Not All Sharks Have Fins

by Mistress Ace

This story was written during the summer hiatus between Seasons II and III is response to an unusal pairing challenge. If you like it, let me know at

Not all Sharks Have Fins

He spotted her the minute she walked in. She was younger than his usuals. No crepey neck or liver-spotted hands dripping in diamonds which meant she wasn't much of a target but it was a slow night and he was hungry.

The rent on the little dive he'd holed up in was due and sleeping on the streets never held that much of an appeal. Besides, it'd be nice to spend some time with a woman who wasn't old enough to be his grandmother, or in some cases, his great-grandmother.

The money Lex gave him every month dried up as soon as big brother got turned into chum in the real shark tank. That'd sucked 'cause once you got past the attitude, Lex turned out to be an okay guy. A little shifty but Lucas knew that came with having a dad like theirs.

The same dad who'd tangled up all of Lex's assets in probate and don't even get him started on that cold bitch, Helen Bryce-Luthor. If she hadn't been called away for a medical emergency right before the LuthorCorp jet took off, Lex might've had a fighting chance. If the sharks had been into frozen food, that is.

Why the hell Lex had gotten involved with her in the first place, he'd never know. To be honest, he'd pegged Clark Kent as Lex's fuck buddy instead of the popsicle. Talk about your heated looks, the one time he'd seen Lex with Clark, they were practically humping each other upside Lex's sweet little machine. They thought they were being subtle about it with Clark's clueless buddy being there but he knew heat when he saw it.

Pa Kent probably slept outside his son's door with a shotgun in his lap when Lex ran to them for shelter. Not that it would've stopped Lex. If his brother wanted something, he got it. Cars, money, companies, women, men... Lex had quite the rep. He was an equal opportunity fuck and the Kent kid was pretty, real pretty.

Hell, if he'd been into guys, he would have done him. Clark was a jerk but nice big hands, great ass and that mouth? The mouth alone was worth taking a walk on the wild side.

But Lex married the ice queen and he was dead and she wasn't. Big Daddy was holding the wallet now so here he was bilking old ladies out of their annuities. Slipping off their rings at the same time he was slipping off their panties and if he had to mouth his way around another set of saggy tits, he was going to lose it.

Like he'd said, it was a slow night.

There wasn't anybody worth his time, other than her. So he watched her from his spot in the corner. Nice red hair, natural with a hint of grey at the temples - much better than the blue-haired brigade could offer. Stylish clothes, this year's design even and a little bit of jewelry. Not much, rings on both hands, the ruby of the left half-covering a wide pale line. Probably recently divorced, widows usually still wore their wedding bands.

Blue eyes, he'd bet or maybe green. It was hard to tell in this light. She had a faded kind of beauty, like that woman in the movie his foster sister, Jodie, liked so much. Blanche something, all tragic and worn paper-thin. Pretty mouth though and the tits, now those he could handle. Big and full and they'd be soft because they were natural like the rest of her.

Yeah, she was worth the time.

She probably didn't have a lot of money but he might get a home-cooked meal out of it as well as a few hours sleep in a clean bed. He'd hock her rings afterward.

The decision made, he signaled the waitress and ordered the lady a drink. When it was delivered, he lifted his glass in a silent toast and the incline of her head was invitation enough. Shamelessly copying the slinky way his dear departed brother moved, Lucas slithered up out of his chair and approached his quarry.

When she greeted him with a little smile, he congratulated himself on his choice.

Those tits were something else.

Truth to tell, they were great. Round and full and big nipples that plumped up in his mouth like nobody's business. Once he got her out of the rest of her clothes, he was going to spend some serious time with those babies. She smelled good too, not too flowery or sickly sweet.

Her place hadn't been that far away. A couple of blocks and it was still warm even though winter was right around the corner. They'd walked there, talking a little but not much. He knew her name and that she'd only moved to town a few weeks ago. No family nearby which would make this a whole lot easier.

He helped her with her coat when they got inside, hanging it up for her and she offered him some coffee. Somewhere after the coffee and some of the best pie he'd ever tasted, he leaned in for the first kiss. Her mouth had been soft and startled but she didn't stop him.

Which was why they were here now with her shirt undone and his halfway off. Her bed was soft and wide and she kissed like she was hungry too. Hungry enough that he might stay longer than it took to bang her and rob her blind. Maybe he'd stay long enough to get comfortable because she felt really good.

Warm and welcoming and if he closed his eyes, he could pretend she was young and they had a future together instead of a few quick fucks before he said adios.

He did that.

He closed his eyes and kissed her again and things started to spin faster and faster and faster...

He woke up to a knife. Not at his throat, he could've handled it if it'd been at his throat. But, no, it was up against the family jewels, the point digging in through the thin cotton of his boxers. He swallowed carefully; panicking never solved anything and staying calm got him out of lot of shit in the past.

Funny how she didn't look fragile or faded anymore.

There was nothing fragile about her.

"What's going on here, Mary?" The point of the knife dipped a little and he stopped moving. Yeah, he could probably push her out of the way and make a dive for his clothes but he had enough scars and trips to the ER were damned expensive. Plus, being turned into a eunuch was not in his game plan.

"We're going to call your father, Lucas." Oh crap, he hadn't told his real name, had he? No, he'd used Gordon this time. So how'd she know?

"We're not exactly on speaking terms." The door was too far away and the only window was shut and locked. Lucas inched back, his eyes on the knife. "I'm not his favorite person."

"No, you're not. He's gone." There was kind of a break in her voice. Lucas looked up from the unwavering blade to catch something that might've been tears. He'd seen that look before; he saw it in the mirror the night his brother's place crashed into the ocean.

Shit, she knew Lex.

"But you're still here." Mary handed him the phone and while Lucas stared at it, the knife flicked closer. He swallowed hard, his heart racing a mile a minute. She was dead serious about this. "He's got something of mine and I want it back."

That could mean a whole lot of things. His dad stole from people all the time. Lucas lost count of the people Big Daddy had swindled over the years. She didn't look the type to be an heiress so it was probably a small business or maybe a farm because while everything else her about was soft, her hands weren't.

"Look, he won't give you anything. He doesn't negotiate." Lucas backed up a little more until he bumped into the wall and there was nowhere else to go.

He was telling the truth. His dad wouldn't give her one thin dime to save his life. Before Lex sent him into hiding, he made sure Lucas knew that much about their father. Not that he'd needed the lecture, Dad trying to shoot him had been a pretty good indication on that score.

"He will this time." Tired of holding it out to him, she dialed the phone one-handed. Once she was done with the last number, she looked up at him again.

He'd been wrong about her eyes.

They weren't blue or green. They were dead black. Just like a shark's, cold and empty as she held the phone up to his ear. "You're all he's got left."

"Why are you doing this?" The phone was still ringing. His dad wasn't in, which was par for the course. There was this big project going on and he'd been almost impossible to reach. The last time Lucas tracked him down, there was this weird sound in the background. Kind of like a saw or something and he thought he heard somebody crying right before his dad hung up.

The knife dug into his leg, pain sharp and jagged as blood trickled down the blade. Those cold eyes watched him, registering his flinch before she said. "Because what he has... is all I have left."

The phone just kept ringing.

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