Black Like Me

by Marisol

Rated: PG
Category: Drama
Spoilers: Forsaken, Covenant
Note: Written for slodwick's "Pick a card, any card" Challenge Disclaimer: Not mine. Not mine.
Feedback: I fiend for it.

"And explain to me why you have soo many carton's of cigarettes under your bed?" Lionel asked. It was all rather bewildering.

"Currency in here, Bud. No money, so you go to the next best motivation...addiction."

Lionel nodded. It certainly wasn't beneath him - he rather liked the idea.

"While we're getting, um, acquainted, I been meaning to ask you somethin'. I mean, your people's over there. You ain't exactly the...uh - "

"I catch your meaning, Thicke. I'm not exactly like anyone in here."

"So, what do you get out of hanging out with us?" He chuckled. "It ain't jungle fever."

"I have strategies of my own," Lionel said, internally applauding himself.

Besides, he never knew if he'd have to play the race card.

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