by Roxy

Warm. It's warm, and sunlight is painting red stars under his closed eyelids. Heat, carried on a breeze that wafts over his skin, heat in the breath that flows over his nipple, and makes it pucker. Far away a dog barks slowly. Clark rolls his head lazily and laughs a bit as Lex nuzzles at his throat. Another bark farther away, then the sound of leaves briefly tossed in an arrant breeze. It lightly ruffles his hair; it's beginning to stick at his hairline as fine beads of sweat appear. It's quiet, so quiet that sounds normally ignored become magnified; a snatch of bird song so pure it's almost painful, the sound of a palm moving over skin, the small lapping sound made by his lovers tongue sliding over and into the corners and crevasses of Clark's skin. Clark lets out a long low sigh of pleasure. Lex blows a little puff of air against his collarbone, licks around it and down into his armpit. It startles a laugh out of him. " Dork, " he says and pleasure blooms in his gut at Lex's grin. Clark stretches and hums a little, feeling warm and loose. He runs his hands across Lex's shoulders, concentrating on the feel of his shoulder blades as they flex, the muscles tightening and loosening. Lex licks his way lower down and Clark shifts to accommodate him. Heat flows into his stomach and into his groin with a pleasant ache. He releases a groan, imagines it floating out the window, up to the sky, sailing away... The deep drone of a bumblebee makes him aware of how far he's drifted. It brushes close to his face and he lifts his hand to wave it away. He drops his hand back down, onto Lex's back and he caresses small circles onto his spine. Lex licks a little harder, lower till he's licking in the join of hip to thigh His tongue feels wet and warm, a bit rough as he licks harder, pressing down and dragging it across skin that begins to burn. Jagged bolts of heat fill him, makes him so hard and aching for a firmer touch. The only sound he hears is his breath, so harsh now, catching and stuttering. As the heat rises, his hands rise to cradle the smooth scalp, to smooth his hands over it, to absorb the heat. When Lex takes him in to his mouth and works his tongue around him, his mind takes flight, soars higher and higher, till wings come apart in a flare of the sun, he's falling, he's coming in Lex's mouth. He feels Lex hum in satisfaction as he swallows and strokes Clark's thighs. Clark holds his head in his hands, carefully, tenderly as though he were made of spun glass.

Hands. Clark's hands rub circles on his shoulders, smoothing down his spine, shifting to grip him closer, gently stroking him into his chest. Lex breathes on him, ghosting warm air across his nipples. He watches them harden, licks lightly around one then the other. He leans into Clark, and sniffles at his throat. Clark laughs quietly at that and squirms a bit. The soft sound is one Lex prizes. He loves when Clark laughs, when he smiles and his face lights up like the sun. It's burned a bright spot in his soul. He sniffs again, this time to scent his lover. He takes in a warm breath and smells... an ordinary scent; faint hint of cotton, a hint of sweat/salt, a fainter scent of new mown grass. An ordinary scent that becomes intoxicating because it's the scent of love, the scent of the beloved. He chases after the salt with his tongue, teasing into the creases of Clarks arm. Clark snorts and pushes him away, and in the same movement pulls him back. " Dork!" Lex grins and bites him, then nibbles his way down to his stomach, his lips open and he brushes them over the tight muscles there. He loves the feel of Clark's skin under his tongue, he loves the little moans he makes as his tongue and teeth explore his love's body. At the junction of his thigh is a pool of heat, the scent here is stronger and he presses his nose into the hair there. The contrast of soft smooth skin and rough hair excites Lex. He increases the pressure of his tongue, he brings his fingers into play, pressing and stroking on all the spots he's come to know that Clark loves. Lex lifts his head to look at him, and stops in awe. Clarks head is thrown back, lips parted slightly and he is gilded by the golden sunlight. Dust motes dancing in the warm air seem to make a halo around his beautiful boy's head. In the silence all that Lex can hear is the rasp of Clark's breath and he swears he can hear the sound of his heart, pounding in rhythm with his lover's. Then Clark's hand slides up the back of his neck. They're so big, those hands, and warm. He feels safe and shielded when Clark's hands are on him. They cup around his neck, the thumbs gently rubbing at the base of his skull. They slide up softly gently, spreading the heat, and the pressure increases so slowly. Lex relaxes into the warmth. He rubs his nose against the base of Clark's penis and laves long broad licks along the length. He licks it up into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the head, humming in satisfaction at Clark's reaction. He worships Clark with his mouth and his hands, all thought, all desire centered here on the body of his lover. He presses himself into the cotton sheets as heat washes over him in waves. His hands grip skin slick with sweat. He opens his eyes to see the sun catch the rivulets and turn them into diamonds. He can't keep them open when Clark makes a sound of hopeless surrender and comes. The hot rush in his mouth flings him after. He comes without a touch, holding onto Clark's thighs as if he were the only thing keeping him tethered to this planet. He feels so strangely fragile, feels a moment of free fall. But Clark's there, big hands cradling his skull, holding him, anchoring his soul. Keeping him there.

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