Clark. You act as if I told you the end of the world was coming. I mean you've finally picked up a few things about investigating. You've actually been doing most of your googling now. You're a big boy now, well, actually you've always been a big boy. You don't need me to hold your hand."

"Suppose I want you to hold my hand," he said, putting his giant, warm hand on top of hers.

For once, she was at a loss for words but she pulled her hand away.

It was the night before she left for Gotham that she had the last dream she'd ever have about the egg. In her dream, the egg had finally cracked open. What was inside was gone and all that was left was fragments of the golden shell that had lost much of its sheen. When she opened her eyes, she realized that she wasn't what had been inside the egg and that she was never meant to possess or even see what had been slumbering inside. She had been the egg shell.

The End

Author's Note: Esau is the brother of Jacob. Esau both sold his birthright to Jacob for a mess of pottage and had his blessing stolen by his brother with the help of their mother. It was foretold before he was born that he would not be the heir despite him being the elder.

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