by Sherrie Johnson a.k.a. TrueBlue

Written to resemble an actual script from the show (1st season, my favorite)

by Sherrie Johnson



A music teacher, a French woman named MS. DECLAUDE, sits down at a shiny black baby grand piano in the middle of a very fine living room. Her student, ROBIN O'NEIL, is standing beside the piano bobbing her head to a rock and roll CD she is listening to on her headphones.

DeClaude is fussing with some music on the piano.


Robin`s mother, MRS. O'NEIL, enters the home. She is a business woman dressed in a professional suit and carrying a briefcase. She spots her daughter and the teacher in the living room.

Mrs. O'Neil steps into


and walks up to Robin. She kisses the girl's hair and takes off the headphones.

MRS. O'NEIL: I'll be in my office, honey.

Mrs. O'Neil leaves. Robin puts the headphones back on.

MS. DECLAUDE: Put those away now, Robin. It's time for your voice lesson.

Robin tucks the headphones away. Ms. DeClaude begins to play. They warm up with some scales.


Robin's DAD enters the house. He, too, is dressed quite well. He stops and looks at Robin and her teacher at the baby grand as Robin practices her scales.

MR. O'NEIL (mouthing the words): Your mother?

Robin points in the direction her mother went, she doesn't stop singing.

Her dad departs in that direction.


Robin and her teacher finish the scales. Ms. DeClaude starts to page through the sheets of music.

MS. DECLAUDE: Let's start with the piece from La Boehm I had you work on.

Robin nods.

The teacher gets her pages of music right and sets her fingers on the keys. She begins the aria. Robin comes in with a beautiful soprano.

Music fills the white living room. The carpeting is white. The walls are white. The furniture is white. Everything looks perfect.

MR. O'NEIL (Off Stage) (very angry): Where were you last night?

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): I was working late. I told you!

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): I called your office five times. You never answered!

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): I was with a client!

MR. O'NEIL (O.S): I'm suppose to believe that?!

Robin is listening to the argument instead of the piano. She has the look of dread, sadness and fear of a child who has heard these arguments from her parents many times.

The music teacher stops playing for a moment. She can hear the argument, too.

MS. DECLAUDE: Robin. The aria.

Robin redirects her attention to her teacher. Robin starts over and this time the teacher plays louder.

But the argument is getting louder, too.

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): How are we suppose to pay for everything if I don't work more?

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): Oh, I know where this is going! It's all my fault! The drop in the stock market. The tanking economy. All because of me!

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): You can't blame everything that has happened to our fiances on the economy!

Robin's attention starts to drift from the music again. Her teacher starts to play even louder.

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): You're right! It's time to talk about your spending!

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): My spending--

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): You are out of control! Still buying useless antiques!


Robin glances at her teacher with embarrassment, but keeps singing. The teacher is doing her best to ignore the argument.

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): That was an original!

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): Art work!


MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): I'm out of control? You're crazy!

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): If I were sane do you think I would still be here?!

Robin cringes as the argument starts to get even louder and nastier. She closes her eyes, concentrates hard on the aria and sings as loud as she can.

Beautiful objects line the living room. A fine bowl is mounted on a shelf in the corner of the room. A stone cherub in a frolicsome pose stands by the window. And on a pedestal near the piano sits an ornamental vase, at the center of which is a strange and bright green stone.




Jonathan and Martha Kent eye each other coldly across the kitchen table as they drink their morning coffees.

Clark comes bouncing into the room with his book-bag over his shoulder.

CLARK: Morning, Mom. Dad.

JONATHAN: Morning, Clark.

MARTHA: Hi, honey.

Clark sets his bag down next to the kitchen table and sits down at a large plate of waffles. He starts to eats.

JONATHAN: Are you going to be home right after school today?

CLARK: I'll be a little late. I promised to help out on a committee. Aren't you guys having any?

Clark points at his breakfast. Martha and Jonathan glance at each other.

Martha takes another sip of her coffee. Jonathan gets up and heads for the frying pan on the stove where some sausages are cooking.

MARTHA: We're just not hungry this morning.

JONATHAN: What sort of committee?

Clark starts to make short work of his tucker.

CLARK: Just a planning committee for a dance that's coming up.

JONATHAN: A dance? Gee, Clark, that doesn't sound like something you'd usually help organize.

CLARK: It's a fund raiser. The profits are going to the Children's Hospital in Metropolis.

Jonathan carries over a couple of sausages on a spatula and deposits them on Clark's plate.

JONATHAN: That's good of you, Clark.

Jonathan sits back down at the table to his coffee. Clark digs into the sausages.

JONATHAN: Still, there wouldn't be another reason why you're on this committee? A reason with the initials L. L.?

MARTHA: Lana promised him the first slow dance if he helped out.

CLARK: I'm doing this for charity.

JONATHAN: Charity.

CLARK: Did I hear you two arguing last night?

Jonathan and Martha glance at each other again.

Martha gets up to carry her coffee cup to the sink.

MARTHA: Your father and I were just having a discussion. That's all, Clark.

JONATHAN (to Clark): Do you need a ride home tonight?

CLARK: Chloe said she'd drive me home.

Martha glances out a window.

MARTHA: Here comes the bus.

Clark stands up, constructs a quick waffle and sausage sandwich and slings his book-bag over his shoulder. He runs for the front door.

CLARK: Bye! See ya' later.

Jonathan and Martha follow Clark and see him off


MARTHA: Bye, Clark. Love you.

JONATHAN: See you later, son.

Clark runs for the bus.

Martha and Jonathan glance at each other again. A detectable anger simmers between them. Then they turn away from each other and walk in opposite directions.


The classroom is empty except for the students sitting at six desks pulled together in a circle in the middle of the room. Seated at the desks are four cheerleader type girls, Lana and Clark.

Lana and Clark sit opposite each other in the circle. Clark seems a little out of place.

GIRL #1: I think the big question will be a D.J. or live band.

GIRL #2: A live band can be kind of expensive.

GIRL #3: Will we have enough room for a band? What kind of facility are we using?

LANA: My aunt has some pull at the country club. We should be able to rent a banquette hall there.

CLARK: Banquette hall? Why don't we just use the school gym?

GIRL #1: Sure, Clark. If you like the smell of sweat-socks and gym shoes.

GIRL #2: We want this to be a classy event.

CLARK: I'm just saying, if we have to pay for a hall and a live band that's less money we can give to the charity.

GIRL #3: Then we'll just charge more to get in.

The girl turns to Lana.

GIRL #3 (obsequiously): A hall at the country club is a great idea, Lana.

GIRL #2: Yeah, a great idea.

LANA (to Clark): A nicer event will draw more participants even if the price is a little higher.

Clark disagrees, but doesn't say anything else.

GIRL #4: We need a theme!

GIRL #1: Yes, a theme!

GIRL #2: What should the theme be, Lana?

GIRL #3: Yes, Lana? What will be the theme?

The girls all go quiet and stare at Lana intently, waiting for her to make her pronouncement. Clark waits, too.

LANA: Maybe an outer-space theme.

GIRLS: Oooo.

Clark chuckles.

CLARK: An outer-space theme? Like U.F.O.'s and little green men from Mars.

GIRL #1: What's the matter, Clark? Don't you like Lana's theme?

Clark shrugs.

GIRL #2: Are you calling Lana's idea lame, Clark?

Lana cringes.

CLARK: No, I--

GIRL #1: You know, Clark. We wanted people on this committee who were going to help, not criticize every idea that's brought up.

The girl turns back to Lana.

GIRL #1: Geez, Lana. You said he'd be a help. Now you owe him a slow dance for this! What were you thinking?

Lana eyes up Clark. Clark cringes down in his chair.


Robin is sitting on the floor of the school music room jamming to the tunes on her headset.

Ms. DeClaude is sitting at the piano.

MS. DECLAUDE: Come, Robin. The school is only letting us use this room for a half-hour.

Robin takes off the headphones and goes to stand by the piano.

ROBIN: Too many distractions at my house?

MS. DECLAUDE: Something like that.

On top of the piano is a pitcher of water and a half-full glass.

MS. DECLAUDE: Take a drink, Robin, to clear your throat.

Robin downs the water in the glass.

MS. DECLAUDE: Now, we'll do some scales and then work on the aria again. When you hit those high notes in the middle section make sure you give them a lot of support.

Robin sets the empty glass on the piano, stands up very straight and begins to sing a few high notes.

MS. DECLAUDE: No. It takes more breath than that. And a lot of strength. You'll know when you have provided the best possible support for a note.


The teacher stands and directs Robin to sit at the piano. Robin sits down and the teacher takes the pitcher off of the table and then picks up the empty glass.

MS. DECLAUDE: Like this.

DeClaude centers the glass on top of the piano. Robin looks in curiosity at the glass.

MS. DECLAUDE: A well supported note will cause objects with the same resonance to vibrate. Every object has it's own point of resonance. You just have to find it.

Robin starts to play some scales.

The music teacher eyes the glass on the piano and stands very tall. She takes a big breath and begins to sing the scales along with Robin's playing.

Robin brings the cords up. The teacher follows. She is building up for the high notes.

The cords get higher. The teacher starts to focus intently on glass. She hits a high note. The glass starts to vibrate ever so slightly. Robin notices and is awed.

Robin brings the cords up higher again. The teacher follows. Robin's eyes go wide as she watches the glass shake harder.

The cord goes up again.

Just before the teacher is to sing the highest note she takes a big breath. With supreme effort she belts out the top note.

The glass shatters. Robin jumps. Ms. DeClaude smiles in satisfaction.

Robin's jaw drops as she looks at the shattered glass all over the piano.

MS. DECLAUDE: It takes a lot of breath, Robin. A lot of breath.


Robin is in the garage practicing with a high-school rock and roll band. She sings lead vocals. The band is really jamming.


Robin's parents are screaming at each other at the tops of their voices over the din from the garage.


As an audience to the sounds of the band and the arguing are the bowl in the corner, the cherub by the window and the vase with the green stone.


Robin hits a high and well-supported note.


The vase begins vibrate and the green stone embedded in it begins to glow brightly.




Clark and Chloe are getting their books out of their lockers. Pete is there with his books, too. Clark looks a little sad.

CHLOE: Hey, chum. Why so glum?

CLARK: It's this darn planning committee for the dance on Thursday.

CHLOE: Not going well?

CLARK: No. Plus, I think maybe my parents are fighting.

CHLOE: Maybe they're fighting? You don't know for sure? Like, they don't practically shake the house down with their yelling like my parents use to do?

CLARK: No. Not my parents.

PETE: Don't worry, Clark. Married couples fight once in a while. They all do. What's wrong with the planning committee?

CLARK: If there's a dime left for the kids at the Children's Hospital in Metropolis it will be a miracle.

CHLOE: Ooo. This sounds like a great scoop for the Torch. The Charity Dance Leaves Nothing for Charity Scandal.

CLARK: I'm serious, Chloe. With all the money being spent on the decorations, music and the hall there isn't going to be any left over for the kids.

CHLOE: So speak up at the committee meetings and tell them that.

CLARK: I have. They don't listen to me. They only listen too--

At that moment Lana and the girls from the planning committee walk by. Lana glances at Clark. The rest of the girls glare at him. Chloe notices.

CLARK: --Lana.

CHLOE: Brrr! Did the temperature just drop in here? Feels frosty.

CLARK: Hey, Chloe, if you're not going to the dance with anybody maybe we could--

CHLOE: Sorry, Clark. Doug from Mr. Burton's biology class already asked me.

Chloe shuts her locker and leaves.

Pete eyes a pretty girl walking down the hallway.

PETE: And I've got plans for Ms. Brittany Savor of third period Western Civ.

Pete struts down the hall after the girl.

Clark slumps.


Robin steps up to the door of her mother's office. Her mother looks up from a pile of papers on her desk.

MRS. O'NEIL: Come in, Robin.

Robin steps inside. She is holding a piece of paper. She walks over to her mother.

Mrs. O'Neil is leaning heavily over the paperwork on her desk. She has a couple of checkbook ledgers in front of her and is busy tapping away at a calculator with the eraser end of a pencil. Mrs. O'Neil looks quite haggard.

ROBIN: It's from Ms. DeClaude.

MRS. O'NEIL: Put it there with the other bills.

Robin's mother points to a tall stack of bills. Robin puts the paper on top.

Robin watches as her mother makes notes in the ledger. Mrs. O'Neil sets the pencil down for a moment to rub her tired eyes.

ROBIN: Mom, I don't have to take lessons from Ms. DeClaude. I'm not really into opera anyway. I like more modern--

MRS. O'NEIL: Robin, you have a gift. A real gift. And Ms. DeClaude is the best. Do you know how in demand she is? Maybe voice instructors of her caliber can be found all over Metropolis but this is Smallville. If we loose her now it will be years before we'll get another spot in her program.

ROBIN: But if we can't afford--

MRS. O'NEIL: We can afford it. It's these damned mortgages you're father keeps taking out on the house we can't afford.

Robin's mother picks up one of the papers and starts to rattle it.

MRS. O'NEIL: A third mortgage. Does he want the Bank of Smallville to foreclose on our house? Because he's practically asking them to do it!

Robin's mother throws the bank statement down in frustration.

ROBIN: If there is anything I can do--

MRS. O'NEIL: There is nothing you can do, Robin. Now, why don't you just go and practice your voice lessons.

Mrs. O'Neil returns to her business of tapping away at the calculator with the pencil. Robin lowers her head and quietly slips out of the room.


Robin steps into the white living room and sits down at the baby grand. She begins to play the aria and then starts to sing it.

From somewhere off in the house there is the BANG of a door being slammed.

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): Who gave you permission to cancel my credit card?!

Robin closes her eyes and tries to concentrate on her music as her parents begin another one of their loud arguments.

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): It's in my name, too!

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): I was going to pay for a client's meal with this card!

Robin starts to sing and play louder in an attempt to drown out the sound of her parents' argument.

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): Do you have any idea what we were paying in interest on the balance of that card?!

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): I couldn't pay for dinner. The client paid the bill. I was humiliated!

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): Five hundred dollars a month. Five hundred!

Robin's singing starts to get even louder. The green stone decorating the vase starts to glow.

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): There's no way I'll make that sale now! You made a fool out of me!

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): Oh, don't blame me if you can't make a sale. You've been wining and dining clients for months without anything to show for it. I know the company has certainly noticed.

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): What have you been talking about with Jack?!

Robin takes a big breath and hits the high note as hard as she can. The vase starts to vibrate on its pedestal and the green stone shines very brightly. Robin holds the note.

MRS. O'NEIL (O.S.): Just that your job is on the line. How are we going to pay off these loans from Smallville Bank if you lose your job? We are going to lose the house and it will be all your fault!

MR. O'NEIL (O.S.): My fault!? If you didn't...

Robin continues to hold the high note and makes it even louder.

The green stone vase vibrates violently.



All of the windows blow out of the O'Neil house and a green light emanates from the interior of the entire building.


The six desks are pulled together in the classroom. Clark is there with the other committee members, including Lana. They are working from some notes.

LANA: Okay, we've got a local band lined up. Decorations we'll still have to purchase.

CLARK: How much will the hall cost? Did you get the estimate?

Lana pulls out a slip of paper and shows it to the group.

LANA: It came in a little higher than we anticipated.

The group looks at the paper. Clark grabs it and gawks.

CLARK: A little?!

One of the other girls looks at a piece of paper in the stack of notes.

GIRL #1: Look. We've been assigned our faculty advisor.

The girl next to her looks at the paper.

GIRL #2: Oh, no. Ms. Dearborn.

There is a collective groan among the girls.

GIRL #3: Ms. Dear-boring. That grouch.

GIRL #4: She'll make sure nobody has any fun.

Just then, an older, stern looking WOMAN enters the room. She eyes the group up.

LANA: Ms. Dearborn.


Chloe is waiting in the hallway for Clark. A camera is slung around her neck.

The door opens to the room where the committee was meeting and Clark and the rest of the committee members enter the hallway.

Chloe quickly steps over to Clark who is already at his nearby locker, opening it up.

CLARK: Thanks for giving me a ride again, Chloe.

CHLOE: No problem. Did the meeting go like last time?

CLARK: Do you mean an hour-long argument with me as a dissenting voice on just about every point?

At just that moment Lana steps out into the hallway. She takes a moment to lock eyes with Clark. Lana simmers. Then she walks away. Clark turns.


Clark stuffs his book-bag into his locker.

CHLOE: A dissenting voice is good. A through examination of the problem requires multiple viewpoints. Now come on, we've got to take some pictures.

CLARK: Pictures of what?

CHLOE: Strange Smallville occurrences. An event shattered windows on several houses in a one block area.

Clark shuts his locker.

CLARK: What caused it?

CHLOE: They say a sonic boom from a military jet is the most likely cause. But the army has not confirmed that. Come on.

Chloe and Clark depart.


Robin, wearing a pair of dark glasses, is standing on the street corner with a portable keyboard in front of her. The case for the keyboard is open in front of her and she is performing a pop song. People toss coins into the case as they walk by.

Robin nods her appreciation to the people as they make their donations. Then Robin turns her attention


A building with a large sign that reads, "BANK OF SMALLVILLE" is at the end of the street. People are busily going in and out of the bank. A WOMAN enters with a small boy.


The little boy immediately drops to the carpet with his toy car and runs it along near the feet of the SECURITY GUARD. His mother heads for the teller.


Robin straightens up. She finishes up a phrase of the song, and then takes a big breath for the high note. She directs the high note right toward the bank.

A child listening to the music nearby puts her hands over her ears.


The building starts to rumble. Concrete dust starts to fall. Customers are confused at first. On the floor the boy looks up for his mother. At the teller's window the woman starts to look around for her son.


Robin raises the note. She goes ultrasonic. City dogs in the area start to howl.


The building starts to rumble even harder. The people in the bank suddenly realize their peril and run screaming out of the building. The security guard is trying to direct everyone out. The mother is suddenly frantic as she tries to find her son in the melee. The boy is elsewhere in the lobby, amid the fleeing people, crying.


Chloe and Clark just happen to drive by. Chloe stops the car in the street in front of the bank and Clark jumps out of the car. Chloe follows in suit. The camera is still around her neck.

Clark cringes at the deafening ultrasonic scream in his ear. It doesn't seem to bother anybody else.

Chloe runs up beside Clark. The walls of the Smallville Bank start to crack. Chloe starts to snap some pictures. Clark gits his teeth in pain.


The woman spots her son. She makes a dash for him but is knocked down by some crashing debries. The security guard doesn't see her, but grabs the boy.


Clark looks around trying to find the source of the sound but can't fix on a location.

Down the street Robin continues the note.

Clark sticks his fingers in his ears.

CLARK: Don't you hear that?

The street is in chaos with people running all over.

CHLOE: What?

She is too busy taking pictures.

The security guard is the last one out of the building. He is carrying the boy. Clark runs up to him.

CLARK: Is everyone out?

The guard shrugs and hurries away with the boy.

Clark focuses on the building.


With his x-ray vision Clark sees into the bank and notices the woman collapsed underneath a beam.


Clark dashes into the building.

CHLOE: Clark!


Clark runs through the falling clumps of ceiling to the woman on the floor. She's bloodied up pretty bad and is pinned under the beam. Clark grabs the beam.


Chloe waits expectantly out in the street, peering through the dust to try to see Clark.

She grabs a police officer who runs by.

CHLOE: There's somebody in there!

The "BANK OF SMALLVILLE" sign comes crashing down.


Robin stops singing and watches as the bank teeters.


Chloe peers into the dust. Beside her the police officer is on his radio.


Clark uses super strength to move the beam out of the way. He picks up the woman in his arms and stands up. Something above catches his attention.

A large chunk of the ceiling caves in.


The building starts to fall down.

CHLOE: Clark!




Chloe waits expectantly outside of the building.

The bank starts to crumble.

At the last possible minute Clark emerges with the woman in his arms. Chloe starts taking pictures like crazy.

The bank completely collapses.

Chloe and a couple of cops run to Clark. The cops take the woman.

CHLOE: Clark! Are you okay? That was amazing! I got it all on film!

CLARK: Chloe--

Clark peers at the crowd, distracted as he looks for the source of the ultrasonic sound he had heard earlier.


Robin takes a last look of the pile of rubble that once was the bank, pushes her dark glasses up her nose, quickly packs her keyboard in its case, and leaves.


Clark, Chloe and Pete step into the busy coffee shop. At a back booth Clark spots LEX LUTHER in a meeting with another individual in a suit and tie. The table in front of Lex is covered in papers.

Clark, Chloe and Pete sit down at a booth.

CHLOE: The police are calling it a catastrophic building failure. Possibly an undetected fault line under the foundation. Earthquakes in Kansas? Please.

CLARK: They don't suspect a robbery?

CHLOE: No money was taken from the drawers, and the vault was left intact. And it's not like there was a big explosion or anything. You were there. You didn't hear anything.

Clark shrugs and orders three coffees for the group from the attendant waitress.

PETE: Clark, I wish I could have seen you save that lady's life. That must have been incredible!

CHLOE: It was! I've got it right here.

Chloe pulls some pictures out of her purse.

Clark takes the pictures from Chloe to look at them. Pete peers over his shoulder.

The first picture Clark looks at is himself, dust covered and rumpled, tearing out of the bank with the small, unconscious woman in his arms. Several more pictures of the scene follow in sequence.

PETE: Whoa!

Pete grabs the pictures of Clark and starts to look through them again.

CLARK: I told you, Chloe. Publish all the pictures of the bank you want but don't print any pictures of me.

CHLOE: Why not, Clark? You're a hero.

CLARK: Like I said, I don't want the attention the Torch--

CHLOE: The Torch, a school paper? Please. I'll take these to the Smallville Ledger. Heck, I'll take them to the Globe in Metropolis. Do you think they'd be interested? What do you think they'd pay me?

CLARK: Chloe--

LEX: Saving lives again, Clark?

Unnoticed, Lex has walked up behind the group. He takes the pictures from Pete and looks them over.

CHLOE: Hey, Lex. What are you doing here?

LEX: Just some interviews for my dad. She's right, Clark, you are a hero.

Clark takes the pictures away from Lex.

CLARK: That lady has a little kid. He doesn't need to have the sight of his mom all bloodied up like that immortalized on film. What if he sees it in the paper?

CHLOE: Fine, Clark. Fine. You don't want the love and adulation of Smallville, that's your decision. I won't print the pictures.

She takes the pictures away from Lex.

CHLOE: But I'm still mentioning it in my article.

The waitress delivers the coffee.

CHLOE: Maybe it will temper public opinion against you when the impending charity dance scandal is revealed.

LEX: Charity dance scandal?

Chloe blows on her coffee.

CHLOE: When there are no funds left for the charity that the dance is promoting. Clark is on the planning committee.

LEX: Clark, you're helping plan a dance? That doesn't seem like your thing. Would Lana be on this committee?

CHLOE: Bingo. But that didn't turn out like it was suppose to, did it Clark?

CLARK: It's for charity.

CHLOE: I think we've already established that the dance is not for charity. It only purports to be for charity.

Lex looks at Clark quizzically. Clark jams his fingers through his hair.

CLARK: Expenses have gotten a little out of hand. The rent for the space. The band--

LEX: Well, if rent is an issue, have it at my place.

Jaws drop around the table.

CHLOE: What?

CLARK: That's too generous. A hundred noisy high-school kids--

LEX: It's not generous at all. If I let you use my house for your dance I can write off the night as a charitable deduction. That's as good as cash in my tax bracket.

A beat.

CLARK: What can I say?

LEX: Say yes.

CLARK: I'll check with the committee but, yes.


A nice Cadilac pulls into the parking lot of a sleazy motel and parks. Robin's mother, dressed in her business suit, steps out of the car. Furtively, she glances around the parking lot, and then shuts her car door.


Robin peeks out from behind a tree. Despite the night Robin is wearing her dark glasses. She surreptitiously watches her mother walk through the parking lot and into the motel.

Robin watches the windows of the motel. A light snaps on behind one of them.

Robin sees her mother step up to the lit window from the inside. Mrs. O'Neil puts her hands on the curtains as if she is about to pull them shut. But then somebody steps up behind Mrs. O'Neil. A man. And he is not Robin's father.

Before Mrs. O'Neil can draw the curtains closed the man starts to kiss her neck. Mrs. O'Neil leans heavily into the stranger. She turns to him and they kiss hard on the mouth.

Robin watches in disgust.

As they kiss the man reaches up and pulls the curtains shut.

Robin steps out from behind the tree. She takes a big breath.

Robin sings an ultrasonic note.


Dogs start to howl and bury their heads under their paws in pain.


Robin continues her note.

The motel shakes.

People start to run screaming out of the building in various states of undress, wrapped up in sheets and towels and whatever they could find.

Most of the couples seem to have been at the motel for activity other than sleeping, and a lot of the couples who empty from the building seem to be older, wealthy men with younger, heavily made-up young women.

Robin's mother, missing her shoes and her business jacket and with her shirt pulled out of her waistband, comes running out of the building. Robin spies her. Right behind her mother, but still in the building, is the stranger.

Quickly Robin increases the volume of her note. A beam over the doorway collapses and the stranger falls under the crashing debris.

Robin's mother turns to see her lover disappear under the rubble and she becomes frantic. Somebody holds Mrs. O'Neil back as she tries to rush back into the building.


The Kents are having diner.

Clark pauses for a moment and cocks his ear.

JONATHAN: What's the matter, Clark? Do you hear something?

Clark shurgs.


And diner continues.


Robin stops singing. The seriously damaged building stops shaking.

Dogs all over the city are howling.

People in the parking lot are crying and shaken.

Robin's mother wails.

Robin slips away.


Chloe snaps pictures from behind the yellow police tape of the barely standing motel.

Clark steps up behind her.

CLARK: So are you covering the city beat for the Smallville Ledger now?

Chloe takes some more pictures.

CHLOE: Strange happenings in Smallville, Clark. You know I'm always on top of those.

A chunk of wall falls off of the hotel.

Firemen shout and back people further away from the building.

CLARK: Another earthquake?

CHLOE: Yeah, another one of those freak, completely localized earthquakes. Where no surrounding buildings are damaged. Just one.

Chloe moves to the other side of the parking lot to get another angle for her pictures.

CHLOE: Why aren't you at home, Clark.

CLARK: Things are a little tense there.

CHLOE: Parents still fighting?

CLARK: I guess. Chloe, do you think sound waves could have done this?

CHLOE: Sound waves? Like the sonic boom that knocked out the windows in town?

CLARK: No, not a sonic boom. More like a long, steady, high frequency... scream.

CHLOE: Vibrations can do a lot of damage. If the frequency matches the oscillation point of a structure entire buildings can be knocked down. That's why armies break stride when marching across a bridge. If their marching happens to be at the exact same frequency as the oscillation point for the bridge it could collapse. Do you think that's what is causing the buildings in Smallville to fall down?

CLARK: I don't know. But I sure hope they figure it out before it happens again.

Clark starts to walk away.

CHLOE: Where you going, Clark?

CLARK: I've got to go to the Luthor place and help set up for the dance tonight. See you there.

Clark departs. Chloe snaps a few more pictures of the motel.


Robin's parents are calmly sitting together at the kitchen table.

Robin steps into the room. She stops, surprised to see her parents together. Then she smiles at the sight of her parents quietly sitting next to each other.

MRS. O'NEIL: Robin. We're glad to see you.

MR. O'NEIL: We were just talking about you.

Robin's mother escorts Robin to the table. Robin sits down across from her dad and Robin's mother goes to sit down next to her husband.

MRS. O'NEIL: We love you very much, Robin.

MR. O'NEIL: And we just want you to know that, no matter what, that will never change. We will always be there for you.

ROBIN: What is this about?

MRS. O'NEIL: I've been offered a job in Metropolis with LuthorCorp. It will mean a big promotion and a very big raise. Our finances have been difficult lately but this should solve all of our problems.

A beat while Robin soaks it in.

ROBIN: Oh. Then we'll be moving to Metropolis.

MRS. O'NEIL: That's right.

ROBIN: Well, it'll be hard. Starting a new school. Dad will have to find a new job. But we can do--

MRS. O'NEIL: No, honey. Your father won't be coming with us.

MR. O'NEIL: I'll be staying here, to sell the house. And then I'll be moving on. Probably out to L.A. Maybe Atlanta. Not Metropolis.

Robin's mother and father look at each other. Then they look back at Robin.

MRS. O'NEIL: Your father and I are getting a divorce.

Robin is stunned.

MRS. O'NEIL: We've been considering it for a while, but it was this job offer from LuthorCorp that really settled it for us. When Lex Luthor called and said I got the job I knew that the marriage was over.

ROBIN: Lex Luthor?

MRS. O'NEIL: Yes. He's the one that interviewed me and recommended me to his father. When you see Lex tonight at the dance you should thank him for us.

But Robin doesn't hear anything her mother is saying now. She is much too mad.


A small crew of students is getting the hall ready for the dance. A large banner hangs over the stage that reads, "SMALLVILLE HIGH'S OUTER-SPACE DANCE for the METROPOLIS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL".

Clark is on an enormously high ladder with some decorations in his hands while Lana stands underneath watching him. She is holding more decorations. A couple of the committee girls walk over.

GIRL #1: He's finally being helpful.

GIRL #2: Guess he finally decided to do something to earn that dance Lana owes him.

CLARK: Lana doesn't owe me anything.

LANA (to the girls): Why don't you go help the band set up?

The girls leave.

LANA: I don't break my promises, Clark.

CLARK: I'm serious, Lana. You don't owe me anything.

Despite the height of the ladder Clark still has to stretch to tape the stars on strings to the very high ceiling.

Lex shows up at the bottom of the ladder by Lana.

LEX: Clark, did you sign that form releasing me from liability if you get hurt?

Clark, hands up over his head as he tapes a star to the ceiling, awkwardly looks down at Lex.


LEX: Good.

Lex walks away. Clark starts to lose his balance.

Just then Lana notices as a couple of committee girls and some of the band members lose control of a large speaker. It drops off the stage and hits the wood floor with a loud BANG.

Lana doesn't notice Clark hit the floor behind her at the exact same time.

LANA: Hey, watch it. Mr. Luthor is letting us use this space for free. We don't want to cause any damage.

Lana turns and is startled to see Clark standing behind her. She looks up the ladder in confusion. Clark holds out his hand.

CLARK: I came down for more stars.

Lana hands him some stars. Clark turns to the ladder. As he turns his back to Lana he wrinkles his face in pain and puts his hand on the sore spot on his back where he landed.

At the base of the ladder Clark takes a surreptitious kick at the floor to buff out the mark where he landed. He also takes a quick look around to see if anybody noticed his fall. No one did. Then Clark starts to climb back up the ladder.

Mrs. Dearborn walks up to Lana and looks at the stars on the ceiling.

MS. DEARBORN: They're nice.

LANA (smiling): They are.

MS. DEARBORN: But nobody will be able to see them.

LANA: They glow in the dark. People will see them once the lights are out.

MS. DEARBORN: Oh, no. The lights stay on.

LANA: What?!

MS. DEARBORN: A dance is not properly monitored if the chaperones can't see what's going on.

LANA: The lights on? That's ridiculous! You can't--

MS. DEARBORN: I'm the faculty advisor and this is an official school function. If I feel the school interests aren't being served I can declare the dance canceled at any time.

LANA: But--

MS. DEARBORN: Cancelled!

Ms. Dearborn looks fiercely at Lana and then walks away.

Clark climbs down the ladder and looks Lana. In frustration Lana shoves the rest of the stars she is holding to Clark and walks away.



The band is the same one that was in Robin's garage. The band members look around at the paltry crowd while they warm up their instruments and do sound checks. The lights are on bright and a lot of the attendees that are there are in goofy, homemade astronaut and alien costumes.


Jonathan and Martha Kent walk in.

MARTHA: You know, if you'd put your keys in the same place we wouldn't--

JONATHAN: I wasn't the last one with the keys--

Lex Luthor steps up to the couple.

LEX: Mr. and Mrs. Kent. I was happy to see you on the chaperone list.

JONATHAN: Clark asked us.

Lex takes their coats. Jonathan eyes up a kid in a particularly weird alien costume.

MARTHA: I thought we were late. When does the dance start?

LEX: Already has.

Lex walks off with the coats.

Martha and Jonathan look around at the thin and bummed out crowd.

Clark steps up to his parents. He is wearing a pair of goofy alien antenna on his head. Martha and Jonathan look at the antenna. Clark quickly pulls them off.

CLARK: Mom. Dad. This dance is a bomb.

MARTHA: Well, it's early yet.

JONATHAN: Maybe if you could turn these lights down.

CLARK: Our faculty advisor won't let us.

Clark points to Ms. Dearborn at the other end of the hall who is sternly watching over the few kids that are there.

JONATHAN: Let me talk to her.

Jonathan walks off in the direction of Ms. Dearborn.

MARTHA: How come the band isn't playing?

CLARK: Their lead singer hasn't shown up yet.

Clark turns away from his mom and jogs over to


where Lana is talking to the LEAD GUITARIST.

CLARK (to Lana): Is she coming?

LANA: They don't know where she is.

CLARK: We need music.

Lana turns to the lead guitarist who then turns to the other band members.

GUTIARIST: Looks like Robin isn't going to show. We'll have to play without her.

The band starts to play.


Robin, looking haggard and unkempt, walks up the driveway.

She stops for a moment to look at the brightly-lit mansion against the night sky. The building practically throbs with music from the band. Kids dressed in silly costumes continue to arrive at the home.

A look of anger comes over Robin's face and she starts walking toward the house again.




Jonathan and Martha Kent are on opposite sides of the dance floor. They glance at each other briefly but then look away.


Clark leans against the table while Chloe, dressed in an astronaut outfit, serves herself punch.

CHLOE: Did ya' get a date, Clark?

CLARK: I came stag.

Chloe glances over at Lana who is by her boyfriend, WHITNEY. Lana is wearing a pair of the alien antenna.

CHLOE: Looks like Lana's got her usual date. I saw your parents together.

CLARK: Yeah, they're both here. But they are still fighting. I don't like it, Chloe. They haven't really talked to each other in days. That's never happened before.

CHLOE: Days? That's nothing. I remember my parents not talking to each other for weeks. Of course, that was just before the divorce.

Clark slumps.


Lana walks over toward the entrance where a couple of the girls from the committee are standing.

One of the girls shows Lana the paltry funds in the money box.

LANA: Maybe Clark was right. This outer-space theme was stupid.

Lana brusquely pulls of her antenna.

A couple of kids walk past Lana on their way out.

LANA: Hey, wait. Where are you going?

STUDENT #1: Sorry, Lana. This dance is lame. Can we get our money back?

Just then, Robin walks in. Lana spots her.

LANA: Hey, you're the singer!

Robin nods.

LANA: You're late. Come on!

The kids who wanted their money back try to get Lana's attention but Lana takes Robin by the elbow and hurries her over to


Robin gets up on the stage and takes her place with the band. The band starts a new number and Robin begins to sing.

Lana backs off.

Robin looks over the crowd as she sings.

Mrs. Dearborn is sternly watching the small crowd. Jonathan and Martha Kent are busy giving each other the cold shoulder. Clark and Lana are on opposite ends of the hall and looking miserable. Lex is off in the back of the room nuzzling his date.

Robin focuses on Lex.


Lana spots Clark who is by the entrance giving people their money back.

Lana hurriedly marches over to him.


Clark waves good-bye to some kids as they leave.

LANA: Clark! What are you doing?

CLARK: They wanted their money back.

LANA: They paid to get in. They got in. They don't get their money back!

CLARK: Lana, you have to give them their money back if they don't want to stay.

LANA: You were the one who was so worried about not having any money left over for the charity--

Just then, Clark cringes as an ultrasonic shriek fills the room. He covers his ears with his hands and can barely stand.

LANA: Clark? Are you okay?

Clark doubles over in pain.


Lana hurries over to Martha and points Clark out to her.

Martha runs over to Clark.

Jonathan rushes over from the other side of the room.


MARTHA: Clark! What's wrong?

Clark can't even talk.

The mansion starts to rumble.

JONATHAN: Everybody out!

Jonathan starts chasing everybody out of the building. Lex runs up to him.

JONATHAN: Lex, get out!

LEX: It's my house, Mr. Kent. I've got to make sure everybody gets out!

Jonathan waves Lex to go get the kids out at the other side of the hall. Lex heads that way.

The building shakes harder.


The band members race for the exit.

Robin stays where she is singing her ultrasonic note.

The enormous chandelier in the center of the room falls from the ceiling and lands with a huge CRASH in the middle of the dance floor. The lights go out. People scream.

Martha gets Lana to the exit.

Chloe and Pete and their dates run outside.

A big chuck of the ceiling breaks lose.

Lex, behind the last group of students, gets hit by the falling ceiling.

Martha runs over to Clark who is debilitated on the floor.

MARTHA: Clark! We've got to get out!

CLARK: You go, Mom!

Clark gets up and pushes his mom toward the exit.

Jonathan is busy freeing Lex from the derbies. Jonathan gets Lex out and helps him to the exit.

Clark, with his mom near the exit now, turns to Robin who is still on the stage singing her note. With super speed he charges her.

Robin is on the ground with Clark on top of her. She shakes her head for a moment, unclear about what has just happened. She notices Clark on top of her and glares at him. She sings a note at him.

Clark is thrown off of Robin. He sails across the room and crashes into a far wall.

Robin stands up.

Martha turns just in time to see Jonathan charge Robin. Robin sings a note at him that sends Jonathan flying across the room as if he had just been hit by a Mac truck.

MARTHA: Jonathan!

Martha runs over to her husband and clutches at him desperately.

Robin runs out of the room and through a door that leads to the interior of the house.

Clark gives chase.


Robin finds herself in a large garage with lots of fancy cars. She runs over to a rack of car keys locked up behind a metal grate. She pulls on the grate. It doesn't budge. She directs a note at the lock. The lock busts open.

Clark storms into the room looking around for the source of the sound. He sees Robin.

Robin sees Clark. She takes a big breath and then directs a note at him. Clark dives behind a car and covers his ears.

The note blasts the windows out of all of the cars in the garage and causes many of the cars to be thrown several feet into the air.

One car near Clark gets flipped up sideways onto another. He spots something inside the car that gives him an idea.

Robin takes a big breath and starts to sing another note. The building starts to shake.

Clark reaches in through the busted window of the sideways car and with super strength he tears the seat belts out. With super speed Clark then wraps Robin up in the belts with her arms pinned to her sides.

With Robin fully wrapped up in the belts and still unclear about what has happened she spots Clark and glares at him again. She starts to take a big breath. Grabbing the belts that run through the seat belt buckles Clark pulls the belts tight around Robin.

As the belts tighten Robin is forced to expel her lung full of air. She gasps for breath and drops to her knees.

On the floor she glances up at Clark, struggles to breathe, and then closes her eyes and falls.

Jonathan rushes into the room with Martha right behind him.

They hurry over to Clark who is kneeling over Robin. They kneel down too.

JONATHAN: She's unconscious now. Loosen these belts so she can breathe.

Clark does.

The Kent family looks down at the unconscious girl.




All of the students are standing out on the spacious verandah in their outer space costumes. A couple of emergency lanterns are placed around to dimly light the area.

Martha is standing next to her husband and Clark and gives her son a kiss on the cheek. Jonathan pats him on the back. Clark walks off and Jonathan puts his arm around Martha.

Lex, holding an ice pack on the back of his head, walks up to Mr. and Mrs. Kent.

JONATHAN: How long do the kids have to stay?

LEX: The police want to talk to all of them. It could be hours before they let them leave.

Lex looks over at an extremely haggard Ms. Dearborn who is sitting down fanning herself as she talks to the note-taking police.

MARTHA: Good thing it's a nice night. Look at all of those stars.

Jonathan, Martha and Lex look up at the extremely starry sky.

JONATHAN (to Lex): How does the damage look inside?

Lex shrugs.

LEX: It's a very well built house. Some plaster came down but, except for the chandelier, it doesn't look too bad. I'll have a structural engineer check it out, though, before I let anybody inside. The vehicles in the garage are another story. Good thing I've got insurance.

Lex walks away.


The lead guitarist gets a small emergency generator going. The other band members smile and clap in appreciation. With their speakers and electric instruments working now, they start to play a song.

With a little encouragement from Pete and the band, Chloe gets up and takes the place of the lead singer. She starts to sing a slow, romantic song. The kids start to dance. The party actually seems to be coming together now.

Martha looks up at Jonathan. She puts both arms around him.

MARTHA: When that girl hit you with that...sound blast, I was sure you were--

JONATHAN: I'm fine.

MARTHA: I couldn't live without you. I love you so much, Jonathan.

JONATHAN: I love you too. Look, about that argument. I'm sorry I said--

MARTHA: I'm sorry--

JONATHAN: You were right--

MARTHA: You were right--

JONATHAN: It was my fault

MARTHA: It was both of our faults.

Jonathan and Martha look deeply into each other's eyes.

JONATHAN: I hate it when we fight.

MARTHA: I hate it too.

They kiss.

JONATHAN: Dance with me.

Martha smiles.


Clark smiles at the sight of his parents on the dance floor together.

Lana shows up and sits down next to Clark.

LANA: Looks like you and your dad saved Lex's house. Saved our lives.

CLARK: Yeah. Me and my dad...Mostly my dad. He's really...really strong.

LANA: Clark, you were right about using the money for charity. We should have been more careful about the financing.

CLARK: We'll make a profit anyway. LuthorCorp made a big donation. And you were right about the outer space theme. It's really cool.

Lana brightens.

LANA: Yeah?

Clark looks up at all of the stars above, and at the romantic lighting made by the emergency lanterns, and at all of the kids dancing slowly together on the verandah.

CLARK: Yeah.

Whitney steps up to the two.

WHITNEY: Let's dance, Lana.

He takes Lana's arm, but she shrugs him off.

LANA: Sorry, Whitney. I promised the first slow dance to Clark.

CLARK: Lana, you don't--

LANA: I want to.

Clark smiles, shrugs at Whitney, and gets up to dance with Lana.

Kids sway on the crowded verandah to the music. Martha dances with her head resting against Jonathan's chest. Clark and Lana dance shyly together. And the bright stars twinkle above.


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