by paperbkryter

The eye of the hurricane; calm waters, bright skies, in the center of a whirling maelstrom of killing winds. Life is like a hurricane sometimes. Sometimes in the midst of utter chaos there can be moments of startling clarity where everything makes sense. Even in the depths of insanity, there are times when thoughts become infused with logic, reason, and everything comes to a complete standstill.

That's when decisions are thrown out before you like pick-up sticks. Choose carefully or face the consequences, and lose the game. Drop a pebble into a pool of water and watch the ripples. One's actions have effects. One can sometimes be the savior of many, by simply taking a single step in the right direction.

And you have only heartbeats in which to make that decision, not easy when you consider your heart is already racing, and your pulse is fluttering in your throat like the wings of a butterfly. Adrenaline? Oh, what a farce. It's more than adrenaline, Clark, isn't it? Much more.

Adrenaline doesn't do that to a car. I saw it. I saw it with my own eyes this time, and he couldn't lie to me anymore. Edge's car was destroyed. Pulverized? There's a nice word. Clark stood there among the wreckage unscathed, uninjured save for a single drop of blood on his lip, something which to this day fascinates me. I dream of it. A single drop of alien blood and the implications contained therein, could turn the world upside down.

Time stopped. Trite, I know, but live a moment like that and you'll see it's an apt expression. I could barely catch my breath.

When I spoke I heard my voice as if from a distance. I wasn't even sure it was me speaking. Was that my voice? It sounded ragged and broken, warped by tears and frustration into a panting, pathetic gasp.

"You aren't even human."

I felt ecstatic; a little thrill of jubilation rushed through my veins. I had been right all along. The hows and the whys of it were still a tangled mass of individual pieces, waiting to be put into correct alignment, but they were all there before me and I suddenly had the key to the puzzle. I was overwhelmed with an influx of data, a screaming cacophony of thoughts and ideas. Clark - wasn't human. Alien. First contact. Answers to the world's problems might be had in the form of one lovesick teenager.

A burst of laughter would have followed, visually Clark made a pretty lousy Moses, but one thought cut through the others like a bolt of lightning and my laughter died in my throat.

He can save me.

My joy lasted - not long - dashed away a second later by the expression on Clark's face. He was terrified. Why wouldn't he be? I am who I am, or was, considering myself somewhat less than I was (yes I'm laughing) and I know what it's like to be afraid of me. There I was, the mad son of a madman, and Clark with everything to lose. I had nothing left but my freedom, and a desperate hope that something, someone could stand against my father's offense and end the battle.

That's when it all went away. It all fled right then, the madness, the fear, the anger and I saw what had to be done with absolute clarity. I had a split second to make my choice. I grabbed for the golden ring.



Save me.


What had called to me so long ago, when I fought my way through a dark cornfield to save the life of a boy I barely knew? I don't know, but whatever connection Clark and I share, it remained strong.

I spared him his dignity. I looked away. He'd exposed himself to me once, there was no need for him to do it again.

When I looked back he was gone. The eye of the hurricane closed around me, and I was lost in the madness again, my faith resting on the shoulders of one young....



God among men.

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