Something to Say

by Lyra Sena

Entry for Slodwick's A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words: Double Print challenge.

Summary: Pete's got something to say.
Thanks: To Bex for squealing, Pru for being honest, and Nifra, for everything. Entry for Slodwick's A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Double Print challenge. Picture can be found here:

The first day of middle school wasn't really like I thought it'd be, but at least I didn't pee in my pants, or snort milk through my nose, or something. Not like I embarrassed myself or anything like Melinda, who came out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

I was just trying to be nice to her and tell her it was there. She turned red and blotchy and just glared at me like I was some kinda know-it-all and then she ran away. I still don't get why she got all mad at me.

Anyway, enough about girls. The first day of school kinda sucked. Sure, there were lots of new kids to meet, and stuff to learn, but it was a heck of a lot different than Ben told me it would be like.

He said that first day was gonna be fun. Maybe for Ben it was, but I bet that he wasn't the shortest kid in school, either. See, he doesn't get it.

Being short sucks. Like, way sucks.

Shoot, what does Ben know anyway? Ben's cool and stuff. Ben brings girls home and hangs out with them in his bedroom - he even closes the door when Mom isn't around. Ben plays basketball and is really really good (he scored the winning basket against Edge City in the playoffs last year, didja know that?) He has this really awesome jacket with 'Smallville High' stitched across the pocket and the coolest crow on the front.

Well, okay, so maybe the crow is kinda cheesy, but still. Ben has girls in his bedroom.

But anyway, yeah, so getting to change classes was cool. Sooo much cooler than elementary school. Being stuck in the same room all day isn't fun, especially last year with Ms. McNaire. She has this big 'ole beehive hair-do, and me and Clark sat in the back and played know where you take paper and fold it up all tight into a little triangle? Yeah, so me and him did that a lot, even when we were supposed to be doing spelling or whatever. Clark's good at football, too, even if sometimes he does thump it too hard.

This one time, he thumped it so hard that it went flying into Ms. McNaire's hair, and man. She starts freaking out and tugging at that hair of hers, and I start laughing and Clark starts laughing, and then Lana turned around (Little Miss Perfect), and boy I tell you, Clark shut up real fast.

But not me, I kept on laughing. What? It was funny! Later on I wasn't laughing so hard when me and Clark got notes to take home to our parents, but it was worth it to see McNaire-bees-in-her-hair all freaked out and stuff.

Hey man, but back to middle school. Here I thought it was gonna rock...just like Ben told me. Mom drove me to school, and she didn't even try to kiss me when I got out of the car and that was pretty cool. She knows better now, cause I'm all grown-up, right? I'm in middle school.

So after I get out of the car, I walk into school, and it's still exciting, but kinda scary too. I'm thinkin' it'd sure be nice to see Clark before the bell rings. We were gonna check to make sure we had some classes together, cause you know, it's way more fun with Clark around.

Homeroom, boring. First period, boring.

Second period, cool! Clark's in History with me, and we snag a couple of seats beside each other. Oohh, and dontcha think that's like, so cool? In middle school you get to choose your own seat.

Yep. None of this assigned, gotta-sit-where-I-tell-ya-to crap. (And man, Mom would be mad that I said 'crap', but I'm gettin' older and all, so I figure what the heck. See? I'm still stickin' with 'heck').

Then I had to go to that Social Studies nature class thing - oh man, nevermind, you were there. Y'know, Greg, you really like that class, yeah?

I could tell. Not me, man. But that's cool and liking bugs. Anyway, then it was lunch. Oh, and I don't know about you, but that changing classes thing? It's a lot harder than you'd think. Really, I'm serious.

I wasn't going to tell anybody, but I totally got lost on my way to lunch. Yeah, I know, I'm a big moron, cause duh, the lunchroom, all you gotta do is sniff a little, and you got it, right? But see, that thing where the hallways are all divided and the eighth graders get their own hallway, and the seventh graders get their own hallway, and the sixth graders get...well, you know what I'm talking about.

So here I am all lost and...crap, and all of the sudden I realize. I'm in the eighth grade hallway. Oh man, I was not happy about that. Okay, so I was totally freakin' out, cause all of the sudden, here come some...eighth graders. Eighth grade boys and eighth grade boys are big. And tall. And not nice.

So I'm thinkin', be cool man, just play it cool, cause you know. That's what Ben would do, right? Plus, I'm short, so I thought maybe they wouldn't see me.

Nuh-uh. No such luck. Not a chance in the world. They head straight for me with these big snarling grins on their faces like they were gonna eat me. I'm serious. I think they were wait, foaming at the mouth. I mean, geez, like they'd never seen a sixth grader before?

Anyway. Serious trouble here - like, my heart was pounding and all, and I was sweating. Oh! But here's the cool part about that, see. Mom bought me deodorant over the summer cause I hit puberty, and it's that kind that makes you not sweat so much, and was I thankin' Mom for that one. It was workin' overtime.

The only thing I'm still waiting for with this whole puberty thing is the 'growth spurt' everyone keeps talking about. What's worse is that every time Mom says it, she always pats me on the top of my head, and that sure can't be helping matters.

Oh man, I'm totally off track. So, the hallway.

Best thing I see to do is just back up next to those big blue lockers and hold my breath. I pressed up hard against them like I was a chameleon or something, and for a second - just this one second - I thought it might work.

But it didn't.

So since it's embarra...I mean, since it's way uncool, I'll just skip all the rest and tell ya that the inside of a locker? Isn't all that bad, y'know? Since I'm short and all, I kinda fit up in there really good. All I had to do was fold my knees up, and yeah. Fit right down in there.

But still, there's a few things about being stuck in a locker that really really suck.

  1. It smells like dirty socks. No, I'm serious. It totally smelled like when Ben comes home after a basketball game and kicks his shoes off across the room and then that know the one I'm talking just hits you in the face and you're all gagging. Yeah, that's what the inside of a locker smells like.
  2. It's...dark. Now, I'm not scared of the dark or anything. We just keep that nightlight in my room in case my little sister starts wandering around at night. I don't want her bumping into any of my stuff and knocking it over or anything. But, the inside of a locker is super dark. Those little cracks in the door? Totally pointing the wrong way. I think they were sucking the light out of there.
  3. Ummm, yeah. It smelled. Oh, and you know what?! My stomach started growling and I realized, oh man, I'm gonna miss lunch!

Well, I had been in that locker for hours, I just know it, when I heard someone calling my name. And not just someone. Clark.

See, Clark's my friend. He's my best friend. We should all hang out sometime, okay? He's really cool and funny and he has this awesome barn where we go and play Magic the Gathering.

So anyway, Clark's yellin' for me and I'm thinking it's about time, so I bang on the locker and yell out his name and then all of the sudden the locker door is just ripped off.

No, dude, seriously, ripped off.

You know, Clark's really tall. He's as tall as any of those eighth graders, and I bet he might even have to start shaving soon. Cool, huh?

But I gotta tell you. I was almost blinded when he tore that door off. You know how your pupils get all big and stuff when you're in the dark? All I can see is a bunch of light, and Clark. And he's got that door in his hands - in his hands, dude - he totally tore it off the hinges. All the way off.

He's awesome like that. I mean, if those guys'd seen him they would've crapped their pants. Not like Clark would hurt them or anything, but they don't know that, right? Everybody knows about that time he knocked that kid through a door. Yeah, it was back when we were in first grade but a fight's a fight, right?

Clark wanted to go tell the principal, but I figure I'll just stay off the eighth grade hallway from now on, y'know? Plus, Clark's got my back, and adults get all funny about that kinda stuff anyway. They want to meet and talk and I dunno. Seems like a waste of time to me.

But turns out, I didn't miss lunch, even though it was kinda dumb cause me and Clark sat there the whole time and Clark just kept staring at Lana.

The meatloaf wasn't too bad, though.

Nothing much exciting happened after that. Mom keeps bugging me to tell her all about my day, blah blah, but I figure there's some things that need to be kept private. Between us, right? Anyway, there were good parts, and yeah, some bad parts.

But the best part? It's finally over.

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