Life's Little Intoxications

by Medie

'The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.' ~ Oscar Wilde

The feeling of sunlight warm against her skin slowly coerced Chloe to waking. Reluctant to move, she yawned and cuddled back into the downy softness of the bed, rubbing her cheek against the smooth pillow. Inhaling slowly, she let herself drift again, floating comfortably in a semi-conscious dreamworld.

Lazy mornings like this didn't happen often and she gloried in them as long as possible.

Beside her, she felt the motion of another body shifting closer and she smiled. Letting her eyes slip open ever-so-slightly, she found her lover's eyes watching her face.

"Morning." Willow murmured, her voice husky from sleep and disuse. "Sleep well?"

Reaching out, Chloe let her hand skim up the soft skin of the other woman's back, lightly stroking the red hair splayed across it. "Fantastic." A wicked little grin lit her features. "Must have been the company I had."

Willow laughed and, heedless of morning breath, leaned over to kiss her. "Must have been," she agreed in a soft whisper.

Several weeks earlier...

The evening Chloe Sullivan met Willow Rosenberg was dull and dreary. The Metropolis sky was grey and a light drizzle fell over the city as Chloe made her way home from the paper.

It was pure chance that led her to see the small corner shop bearing the sign "The Magic Shop."

Opening the door, she stepped back to let a departing customer pass before entering herself and looking about for the proprietor. "Umm...hello?"


A voice from above made her look up to find a cheerful redhead with an armful of books smiling down at her. "Can I help you with something?"

"Not really...I mean, nothing specific." Chloe looked about, a nostalgic smile on her face. "I just saw this place and it's been so long since I've been in a shop like this..." She looked about her. "It just...I'd forgotten how good it feels." She waited for the other woman to climb down off the ladder before introducing herself. "I'm Chloe."

"Willow." The redhead responded, letting the books she'd retrieved drop onto the counter. Smiling again, she gestured to the various wares. "You can look around if you'd like. Get reacquainted with everything."

"Thanks." Chloe flashed a smile. She stood for a moment, letting the faint scents of the herbs and the sight of the books and various implements bring old memories to the surface. The sparkle of a quartz crystal drew her eye and she moved toward it, reaching for the silver chain it dangled from. Her hand stopped just short of the peg and she pulled it back regretfully.

"You can touch it, it's ok." Willow's voice came from just behind her and she became aware of the other woman standing close by. Her presence close.

Absently, she murmured her thanks then reached out again, carefully taking the crystal in hand. "My mother...she used to wear one just like this. It would catch the light when she watered the flowers in the morning." She turned, meeting the other woman's eyes. "We used to go to a little shop like this one all the time. We'd spend hours there, the lady that ran it...she and my mom would teach me about herbs, spells... crystals. Everything." Her face fell and she slowly put the crystal back. "Some of my favorite childhood memories were made during that time."

"Your mom..." Willow began carefully, "she died?"

"No." Chloe turned around, her eyes sad. "Just gone. When she left... I lost all of this. It was so closely tied to her...I couldn't be around it. Hurt too much..." She laughed a little, surprised at the tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry...I don't know why I'm telling you all this."

"I think I do." Reaching past her, Willow took the necklace in hand, slowly draping it over Chloe's head and letting the crystal fall against the bright material of her shirt. "Maybe it's time you came home."

Present day...

With the sound of the running shower in the background, Chloe slipped out of bed and lifted her arms over her head in a full body stretch. The languid motion relaxing her, she then reached for a cheerfully colored caftan and pulled it on. Adjusting it a little, she moved to the bedside table, picked up the crystal and put that on as well.

Lazily, she ruffled her sleep-tousled hair and walked out to the main room where she filled a small watering can and went to the bay window which dominated one wall. Carefully watering each flower, she looked out to survey the Metropolis skyline, backlit by the morning sun.

"Beautiful." She murmured to herself, putting the can down and looking out the window.

Wet hair brushed against her cheek and Willow's arms slipped around her waist, lips brushing the skin of her cheek. "Good morning..."

"You said that already." Chloe pointed out with a laugh.

"Mm..Felt like saying it again when we were both, y'know, awake."

Unable to fault the logic, she leaned back against the other woman. "Point taken...we were kind of, still asleep before, hmm?"

"Yup." Willow agreed cheerfully. She was silent for a long moment then asked softly. "How do you feel?"

Chloe paused, considering her answer, then turned to smile at her. Reaching up, she lightly ran her fingertips along Willow's jawline. "Good." She said simply then, reconsidering, added. "Great really." Leaning forward, she slowly kissed the other woman. "Fantastic."

Willow returned the kiss with a soft noise of approval, her hands slipping into Chloe's hair and pulling her close. They traded lazy kisses for several minutes then paused to let their breathing even out.

"I know I sound kinda neurotic," Willow said with a little shrug, "but I just wanted to make sure...that you didn't regret what happened."

The blonde in her arms grinned and kissed her quickly and firmly. "How can I regret something I've been thinking about practically since the day we met?"

Two Weeks Prior...

Sitting on the pillow, her hands linked with Willow's, Chloe watched the other woman's face anxiously. "Now what?"

Willow smiled almost serenely. "For starters? Relax. This isn't going to work if you aren't calm."

The other woman blushed a little. "Sorry...I'm just...nervous. It's been it possible I'm out of practice?"

A little grin played on her friend's face. "No. It's all still there. I know it's corny but, this really is like falling off a log."

"Mom and I never did anything like this..."

"But you witnessed it." Willow pointed out, smiling. "Relax, Chloe, the ritual may be different but the basics are the same. Just close your eyes and breathe."

Squaring her shoulders, the young blonde did as she was told. She closed her eyes and drew in steadying breaths, letting her mind slowly relax and sink down into the state that she needed to achieve. Distantly, she heard Willow begin to speak, low, steady, almost a moan. She waited to hear where her friend was in the chant then, when she was ready, she joined in, the words spilling forth like rain.

She wasn't sure when it happened, when she got lost in the ritual but it happened and it was as if twenty years hadn't passed, as if she was back in that little shop, listening to her mother and her mother's friend's voices chanting in unison, feeling her skin tingle and the hairs on her neck raise.

Then she felt Willow's hands tighten on hers and a sensation began to build in her core, a warmth that spread outward through her entire body and Chloe's eyes flew open a tiny "Oh..." slipping from her mouth and she was looking into Willow's eyes and everything felt alive. Wonderfully and totally alive. She could feel everything. She could hear everything. Everything was her and she was everything. She was Willow and Willow...

Their fingers twined tighter and they slumped toward each other, elbows resting on the low table between them as sensation and energy moved back and forth, passing through them both in a closed circuit. They gasped, a unified sound, and then it was over.

Slowly, they released their grip on each other and sat back, breathing deeply.

"" Chloe offered weakly after some time had passed.

Willow's smile was shaky and she nodded. "Wow."

"That was..."

"That was."

They both giggled a little and Willow stood, holding out a hand to help Chloe up. "I think sugar is required." She drew her into the kitchen, not releasing her hand right away, the touch lingering. "We could use the refill."

"We could." Chloe agreed absently, her attention focused on the feeling of Willow's warm skin pressed against hers. The faint feeling of the energy they'd created still hummed between them and she was sure that was what was causing the thrill that was racing through her at the contact. Okay, so she wasn't sure. In fact, she was pretty sure it had a lot less to do with magic than it did with just it being Willow-skin pressing close to Chloe-skin and the fact she wanted a lot more of the Chloe-skin to be pressing against the Willow-skin. Pressing and doing very interesting things together. Very, very, very interesting things. Interesting and athletic things. Things that required a girl to be very limber. At least, Chloe hoped so. She hadn't actually...but her imagination was oh so very useful. Not to mention the internet. Handy thing the internet. Very useful when it came to the bi-curious who was definitely looking to get rid of the `curious' part and just stick with the `bi' and be all - "Huh?"

It occurred to her then that Willow was staring at her expectantly and it was the kind of expectant stare that somebody gave you when they'd just asked you a question and, like some kind of ninny, you were just staring off into space and not answering.

"I said, what would you like? Soda or iced tea?"

"Iced tea." Chloe responded with a blush. "Sorry, mind totally went wandering."

"Somewhere nice I hope." Willow teased, holding out the bottle.

With a slightly wicked smile, Chloe nodded. "Somewhere very, very, very nice..."

Present day....

Carrying two mugs of herbal tea into the living room, Chloe handed one to Willow and then sat beside her, tucking her legs up against her body.

"What? No coffee?" The redhead teased, lightly tracing a pattern on Chloe's bare leg.

"Mmm...not right now. Maybe later on, when I sit down to work on my article." Sipping the tea slowly, Chloe rested her head against Willow's shoulder. "Besides, now is not the time for heavy duty caffeine. Now's the time to be lazy and decadent."

"I think I like lazy and sounds fantastic." Willow agreed, her hand moving to loosely twine fingers with Chloe's, and closed her eyes, enjoying the sense of the room and the feeling between the two of them. The sensation of utter comfort and familiarity. It was as if they'd spent each and every morning in that fashion. An old and familiar routine.

"Is this how it's supposed to be?" Chloe asked suddenly, her thoughts seeming to run parallel with Willow's. "So comfortable?" She laughed a little, turning to sit on one leg facing Willow. "I haven't really had a lot of intimate relationships but...the morning after the first's usually a little, not bad, awkward at first. But...." She shrugged. "Not this time. No awkwardness. At all."

"I know." Willow nodded, looking down at their hands. "I've never been this comfortable's...different. Great different! But still different."

Chloe smiled, pleased. "That's good to know....that I wasn't the only one who was feeling like this."

A little grin touched Willow's lips and she looked over the rim of her mug. "As if you thing we've always on the same wavelength. It is how we got here, isn't it?"

The previous week...

Sitting at a table in The Magic Shop, Chloe surveyed the massive tomes before her and looked up at the woman standing beside her. "One thing they never mention...all the studying involved."

Willow laughed and pulled a chair around to sit beside her. "Well, you're the one who wanted to reacquaint yourself with everything at once. It's better done in stages. Ease into it."

A small smile of amusement formed on Chloe's face. "I know, Willow, I just wanted to read up on a few basics, things I can sort of remember and needed the refresher..." Reaching for a book, she smiled a little. "Then I found a few other things and..." She gestured to the books. "I think I got a little out of control."

"Just a little." Closing one book, the redhead grinned teasingly. "We'll leave the blood rituals for later."

"Ha ha." Chloe responded dryly. "Funny."

"Uh huh. I'm a riot." Picking up a number of books, Willow stood and returned them to the shelves. "Feel like getting some dinner...maybe? If you haven't made any other plans I mean - "

"I'd love to!" Chloe jumped in with her answer before Willow could continue whatever she was going to say and the two women shared a surprised look and a smile. "I, I don't have any plans...except now I'm having dinner with you?"

Willow nodded, unconsciously picking at the threadbare cover of one book, her smile widening. "Yep. Now you're having dinner with me."

Hopping up, the other woman grabbed her denim jacket and pulled it on. "Where to?"

Reaching for her own coat, the redhead looked almost nervous as she asked, "My apartment? We could order something in. Maybe watch a movie...if you want?"

Chloe grinned and nodded. "Sounds great to me."

They were halfway to the door when Chloe asked, nervously, " this like a date?"

Willow hesitated, her hand on the door, and looked over. Her eyes were almost pleading as she asked, "Do you want it to be?"

Quickly, Chloe leaned over and kissed her, pulling back just as fast. "Yeah...I do."

"Then it is," Willow said after returning the kiss at a more calm and slow pace. She rested her forehead against Chloe's and smiled.

Present day...

When Willow lifted her lips from Chloe's, the journalist grinned impishly. "You know, we keep this up and I'm going to get no work done today."

"I know." The other woman replied sagely. "It's the intoxication of new love and all that. Best wine around. Best just give in... don't try to fight." She winked. "It's more fun when we forget the angst and enjoy the fun."

"Oh, I see," Managing a slight nod, mussing her hair against the couch in the process, Chloe's grin widened. "That's how it's supposed to be, hmm?"

"Yup." Willow stole another kiss, lingering for a while before lifting up to add. "We're supposed to be all gropey and smoochy and so many other wonderful things."


"Umm...presents and flowers and candy and stuff. All the time."

"Oh I think I could get used to that." Chloe grinned. "I like orange chocolate."

"You're very strange."

"It's the meteor rocks."


Unable to help herself, Chloe burst into laughter. "Um... well..I'll explain that to you someday. That's something that...well, we have to work up to it."

"I'll take your word for it." Willow decided, still giving her an odd look. "I think."

"Oh it's an interesting story just not, morning after the first time we sleep together material. My bizarre adolescence is... well, not first morning after material."

"And that? I believe." Willow agreed with a firm nod. "Cause... meteor rocks? Not exactly normal trigger for most oddities."

"In Smallville it is. Trust me."

"Now that," she assured, leaning in for another kiss, "I can do. It's the easy part."

Previous evening...

Lighting the last candle, Chloe took a steadying breath and looked around. "Everything's ready." With that pronouncement, she made one last check of her hair then rushed into the main room to check the wine. They'd planned just an evening in with a light meal and some TV, one of their favorite date plans thus far as it always led to cuddling and kissing and fun stuff like that, but there was just an air about things that said it was more than just the usual.

It was as if, by some unspoken agreement, they'd decided this was the night that Willow would spend the night and Chloe had never been so nervous or filled with anticipation in her life. She felt like twirling around the living room and giggling helplessly to rid herself of the excess energy.

"Practically giddy." She noted, leaving the wine and hurrying into the kitchen to check the pasta sauce. "Nope, not practically. Definitely giddy."

The sound of a light knock on the door had her whirling in that direction, very nearly splattering sauce all over her outfit. As it was, it ended up splattered across the refrigerator door, a vivid red against the stark white. "Damn." She muttered, grabbing a cloth and cleaning it up as quickly as she could before tossing the cloth in the direction of the sink.

Without bothering to stop and see if that was where it ended up, she went to the door, doing one last quick adjustment of her hair before opening it to greet the woman on the other side. "Hi."

Her surprisingly shy greeting was quietly echoed by Willow. They stared at each other for a few minutes before Chloe broke the silence with a rueful comment, "You know, we're being a little be this nervous."

"We are." Willow agreed with a grin. "But that's part of the fun."

"True!" Stepping back, Chloe gave her room to enter, catching her hand as she passed.

Willow looked at her curiously but curiosity faded when she was drawn into a kiss. When they separated, they grinned a little. "And that's the best part of the fun."

"It is." Chloe leaned in and kissed her again. "Definitely the best part of the fun."

Sliding her hands into the other woman's blond hair, Willow held her close, backing her against the open door. They stayed there, half in the apartment and half out, for a long time, just trading kisses. When Chloe's hands began tugging at Willow's shirt, freeing it from her pants, Willow pulled back and out of the other woman's arms.

She smiled, taking Chloe's hand and drawing her in away from the door, closing it with her free hand. "We might want to close the door." She pointed out with a grin. "I don't want to share you tonight."

Her words sent a pleased thrill through Chloe and she moved in, pressing Willow against the, now-closed, door. "I don't want to be shared." She agreed, stretching up to kiss her.

Dinner and their evening plans were forgotten as Chloe, her fingers now more dextrous, pulled back and helped the redhead lift the shirt off over her head, throwing it aside.

The taller of the two, Willow again curled her hands into Chloe's hair, bringing her close for another kiss, an intensely passionate one. The kiss deepened, tongues meeting, as Willow let one hand wander down Chloe's body, finding the tie of her shirt and pulling it apart.

Without bothering to wait for help, Chloe shrugged the shirt down off her body and pressed close again as the material fluttered unnoticed to the floor.

Stumbling into the bedroom, the two women sank down onto the soft comforter. Willow paused, looking down at Chloe with a smile. "Are you sure?"

Her eyes wide with desire, Chloe reached up to pull the other woman's mouth to hers, kissing her intently. "Yes."

Lifting up again, Willow lightly traced one finger along Chloe's collarbone then down between her breasts, brushing over the lacy material of her bra. "Have to get rid of this." She decided with a grin. "In a minute." With a deliberately slow pace, she leaned over and mouthed one nipple through the cloth, feeling it contract and tighten beneath her lips. She sucked at it as her hand continued its path, tracing down Chloe's body, stopping at the barrier of her skirt.

Fumbling a little, she managed to slip her hand beneath both the skirt and the panties that lay beneath it before continuing on, down into the moist curls that waited.

Chloe reacted immediately to both, a sound torn between a moan and a gasp escaping her as her body tried push up into both touches at once.

Willow laughed a little against her breast. "Easy, Chlo'..."

"Easy for you to say." The other woman mock-grumbled, her voice taking on a husky quality. "Oh gods..." She moaned outright this time, her hips moving with the touch of Willow's hand, her hands grasping anything within reach.

Watching her lover's face, Willow's fingers nimbly teased at Chloe's clitoris before sliding down to slip inside her. Just one at first but it was more than enough to bring another pleasured moan from Chloe. "So sensitive..." She teased with a smile.

"Anticipation's half the fun." Chloe managed, looking at her from heavy-lidded eyes.

"Time for the other half." Willow informed her, pulling her hands away. Before Chloe could protest the action, the other woman was up on her knees, straddling Chloe's legs. "This," she tugged at the skirt, "goes first though."

Chloe watched, her breathing uneven, as Willow found the tie of the wraparound skirt and slowly undid it, pulling the light material free and hooking her fingers about the panties, drawing those down and moving to slide them completely off.

While she was up, Willow took care of her own clothes then returned to the bed, guiding Chloe into the position she wanted her in. She gave the blonde a mischievous grin before sliding down her body.

When Willow's intent became obvious, Chloe groaned in anticipation, closing her eyes and pushing her head back into the pillow, waiting for the first touch of Willow's tongue. When it came, a light, teasing brush against her clit, she gasped. "Oh goddess..."

Willow's response was a faint chuckle and a look up, through her bangs, before returning her mouth to the task at hand. Leisurely teasing the other woman's body as time seemed to slow to a crawl.

With every touch of the other woman's mouth on her body, Chloe thought she would explode. The oh-so-delicious pleasure was building in her body and she reflexively pushed her heels down into the mattress, her hips lifting up against Willow's mouth.

Placing a guiding hand on Chloe's hipbone, Willow held her in place and then slipped down just a little further, her tongue finding it's way inside, just a little.

"Oh goddess, Willow..." Chloe's voice dropped to a whisper and she whimpered a little. "That's..."

"I know." Willow answered, lifting up to return to the blonde's clitoris, teasing that while her finger again slipped inside Chloe. Using both in tandem, she didn't let up as Chloe stiffened beneath her and let out a soft cry of her name. She continued the motions until the other woman came down from her orgasm.

Sitting up, she let one hand slide up Chloe's body, lightly brushing and cupping her breasts as she did so, then cuddled against her lover, pressing a light kiss to her forehead. "Beautiful..."

Chloe stretched a little, her entire body as relaxed as it had ever been, then turned to face her, one hand lightly brushing through the curls between Willow's legs. "Yes... you are." She agreed, mischief in her eyes. "My turn..."

Willow laughed at the look on Chloe's face as she guided her over onto her back. "I think I've created a monster..."

"That a complaint?"

At the first touch of Chloe's mouth on her breast, Willow let out a moan. " a chance. Never a complaint...Never."

Present day...

"You know, I really like this feeling..the intoxication of new love and all that, like you called it," Chloe paused, her fingers absently playing with Willow's hair, and looked down at the woman's face, "I don't want it to end."

"Oh it'll end," Willow countered, shifting comfortably, "but that's a good thing."

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmhmm..." Her head resting in Chloe's lap, Willow took one of Chloe's hands in hers, lightly kissing the palm before continuing. "See, there's no way to sustain that, cause, y'know, nothing's new forever. It's okay though cause once that's passed we discover other things and's intoxicating whether it's new or not. Cause, y'know, it's love."

Chloe smiled, leaning over to kiss her. "Anyone ever tell you that you're really smart?"

"Well, sort of." Willow shrugged slightly. "Course, they meant in a bad, annoying geeky way but yeah, they told me."

"Shows how much they know." Chloe snorted lightly. "Bet you got a better life than they did."

"Of course I did." Willow responded with a grin, sitting up to face her lover. "I found a fantastic friend, who turned into more, in you...nothing anyone else could achieve will ever top that in my eyes." She leaned in to kiss Chloe. "Absolutely nothing and, knowing that, is the most intoxicating thing of all."

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