Thin Line

by btrflismile

Disclaimer: So not mine!

Chloe couldn't escape. She had nowhere to run, not this time. Her back was to the wall and Clark held her there.

"Clark." She forced herself to look up and into his eyes even though the sheer panic inside her wanted nothing more then to keep her head down. Instinct compelled her to avoid his gaze at all costs, but she resisted.

She refused to break. Not this time.

So she steeled herself and faced him head on. "Clark, let me go!" She yanked her arm free from his grip, her pent up anger and bitterness aiding in her resolve to break free from his hold in every way possible.

Unparsed by her resistance, intoxicated with red rebellion Clark simply grinned and shifted his position. He leaned in toward Chloe and placed the hand that she'd angrily shaken away, above her head, flat against the wall.

"Aw, come on now Chloe..." Clark's eyes twinkled mischievously. Yielding a confident smirk he lifted his free hand and began to play with the choppy strands of hair that fell haphazardly to frame her face. "Now you and I both know the last thing you want me to do," he paused, his eyes dancing over her face as if fascinated by it. After a moment he found her eyes again. "Is let you go."

Chloe was trembling. Her body was quickly winning the battle with her mind and she realized, almost angrily that no matter what happened, this man would have her. No matter what she did to get rid of him, Clark was going to have a piece of her soul.

And that pissed her off.

"Damnit Clark!" She pushed him away with all the strength she could muster. Why did he have to make her love him?

Clark said nothing, he allowed her to push him away. As she started to walk away, he turned and watched her. Turned and waited.

She crossed to the door of the apartment and stopped. When she turned to face him again she had tears running down her cheeks. "I hate you," she told him weakly, her voice quivering.

Showing no emotion, Clark glided over to meet her. He studied her a minute, jaw set and flexing. Moving his face in just inches from hers, he smiled, a hint of the Clark he left behind, shining through.

"I know you do."

He pressed his mouth to hers, cupped her tiny neck in his hands and backed her against the door.

He pulled back, breathlessly resting his spinning head against her own. "God, you taste so good Chloe," he brushed a kiss to the corner of her mouth, kept her flush against him. "I want you Chloe...I always have."

This time it was Chloe who took the initiative. She fisted her hand in his hair and pulled his mouth down on hers.

They devoured one another in a hungry kiss that finally found freedom from the confines of Smallville.

The End.

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