by Jett

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She walked like sex. The exaggerated spring in her hips met the gait, fifty percent runway, fifty percent breeding, one hundred percent guaranteed to attract attention and piss Lionel Luthor the hell off. After a million lectures, she still refused to simply enter a room. Instead, her pelvis announced every arrival as she exploded through doorways like a supernova, entourage perpetually in tow. The Versace number she picked for Atlantis (in a maneuver specifically designed to further curl Lionel's hair), flowed and clung (if just barely). Lex insisted on going here in spite of the Atlantis moment being over, in spite of the lack of VIP accommodations because she knew there were still plenty of pretty, pretty boys from whom to choose. Just one more thing to annoy her father. If she kept up her present pace, Lionel Luthor would be sporting a teeny afro before the summer was out.

Lex ordered a double Glenlivet from the bartender as Avril, Shoshondra, Ega and Nahrean did reconnaissance. She was perfectly capable of selecting her own conquests; however, additional eyes were not only welcome but encouraged. Perhaps not so oddly, tonight would be the first night in a very long time that Lex's conquest selected her. She found the intrusion unexpected and deliciously arousing.

She felt the heat of him as he stood behind her. Bored, she gave herself over to imagination as she pictured his cock filling the space as she bent over, offering up the fullness of her ass and whatever hole he'd care to accommodate. Equally conversant in historical references and pop culture (she lapsed into pop cultural metaphors with remarkable ease, particularly in Lionel's presence), she smiled internally at her inner porno Beavis. Alas, Lionel wasn't here, and, ever the Luthor, Lex sought a more "appropriate" historical analog even as the stranger leaned in, his breath sunshine hot behind her ear. Instantly, she felt the ghost warmth of his palm as he moved it along the back of her scalp without touching her. Being nearly bald had its advantages, and Lex embraced them accordingly, shivering imperceptibly.

Lex sipped her scotch, failing to acknowledge the stranger, her mind drifting back to the happenstance that left her with Lionel in the middle of a cornfield " that fateful day." Her mother had a sudden appointment, and not wanting to leave Lex alone, suggested Lionel take his daughter with him to Smallville. Lionel had protested vigorously, but, in the end, Lillian had prevailed. "It's an opportunity," she told Lionel, her voice golden. "Your daughter won't always be a child. Enjoy her while you can." Lex sniffed derisively at the memory. As though such a thing were even possible. So fixed on Lionel's deficits, she'd forgotten she was being watched. If she didn't play things correctly, she might very well go home alone.

Lex tilted her head and fingered the etched glass seductively as she raised her eyes. The blue shone brightly as the lighting inside Atlantis shifted, accentuating the small scar on her upper lip she'd gotten before the meteor strike. It was the only time Lionel had ever hit her. It hadn't been her fault, much like that tears that fell of their own accord when she returned to school, bald from the after effects of exposure to the burning hunks of interstellar debris. She'd begged for a wig; Lionel only offered one some seven years later when she was "marriageable." She'd taken a match to it in front of him and watched it burn. Of course, she now had hair, dark stubble that sprouted from her scalp like mutant Velcro refusing to indulge Lionel in the slightest by virtue of its unchanging (non)length. The hair - or lack thereof - was both ice-breaker and conversation decimator. The stares had grown less numerous as years passed and mores transformed. Today, she'd been proposed to no less than three times.

Looking up into the mirror, Lex noticed her most recent would-be suitor hadn't grown disinterested as a consequence of her inattention although he definitely looked the type. Catching a glimpse of Lex watching him watching her, he pushed closer, pressing his cock against a single ass cheek. He continued the introduction by reaching around, grasping Lex's scotch and upending it. The action compelled Lex to turn. The dark haired man popped his ample lips contentedly as she regarded him, calculating incalculables like height and weight and occupation. Lex felt obliged. The transgression would not be overlooked.

"Do you make it a habit to nick people's drinks?"



"Are you calling me a thief?" His words carried a tinge of menace. Staring through blue eyes gone icy, Lex was resolute. The man continued, his tone lighter. "I was thirsty."

"I know a little something about the unremitting tug of impulse, but perhaps you'd be wise to order a drink like a normal person."

A lesser man would have wilted. "So. Not. Me." A sardonic comeback. Lex made a mental note.

Lex noticed Nahrean from the corner of her eye. He'd stepped closer, pressing his barrel chest toward the man who'd appropriated Lex's drink. Lex placed a hand soothingly forward halting him before the situation escalated. Unfazed, the man rolled his eyes. Given Nahrean 's six-foot-five inch linebacker frame, Lex found the stranger's reaction vaguely amusing and thought for a moment about loosing her protector. Instead, she smiled, affording Ega the liberty of stepping closer. Ega seized the opening, rubbing her crotch against the dark haired man's thigh. Almost as tall, the leggy woman with shoulder length black hair and the man to whom she'd attached herself looked like siblings engaged in bizarre erotic play. Ega's diversified heritage - part Dutch, part Chinese - meant men generally came to her. This man? Apparently. So. Not. Interested. Lex ticked off a second a mental note.

Lex leaned back and shifted, forcing her ass deeper into the stranger's cock. He rewarded her boldness with further conversation. "Keep that up and I may consider buying you a drink," he said huskily. The man grinned, revealing a smile that was far too bright as he motioned discretely to the bartender.

"What can I get you, Kal?" the bartender said enthusiastically.

"Another Glen for my friend. And one for me too."

"You got it." Flashing a smile almost as brilliant as "Kal's," the curly haired man immediately proffered two glasses full of amber liquid. He leaned in, speaking softly into his customer's ear. "How long till this one disappears?" Kal smirked.

"Kal is it? What happens to the women?" queried Lex.

"Haven't a clue. Maybe my charm overwhelms them."

"Um, beautiful, immaculately arrayed and modest. What're the odds?" Kal seemed to have grown weary of Ega's clinging, so Lex signaled her companion to be elsewhere. The threatened full-on tantrum gave way to a distant relative as Ega huffed away. Ever the faithful watchdog, Nahrean lingered. Lex raised her glass. "To new friends."

"I'm not a people person."

Lex tossed back the scotch. "Neither am I." Kal smiled again and mimicked Lex's drink motion. The socialite moved her head in time with the music. Kal exhibited no grasp of the obvious. Strike one. Lex watched as he order two more Glenlivets. He raised his glass. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" she inquired.

Kal tossed back the whisky and watched as Lex followed suit. "Is it working?"

"No." Lex grinned deviously. She said nothing as she grabbed his hand and pulled the lanky stunner onto the dance floor. Kal stopped abruptly.

"I don't dance."

"Then how am I supposed to know?" Lex said, pressing herself close.


"If you're a dead fuck?"

Before she knew an action was in play, Kal grabbed her wrist and twisted, forcing Lex to step back. Nahrean appeared suddenly. Lex gestured, indicating she had the situation under control. "Take a chance," suggested Kal.

"Some things aren't worth the risk." Lex wrenched herself free and turned on her heels as Nahrean put his arm about her shoulder protectively. Standing behind him, Kal placed a massive hand on top of Nahrean 's. Lex remained focused on Ega who was standing beyond her, pouting. She spoke without facing Kal. "Does this mean you want to dance?"

"Not particularly." Kal eased in front of Lex, shifting his hands first to her hips, then to her ass. He pulled her close.

"Nahrean, why don't you and the others go on to Elaade?" Nahrean shot Kal a glare that was not subject to misinterpretation. Hurt her, he seemed to say, and I will snap you like a twig. Kal yawned, and Lex, seeking to avoid an unnecessary display of Alpha Maleness, smiled reassuringly. "Really. All is well. I anticipate Kal will conduct himself appropriately," she said as she pet her watcher. Reluctantly, Nahrean rounded up the entourage. Ega seemed particularly disappointed.

"No menage?" asked Kal sarcastically.

Lex leaned in. "Not today," she said, her words both threat and promise. If she had hair, she imagined Kal grabbing it roughly as he moved in. Instead, a hand that seemed to wrap around much of her skull pulled her toward him. His lips pressed heatedly against her own, stopping only after he'd drawn his tongue from the corner of her mouth, traveled her neck and settled into her ear. He found himself rewarded with a shudder.

"How'm I doing?" asked Kal, grinding his thickened cock into Lex.

"What scale are we using?" asked Lex flippantly. She thanked Lionel for molding her into a consummate and inveterate liar. The reality? Kal looked and acted like everything she'd ever wanted. Granted, he lacked true polish, but even diamonds began as coal. The olfactory and tactile aspects of the man began to overwhelm. Lex was wet and ready for something beyond dance floor frottage. Still, she thrust herself into him hoping share the torture. She reached for his hair and yanked him close for another kissing interlude before she parted abruptly. "Excuse me," said Lex, wiping the edges of her mouth. She sauntered into the bathroom. After checking her makeup, she promptly headed from the back of the club. The evening was still young. Perchance she could find a less dangerous prospect elsewhere.

Breezing through the alley, Lex halted suddenly as she found Kal standing in front of her. "Where're you going?"

Lex merely glowered. "It's been great fun, really, it has, but it's time for grown-ups to be with grown-ups." Lex pushed ahead only to find her exit blocked by a long arm.

"I'm being ditched?" Mock indignation lilted Kal's voice.

"In a word? Absolutely." Lex pivoted to move around the arm and found another in her way. Kal leaned in.

"Are you really sure you wanna do that?" Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but the beauty seemed more intimidating here than inside. Lex felt her heart race. Kal then smiled, revealing teeth that glistened so, they appeared fabricated. Certainly, she wasn't afraid - she rarely experienced terror since the meteor shower - yet, her heart pounded wildly. She realized all the elements were in place and suitably aligned. The dark Metropolis alley. A very large, alluring stranger pressing slowly into her. Despite her intentions, Lex discovered her traitorous body would not yield to the dictates of mind as her pelvis responded with zeal.

"Are you wet?" asked Kal.

"No." Lex was misstating the obvious. It was a self-preservation strategy, this refusal to cede dominion to a puppy in dog's clothing.

"Liar," said Kal, nipping her lip before kissing her. The kiss was forceful and spoke more directly to his talents. His lips wandered below her chin, feather touching her skin as he traced the contours of her throat before reaching the breast display afforded by the Versace. Kal reached out, cupping the breast in a warm hand and kneaded it delicately.

Smacking Kal's hand away, Lex adjusted her dress and shoved him into the opposite wall. He stepped forward, observing amusedly as she shifted to block his exit. "I knew you liked it rough," mentioned Kal, feigning casualness. Lex undid his belt, releasing both snap and zipper in a fluid motion. "Smack you around, and you're a happy debutante."

Wordlessly, Lex snatched Kal's pants from his hips, inspecting as the jeans bunched below his knees. He'd gone commando. His cock sprung free, betraying him with its stiffness. "So, how do you prefer it, Kal?" Lex fingered the erection, squeezing as her hand pumped rhythmically. Kal writhed. She took his obliging cock into her mouth, swallowing well beyond where she should have gagged. The motion silenced Kal whose retort misted away beneath insistent exhalations.

Lex sucked, her appreciation of rendering Kal silent evident. He arched, slamming his head into the brick, faint clouds of mortar floating around him. When it seemed he would come, Lex stopped. "Merde. Would you look at that?" Lex checked her wrist and her (nonexistent) watch. "I completely lost track of the time." She flicked manicured fingers as she sashayed into the night. "Ciao!"

Behind her, Kal pounded the wall with a fist. He moaned, frustrated, then smiled.

Lex chose not to join the other at Elaade. Instead, she returned to the penthouse, phoning en route to be sure Cook had what she needed ready and available. She stepped free of the Jimmy Choos, tossing the Versace absentmindedly overhead. She slipped into an antique lace edged silk chemise and clinked into the kitchen, the Marabou trimmed stiletto mules clicking across wood and marble as she changed venues. On the counter, Lex spied the individual portion of warm chocolate cake, this time shaped like a sunflower. Chocolate sauce had been warmed per instruction and decorated the plate with the excess placed in a teeny pitcher. She paused, admiring the elegantly balled white chocolate ice cream that completed the presentation. Cook had outdone herself.

Lex grabbed a spoon and headed into the living room. Some nights were for men, some for women, others, for drink and chocolate.

The door swung wide. A looming silhouette filled the frame. Lex reached for the silver Luger she kept hidden in the coffee table. "You might wanna look into locking this," the intruder admonished. He stepped into the room.

"Really? Living in Metropolis? What on earth could happen?" The door sealed, the auto-close mechanism bolting it shut behind the unforeseen arrival. Lex released the safety as her guest ventured beneath a light, revealing Kal. Lex flicked the safety back in place and removed her thumb from the trigger she'd cocked it out of habit. She replaced the gun as clandestinely as she'd retrieved it. "I hope you like chocolate," she said. She dipped a finger in the ice cream and swirled it on her tongue. She sat, crossing and uncrossing her legs. She too had gone commando.

Kal appeared deprived of vocabulary. Finally, he answered. "Not particularly," he remarked, eyes eventually meeting Lex's.


Lex dunked a finger into the chocolate sauce. "Perhaps I can change your mind." Inspecting her finger as she raised it, Lex focused as chocolate drizzled down the sides, spiraling around and into the crook. Extending her tongue, she flicked it between her fingers. Satisfied, she tongued the length of the index finger, swirling it in her mouth and moaning contentedly.

"I can leave if I'm interrupting."

Lex twirled a finger in the sauce and ice cream. "Come now. Surely you can think of something better to do than leave." In a span of time amounting to less than a flutter of her heart, Lex found Kal beside her, watching with stalker intensity. Kal diverted the finger she angled to her mouth, offering his own instead. She writhed as her finger met the fleshy center of his mouth, twitched as he sucked and licked the finger bare. Kal continued, taking a second finger into his mouth. His technique was celebrated via Lex's very un-Luthorlike squeak and a moan so throaty it seemed everywhere at once.

Kal used the spoon for more ice cream and a dollop of cake. He poured sauce onto the too-full surface, triggering leaks from the sides as he raised the utensil to his mouth. Cake on his tongue, sauce on his lips, he kissed Lex, circling warm and cold throughout her mouth as his tongue probed deeper. Lex withdrew, licking sauce away from maw and chin. "You've made a mess," she said blithely as she glimpsed the trail that lead from the table to Kal's shirt and her chemise. Kal examined his shirt and tugged, sending buttons scattering to the hardwood floor. Lex's face remained impassive as she took in the breadth of his chest, the bulging curves of his arms, the sculpted detail of his abdomen. The scar was curious - it seemed like a large brand, but who could've survived that sort of torture? And what was the significance of the symbol? Kal's hand rested on the shirt, primed. Ready for retreat? thought Lex. She said nothing and stood, disrobing.

The plate of cake and ice cream shattered on the floor as Kal lifted Lex, winding her past the coffee table. Somewhere along the way, his jeans vanished. Lex added this newest development to the list of accumulated oddities. She never felt his hands leave her, yet, here he was, as naked as could be. Gingerly, Kal placed her on the floor. His reached between her legs, drawing his fingers along her clit, enough to tease, increasing the pressure and rhythm enough to elicit clenched teeth noises from Lex. Methodically, he slipped a finger into the dark moist center, rubbing her clit with his thumb as he pumped in and out. "I wanna get you off... Watch your face when you come." Near exploding, Lex nodded.

Kal sat down on the Persian carpet; Lex positioned herself on his lap. She angled her body for optimal stimulation and rocked. Kal clutched her as the tempo sharpened, as rocking gave way to increasingly frenzied gyration. She guided his cock inside when she was ready. Each held tightly, staring deeply into each other's eyes in a peculiar dare, denying impending release until control was no longer possible. They came within seconds of each other.

It was Kal who howled.

The next session took place in the bedroom. Exhausted, Lex had fallen asleep twined in Kal's arms, silk swaddling them like two innocents. Unbelievably, Kal seemed up for more, but Lex needed to pace herself. She'd gotten a skosh rough, biting and clawing, and though Kal seemed immune to what should have left marks, Lex knew she'd be bruised from his contributions in the morning. Not to mention love was something for which she had neither time nor inclination. This queer duck with the mop of wavy hair, hands like giant paws and green eyes that seemed depthless could ruin one's life trajectory.

Kal stirred as Lex slept. He heard the sounds she did not and moved to cover her with his body. Placing a hand over her mouth, he quickly drew the covers over the two of them. Weapons' fire rang until several rounds had been discharged, forcing down into the air where it billowed like forsaken clouds. Kal whispered to a very awake and alert Lex to stay put as he climbed from the bed.

Lex took note of the sounds as she huddled beneath the comforter. Two very distinct thuds rattled the walls. Shortly thereafter, she heard the penthouse door swing open with a bang and slam shut. Lex waited and listened. Hearing nothing further, she eased out of the bed, grabbing a silk robe as she made her way back to the living room. She stopped at the coffee table and retrieved the handgun and a small flashlight, stepping on the opening mechanism as she crept toward the door. The door didn't budge. Lighting the area with the flashlight, Lex noticed the hinges were bent. She determined she could open the door manually. Alas, the hallway provided no clues beyond twin indentations in either wall. No sign of Kal or whoever had entered the penthouse.

Stepping back into the living room, Lex discarded the flashlight, opting for the overheads. Kal's pants and shirt were missing. She returned to the bedroom and stopped as metallic protrusions caught the soles of her feet. Flipping on the halogen lamp, Lex lifted her heel and discovered a misshapen cartridge. Even more strangely, the room was awash in a veritable sea of likewise misshapen ammunition. What had happened here? Was Kal responsible? The decimated shells captivated Lex. A notion too horrid to fully cogitate made her blood run cold. Suppose Lionel had...

No. Even in the very twisted world of the Luthors, Lionel would never commission a hit on his own daughter. No matter how strained their relationship, how outlandish her antics, how "dangerous" she was to his business, Lex was still blood. Still blood, spilled blood...

Lex turned her mind to more pleasant matters. Solving tonight's mystery would necessitate additional entanglements with the pretty package she'd come to know as Kal. Pursuing the matter spoke to pure logic: she needed answers, and with such a specific focus, she in fact minimized the potential for emotional involvement. Win, win.

Lex poured a Glenlivet and toasted the challenge and its intriguing possibilities.

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