Learned Lesson Lost

by HumbugGirl

Title: Learned Lesson Lost
Author: HumbugGirl
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URL: http://www.geocities.com/oddfiction or http://www.livejournal.com/~humbuggirl Pairing: Chloe/Lionel
Rating: R/NC17
Summary: Darkfic. Smutfic. All she really needed was one more chance. Warnings: Character death.
Spoilers: Ugh, this is tough. Okay, so it's a definite season two and snippets of season three though the season three in my head might not be the season three on screen because I haven't actually been able to see it yet and this is just based on a whole load of spoilers and speculation I've had thrown at me recently. Disclaimer: If they were actually mine I probably wouldn't be writing about them so they're not. Smallville and the characters don't belong to me they belong to someone with more money. Author's Notes: 1) Just a little proof I still love writing Chlionel grin 2) Not beta'd so excuse any glaring mistakes. Feedback: Please.

Stretching out her legs Chloe dug her feet into the soft sands beneath her. She shuffled her toes around and let the cool she found there work its magic. The walk across the sands to the position she now occupied had taken her longer than expected, the hot sand biting at her flesh every step of the way as it flowed over the edge of her sandals and into them. It had been a relief to take her shoes off when she had settled in one spot.

Lifting one hand Chloe shielded her eyes from the bright sun above as she turned her attention from the water before her and to the shimmering image of someone approaching from the opposite end of the beach. Whoever it was blocked the sun, their profile appearing blackened out as a consequence and as such no hint was offered to Chloe as to their identity. What anyone would be doing on these isolated shores was a mystery to being with; though not one Chloe felt the need to investigate.

A few weeks ago she would never have imagined that this was where she would end up. Not unusual really when you considered that a few weeks ago the only things that had been on her mind at all were revenge and her own deep regret at being driven to such a seemingly drastic course of action. No, sitting in the late afternoon sunlight on a beach that could only be described as part of paradise had not been on her to-do list but she was stuck there now and it had turned out to be less of a paradise and more of a prison. Well, at least until Lex gave her a reprieve and told her it was safe to go home again.

In a way it was his entire fault that she was stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Of course if she had never gone to him for help in the first place she would not be in her present situation but it was Lex who had insisted that she leave the country and it was he that had flown her to this island on a private jet. As bored as Chloe was however, as incapable as she was of relaxing she had not so blond as to in incapable of acknowledging that she had much to be grateful of as far as her relationship with Lex was concerned. He had been the only of all her friends - all her supposed friends - who had offered her a realistic chance at getting out of the mess she had made for herself in Smallville without a thousand different platitudes as punishment.

It didn't matter what Lex's motives were only that one part of them, large or small, was concerned with her wellbeing. And that was a lot more than could be said for the motives of certain other people - even Clark who was more concerned with other matters than he was with what was happening with her.

Chloe lay back, trying to ignore the tingling sensation running down to the base of her spine from a spot between her shoulder blades. It was nerves but that was nothing new. They had been there ever since she finally gave in and had gone running to Lex that one last time and if anything they had only grown stronger since that day. The blonde reporter, ever reliant on instinct that had pulled her out of danger time and time again knew that this time the silent warning was a reminder that however well Lex believed he had planned her escape he was not infallible and subsequently there was always a chance something would go wrong.

Sitting around doing nothing when she was nothing if not a hands on person was driving her to the point of insanity. She wanted something, anything, to happen.

"Think of it as a vacation," ex had told her as they stood at the base of the steps to the LexCorp jet. He had given her a small smile as he spoke that Chloe could only offer a wry smirk to in return.

"Some vacation."

He placed a hand on her arm and left it there, the gesture seemingly possessive. A year of so before if Lex had given the same gesture then it would have stirred less than appropriate thoughts in Chloe's young body but that had long ceased to be the case. The one productive thing that had resulted from her acquaintance with Lionel Luthor was the realisation that climbing into bed with a Luthor - whether in connection to business or otherwise - was an exceptionally bad idea. Her lack of reaction to the gesture now clearly startled Lex; ever confident in the effect he could have on women and the momentary darkening of his eyes had made Chloe wonder whether she should not have shown a little something - something that would reassure him that she trusted him if nothing else.

It was at that moment that Chloe had realised how much like a Luthor she was beginning to think and the thought had scared her more than she cared to admit. If nothing else it was a clear sign that she had spent too much time around Lionel; that the seeds he had placed in her were still there despite what she had done it purge them. Even sat on a beach in the middle of the ocean the blonde was aware that from the moment she had agreed to help him Lionel had become a constant in her life and she might battle with his influence to the end of her days and still not be completely rid of him.

Memories were difficult things to loose; especially when they were not all bad.

A hand on her shoulder, his breath on the base of her neck and the way he knew how to put just enough appreciation into his gaze when looking at her could not be forgotten any time soon. They were the first signs of any type of want she had seen in a long time and Chloe had been unable to ignore any possible implications of his behaviour; the truth being that it thrilled her so much that he was not above showing some desire in addition to his appreciation of her skills as a journalist.

The day she had reached back towards him would be forever scorched in her mind as not just the day that she had lost whatever innocence she had left but one of the few times in her life when she had felt truly accepted. Chloe was uncertain as to whether that mattered to her now or not, even if it certainly did not matter to Lionel. If it had then she would not have been forced to run and leave everything - almost everything - she had ever cared about behind. If it had then her life would not be in danger as it was now. The idea that she had even imagined it might mean something was both foolish and something that Chloe would never admit to. She was almost certain that she had managed to hide it from everyone else in addition to herself with the possible exception of Lex - the only one who truly looked past the faade she erected anyway. He might have his own reason for wanting to know but Chloe was nearly positive they did not include looking for something to hold over her head. In that respected he was nothing like his father.

And that was the only reason she was still waiting around on the island for the all clear and not trying to sneak off without Lex - or rather Lex's men, noticing that she was up to.

It was the sound of the sand crunching underneath heavy footsteps that called Chloe back to herself. At first she did not dare to open her eyes, not wanting to see who was there. The island was not uninhabited - she was staying in a larger private complex that Lex had knitted out with everything she could ever need including a full compliment of staff - but the chances that one of them had wandered out to find her was minimal as they knew she generally like to be alone on her walks. Besides, in the two weeks since she had arrived on the island only a handful of words had passed between her and the native staff anyway; either because conversation was not normally expected of them or because no one knew what to say to the young stranger. A glimmer of hope filled her for a moment that perhaps it was Lex coming to offer a flight back home to Kansas and her family. He was the only one that was meant to know she was even here after all. Then the thought that perhaps the young billionaire had seen fit to dispense with the restrictions he had imposed on her seeing her family hit. The idea that perhaps it was her father stood there above, making the shadow that had seemed so heavy, forced her eyes open. It was only when she was halfway through the action and at the point of no return that it dawned on Chloe that her father would have said something by the time he was about a hundred metres away if not sooner. She wanted to stop and turn from whoever was stood above her; especially settling in her rapidly of just who was there.

Reluctantly Chloe dug her elbows into the sand in an effort to push herself into a sitting position. Once there she turned her eyes upwards again to look at the unmistakable silhouetted figure of the man. In retrospect she really should have realised he would be able to find her.

"You look disappointed. Expecting someone else Miss Sullivan?" he asked, the tone of his voice eternally cool, calm and collected. Chloe winced the moment that his words filled the air. His voice sounded disapproving, so much so that Chloe felt like the scolded child that he always made her feel like when she did something he disagreed with. It didn't help that he had chosen to avoid using her first name, almost as if she was nothing but an employee who he was about to dispose of. Of course in this situation being disposed of was likely to involve a little more than being given her marching orders.

She wanted to cry. All the bravado she had saved for such a moment as this draining away into the ground beneath her. Chloe drew her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs and resting her forehead in order to hide her eyes. The thought that her failure to answer only satisfied him as to her submissiveness served to upset her further and Chloe drew in a shuddering breath. Even as she did so tears began to burn in her eyes and it was all that Chloe could do not to let out a sob.

"Don't do that," he said with false kindliness in his voice. On the periphery she became aware he had apparently dropped to one knee before her. "Chloe..."

She shied away as a hand touched her arm but his fingers wrapped around the limb and tightened. The sob finally escaped her as he pulled her arm away and made as if to draw her towards him. Chloe tried to hold her position but before long she was against his chest in what seemed a horrid parody of a caring embrace. In vain the blonde girl struggled, trying to push away from him by putting a hand on his chest.

"Stop that," he scolded lacing fingers in her hair to hold her head against him. Chloe slapped at his chest with the palm of her hand listening to the warning tones in his voice as resisted.

"Just... just let me go," she cried, continuing to wriggle against him.

The fingers in her hair tightened their grip abruptly sending pinpricks of pain as they did so. Lionel twisted his hold causing more pain as he did so and before Chloe was entirely certain what was happening he had dragged her head back so that he was leaning over her once again. There was no time to think before the newly familiar sensation of his lips on hers came into being. Chloe screwed her lips up, hoping to discourage him but Lionel persisted. He stopped her from turning away, the massaging sensation working its magic and sending a thrill through her. The conscious effort she had been making to get away melting even in spite of her better instincts. Her hand relaxed against his chest, sliding up over his shoulder as she drew in a breath and responded. The hold he had on her hair relented somewhat as she left his tongue cross the barrier of her lips. With the level of determination she had come to expect from him Lionel let his other hand travel from her arm to cup her breast through the cotton of her skimpy sun top she was wearing.

Heat spread through her, pooling in her groin and making Chloe moan into his mouth. She felt full, ripe and all too aware that he knew just how to touch her and that no one else would be doing so soon. There might be hate of herself and of him lingering in her gut but the truth was that there was also a constant reminder that around him she could behave femininely and not have to worry about anyone laughing at her.

She wriggled against him, pressing her hip into his groin and feeling him pressed back against her. It wasn't the ideal position to be in; she wanted to feel that same frication in a different place entirely after all. Chloe shifted, raising herself onto her knees and pressing herself more firmly into his hand as she did so. The token resistance excited her as she fought to straddle him, their hands joining as the kisses turned into nipping bites on tender lips. She squirmed, pushing down until the bulge in his pants was against her groin before rubbing against him, simulating riding him slowly.

Lionel let go of her hands abruptly skimming them down her sides until he was cupping her ass. Chloe was pulled tightly to him, breasts pushing against him as her lips danced over his features. Tomorrow she would hate herself for doing this but as it was the only thing that mattered was that Lionel had forgiven her for what she had done and that home was once again on the horizon.

Chloe ground her body down, listening appreciatively as he groaned a little and working to build the frication between her legs. She loved this, the fleeting feeling of control she could have with him even if he would steal it back whenever he wanted to.

Hands slid down her thighs, slipping under the light summer shirt she was wearing and pushing it up until it was up around her waist. His fingers trailed around and pressed against the damp material of her panties and offering the blonde a delicious pressure to rub herself against. Chloe breathed heavily letting herself fall into a pant as he teased her swollen pussy. "Please," she muttered into his ear, feeling a line of tension beneath her hands as she did so.

His response was not as she expected. Abruptly Chloe found herself flat on her back in the sand with Lionel nestling down between her thighs. The weight was delicious and combined with the sensation of Lionel penetrating her with one finger and then a second it was enough to make Chloe cry out in pleasure. He pumped in and out of her, bringing back a familiar soreness that made her squirm and grunt. Chloe came flinging her arms around his neck and moaning his name. It was difficult to force herself to relax afterwards. She found she did not want to let go of him but Lionel was pushing himself into a kneeling position. Through hooded eyes Chloe watched as he stared at her. There was something cool about his gaze, something that made her want to cover herself but as Chloe reached down to do so he stopped her.

"You surprise me Miss Sullivan. I had imagined you to have more self control than that."

Chloe frowned and pushed some sweet soaked hair from her face with one hand. "Lionel..." she began only to find him interrupting her.

"I can now see why Lex took such an interest in you even in spite of the fact you were working for me - I suppose he must have seen a sort of kinship in your mutual weakness. That was what surprised me the most of course. Lex has always had such a low opinion of my associates that it did not occur to me he would try to `save' you. I had always expected some sort of rebellion on your part but that you managed to rope Lex into it... that was unexpected."

Her frown deepened at how clinical he sounded. It was not what she would have expected considering the fact that he had just finger fucked her into heaven and back.

As she watched wordlessly Lionel moved into a standing position and Chloe quickly sat up. "It's a shame really - if I had known before now that you were capable of having such a drastic influence on him then I might have reconsidered by decision. Unfortunately it's a little late for that now."

"I don't understand," Chloe said and she really didn't even though there was a daunting feeling settling into the pit of her stomach.

The smile he have her was an indulgent one. "What that means, my dear, is that I can not trust you and if I can not do that then you become a problem."

"Then what was all this about?" she breathed, the sudden distress and confusion showing in her voice.

He smiled again and the air of satisfaction about it was less than pleasant. "This was something to remember an enjoyable little fuck by. That was undoubtedly the pleasantest aspect of this deal. Really Chloe, I could have anyone do your job but they would not have had such a delicious young body for me to play with and such a pliant temperament and desire to please would they? No, that was something you did admirably well with considering your... inexperience and I would have loved to enjoy it all over again now. Unfortunately, however, I have a meeting in Paris first thing tomorrow morning and I know that if I were to linger here with you then I would never make it."

She was trembling. She had not realised it before but she was definitely trembling and that was a weakness that as that moment she knew she could not afford. Wrapping her arms around her legs she asked, "What are you going to do?"

The look he gave her was almost one of pity and Chloe's heart plummeted. There had been a lingering hope he would let her go and if he did not do that then at least take her back. That was dashed now and as it was completely gone she knew there were very few options left.

Reaching behind his back Lionel finally revealed the reason that he had not let her feel around there too extensively. Chloe's eyes did not even widen when she saw the small gun. It was not such a surprise after all and when the shot came she found she was almost pleased in a resigned sort of way.

Lionel, she noticed as she lay dying on the sands, did not even flinch.

Apparently she had been right in the first place.


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