The result of sitting up at night wishing that it was in the middle of winter instead of summer. Yeah, I'm a winter kinda gal. ;) My first SV fic, please be gentle.


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Dec 2003


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First Snow

by Genie Chua


He always tried to keep his emotions in check; never showing the uncertainties he felt during board meetings, passion held firmly in control while in bed.


Emotion was weakness; a lesson learned from his father.


Sitting on the couch, surrounded by papers with his laptop in front of him, Lex's mind refused to make sense of the numbers and letter he was looking at.


A small motion outside caught his attention, he looked up.


First snow of winter.


Look, Alexander, it's snowing. Beautiful isn't it?


Lillian Luthor had died at first snow.


He stood up, discarded his laptop and wade his way through the sea of white paper that surrounded him. Opening the balcony doors, Lex stepped outside, thoughtless of the fact that he was in his slippers and only had a light sweater on.


Tilting his head up, he gazed upon the night sky. Arms spread, he let the snow fell on him.


Lex closed his eyes, not bothering to wipe away the drop of tear that escaped.


Emotion was strength; he was his mother's son.



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