Disclaimer: *sighs* is this ?Whatever you recognize belongs to Smallville's producers.Psychologist/Social Worker Daisy Weiserman belongs to me.If someone already has name with career- then it's, can't say coincidental (because I don't believe in coincidences) but call it as you like, never had intent taking someone else's character.

If you really do enjoy this, then I might change my mind.)

Assessment and Consequence

It would take just a few minutes time to get there; after all, it was the oncoming police and our wonderful Ms. Psychiatry coming to the `rescue' of an imbalanced young man, Lex Luthor.

She means well by following Lionel's instructions, after all, she is the one who understands Lex in his very vulnerable state, but she's still unaware of the basic fundamental issue in regards to Lex's presently fragile psyche, and that's why Clark will resolutely ignore any possible heeding of warning to any danger that he might put himself through.He couldn't allow her to drag Lex through unnecessary torture of any kind.

Yet again, Clark had chosen a blind eye instead of confronting the issue head on, resulting in today.It's worse now because Lex is consumed with drugs, and hallucinations had become betrayal.At this moment, he's conflicted with a disastrous decision on his hands. He has two choices and both alternatives are one big disaster in the making.Either he escapes without Lex- who will eventually get the help needed, but at a cost.He will be confined to an emotional prison, all because of a father who is a disgrace to humanity, or he'd give Lex a shot at life by running with him to a safe haven.

A few years before, his mom told him of a friend who hates Lionel Luthor with a passion unsurpassed by anyone.Not Jonathon, not the Ross', not even Lex.No one was consumed with the hatred of this friend of his mother's.This friend however, doesn't hold of sins of the father against the son, and what's better is, she doesn't take any bribes, stands up for what she believes in, gives any and all a chance to prove themselves.She is a licensed social worker, and majored in psychology.She will have to do.The only setback is that this friend, Daisy Weiserman, lives in New York. With renewed determination Clark made up his mind, he would risk himself so his beloved has a chance at a happy life once again.

Clark grabbed Lex and superspeeded off the estate.He had to get Lex as far away from Smallville as possible before, Lionel Luthor realizes that Belle Reve is minus an important patient.