Don't Save Me

by Alexa Jones

Don't Save Me

By Alexa Jones (


Disclaimer: Didn't think up these characters, don't own 'em. If I did, there'd be no such thing as Clana.

Summary: A dark comedy featuring Lana.

Lana stared at the tiaras in her drawer. They twinkled in the light. They mocked her, each one screaming out, "We're more perfect than you are! We're prettier!"

She didn't deserve them. People had given her so many, and people coveted her life. Tina had. But they didn't know.

Her parents had died when she was so young. She barely had a memory of them.

Lana had always sensed that her aunt was bitter about having to take her in. She'd been unmarried, happily dating and having fun, still fairly young. Suddenly, she'd had a three year old to take care of. Lana knew that Nell was bitter about it, and she took it out on her.

She was pressured to stay in cheerleading, by both her mother and Nell. Nell had lied to her about what kind of person her mom really was.

Then, Nell just decided to leave her altogether. Lana was sick of people and horses leaving her.

It was time for her to leave them first.

Lana turned the bottle of painkillers in her hand. She studied the label, wondering exactly how many she'd have to take.

She stepped into the bathroom and poured herself a glass of water.

The pills went down easier than she thought. A bunch of them at once, then more, and a few more for added measure.

She laid down on her bed, folded her hands neatly over her stomach, closed her eyes, and drifted off to take her nap.

Her eyes opened to the sight of a beautiful man. His beauty was evident despite her blurred sight. He lowered his mouth to hers, his lips warm and soft.

She wondered if she was in heaven, and if it would be a better place where this man or no one else would ever leave her.

But the man wasn't kissing her, and she felt like choking, like he was trying to suck her reborn life out of her. Then, her vision sharpened and she recognized the face staring down at her.


"Lana," he breathed, "you're okay!"

Lana blinked, confused. No, she was not dead. She'd been awakened. "How...?"

A blank look came over Clark's face before he stuttered, "I... uhh.. Heimlich." Lana hadn't seen Clark spit a mouthful of pills into the toilet.

Lana moved her head slightly against her pillow, jerking her face away as Clark brushed a strand of hair off her face.

Suddenly, Clark gathered her up into his arms, and she kicked out her legs feebly. "Clark!"

"We have to get you to a hospital, Lana, just in case!"

Lana sighed, and her eyelids still drooped and she found herself unable to convince Clark otherwise as she drifted back to sleep.

She slept through the superspeed to the hospital.

She woke up again, this time not mistaking the day-glo colors on the walls. She knew she had to be in the hospital. Now the doctors wanted to send her for counseling.

Lana had to be perfect. She didn't want people to know she'd be in counseling. She didn't want to go to counseling. She smiled weakly, "I just had really bad cramps. I thought I could take more than normal."

They believed her. People thought she was perfect. Lana Lang could never do such a terrible thing like trying to kill herself.

Lana knew counseling wouldn't help.

She'd have to try again.

Lightning couldn't strike twice in one place. She'd jump off the bridge again, the same where Clark had saved her from drowning after Emily pushed her.

The water rushed and swirled below, beckoning her into its depths. She took a deep breath, and let herself fall in.

The water was icy as hit her skin. Lana had never learned how to swim, and she sank to the bottom immediately.

Apparently the saying was wrong-- lightning could strike twice in one place.

She held her breath as Clark pulled her out of the water, hoping maybe he wouldn't notice she was still alive. Maybe he'd think it was a worthless cause.

Alas, he began CPR, and Lana still held her breath, but finally Clark pushing on her stomach and breathing down her throat became too much, and she gasped in air and swatted at him with her hands.

Clark gave a huge sigh of relief. "Lana! Oh my God, are you okay?"

"Uhh, yeah," Lana said, irritated.

"Lana, I think you should stay away from this bridge," Clark told her sternly.

Lana rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, I know it won't work."

Clark cocked his head to the side and put on his puzzled face.

Lana sighed and shook her head. "I need to change. Take me home?"

Clark happily escorted her back to her house.

For her next attempt, Lana decided she wanted something a little deadlier. Something with blood.

Something where Clark would have to be a medical genius to save her.

Lana liked the weight of the handgun, enjoyed the cool metal. Dark, grey, and cool like death. She raised it to her head and fingers closed around the trigger, tightening slowly.... until Clark supersped forward and batted the gun away from her.

Lana gasped. "Clark! What are you doing?" How had he gotten here so fast? How had he pushed the gun from her! So many lies!

Clark looked suddenly scared and helpless. "Don't tell anyone, Lana... I just wanted to save you."

"No, Clark!" Lana screamed. "Why won't you just let me die?"

Realization slowly sank in on Clark's face. "What? Lana!"

"Clark, everyone thinks I have the perfect life! But I don't. I just don't want to live it anymore!"

Clark just stared at her with puppy eyes. She'd seen some mournful looks from Clark, but none ever this sad.

Lana didn't care. She wanted to die, and it didn't matter what anyone else wanted for her. She was too tired of people dictating how her life should be and thinking they knew her life.

"Lana, you can't ask me to let you go. It's not right."

"Right? Right is having to keep living this life!" Lana countered angrily. Then she sobered, drawing upon her best pity face. "If you truly loved me, you'd let me die."

Clark brought her the can of soda. Regular and full of sugar, because she didn't have to watch her figure anymore. Her suicide method would double as her last meal. Lana shook the powder packet into the soda, watching it fizzle.

"Lana, are you sure you really want to do this? You know what they say about this...."

"Clark! I thought you agreed that you know this is best for me!" All she wanted to do was rejoin her parents.

Clark looked devastated again, and before he could offer another protest, Lana gulped down the soda.

The deadly mixture of Pop Rocks and soda exploded in her stomach.

Moments later, Lana rose to the heavens. Everything was bright and pastel. Pink clouds tasted like cotton candy. As she completed her ascension, her parents waited with open arms.

She was reunited at last.

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