Movie Night

by athena

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While Clark was getting more microwave popcorn, Pete downed another beer. Lana was spending the weekend in Metropolis with Nell and Dean. Mr. Sullivan was upstairs asleep. Chloe didn't want Pete to wake him with any drunken behavior. Her dad didn't mind having her friends over; that way he claimed he could keep an eye on his little girl. Not that he ever did. He only watched his bedroom television and slept. And only when they got too loud did he yell, "Quiet down. Some folks are trying to sleep."

Tonight Mr. Sullivan didn't have to yell that once. Chloe didn't want her dad seeing Pete toasted. "Don't you think you've had enough?" asked Chloe.

Pete put an arm around Chloe, his best girl. He was sick of being seen as the cute sidekick, the odd man out, the third wheel, tonight that was going to change. "The night is young."

"That's your third beer," said Chloe.

"Are you keeping count?" asked Pete. "My man, Clark, had two."

"That proves that Clark isn't a lush like some people." Chloe took his arm off her shoulders. However, he put his hand on her knee. This night was going down hill real fast.

"I am not a lush. You drank, too."

"I had one beer and Clark has more body mass that you. He could drink four and not feel it." Not that Clark would. Chloe never saw Clark drink very much. Clark would never drink more than two beers in an evening; most times he didn't even touch one.

"We can't all be built like Hercules. Chloe, good things come in small packages. The darker the berry the sweeter the juice."

"You're drunk." Chloe moved his hand off her knee and inched away from him on the couch.

"Chloe, I'm not drunk. I'm a little buzzed, definitely not drunk. I feel good that's all."

"Real good." Chloe sat back to watch the movie, Lord of the Rings. The hobbits were still in the Shire. Sam and Frodo just came upon Pip and Merry. The "They sell it in pints" scene was coming up. What she needed? More drunk hobbits. "Just watch the movie."

"Chloe, I need to tell you something." Pete moved in close to his main squeeze, again. Clark may have been his brother from another planet, but Pete was the man, besides Clark blew his chance with Chloe. Let a real man show him how it is done. "You and I go way back."

"Eighth grade," said Chloe, ignoring the alcohol on his breath.

"Well, there is something I've been meaning to tell you for awhile. You've been acting all Puppy Love for Clark, so I couldn't say anything. Now that is over I can speak my mind."

"Just say it." Chloe had seen the movie before but she was getting into it, besides where was Clark and the popcorn? He didn't go back to his farm to pick it himself.

"I love you," blurted Pete. "I've loved you since the day we've met. I won't do you wrong like Clark. Clark's a good guy, but he doesn't know a fine woman when he sees one."

"I'm a fine woman?"

"A very fine woman."

"Pete, you're drunk."

"That may be. However, that doesn't mean I don't speak the truth. You deserve the best and I am the best."

"Is that so?"

"I would never leave you standing alone. I would take you home and kiss you good night." Pete put his hands on her face then kissed her full on the lips.

"Wow," said Chloe.

"I would treat you good." Pete rested his head on her shoulder. "I would love you all night and never leave your side. I appreciate the company of a lady. I've listened to all those R and B songs my mother plays I know what a lady wants."

Chloe laughed. "I'm sure you do."

Clark finally came back with a large bowl of popcorn. "Sorry, I took so long. I couldn't figure out the microwave."

"Clark, it isn't rocket science,' said Chloe.

"I'm here now," said Clark. "What did you two talk about?"

"Nothing," said Chloe.

"Nothing," agreed Pete.

"Good, let's get back to the movie."

"Arwen and Aragorn are doing mushy stuff," said Pete. "But the Black Riders were cool."

"You would say that." Chloe faced away from Pete in mock distain.

After the movie was over, Clark went home. Chloe decided to let Pete sleep on her sofa. He was too out of it to move. Around two, Chloe woke up thirsty. She went downstairs to get some water and check on Pete. She never saw him drunk like that.

Pete woke when she entered the living room. "Hi, Chloe."

"Hi, Pete," said Chloe. She felt odd talking to Pete in a tee shirt and panties.

"Do you want to fuck?" asked Pete.

Chloe walked over to the sofa but didn't sit down. "You told me you knew how to treat a lady."

"You give a lady what she wants," said Pete. "What do you want?"

Chloe sat down with Pete. "A kiss would be nice."

Pete sat up. As he wrapped his arms around Chloe and opened his mouth for a kiss, he was definitely less drunken hobbit-like. The popcorn lessened the taste of beer to his tongue. The salt and butter covered the liquor store taste. His arms felt good around her. Soft and muscular, Clark's arms were too hard. Pete's flesh gave like her daddy's. Pete's hugs were sweet and alluring.

She released his kiss to breath. After gasping for air, she kissed his neck. Pete put his arms around her backside. She began to nibble on his neck. When she tried to nibble on Clark, his skin was like some new-age polymer. She couldn't dig her teeth in to make a mark. Pete was going to have a hickey. Tag-along Pete was going to have love bites on his neck and other places.

Pete put his hands under her oversized tee shirt. Chloe pulled it off. "Better?" she asked.

Pete put his hands under her perky breasts. He licked and kissed one as he held onto to it. He then kissed then sucked on the other. His tongue went down to her flat stomach. She was so sexy lying on the sofa with only her black lace panties on. Pete continued to lick her as his hands pulled her panties off her bottom.

Chloe put her hands over his hands. "Wait." She took her panties off the rest of the way. Then she kissed him. "You take off your pants."

Pete removed his BVD's, hand-me-downs from an older brother (Chloe didn't need to know that.) then got back to kissing Chloe's belly button. What she needed was a ring for her navel. Her belly button was perfect for one. He always thought she had one. He curled his tongue to get deeper into her belly button as he continued to suck it. That was so erotic. It was if his tongue was fucking her navel.

"More," cried Chloe, wrapping one arm around him and the other on the back of the sofa to keep them from falling off, although she would mind if they continued they lovemaking on the carpet. The blanket Clark had put over Pete earlier that evening would now come in handy to prevent rug burns. "Pete, put the blanket on the carpet. The sofa is getting uncomfortable."

After Pete stopped kissing, he bowed. "As you wish."

Although Pete was not Wesley from Princess Bride, Chloe laughed. He would look good in all black.

Pete put the blanket on the carpet. "Where were we?"

Chloe put her arms around his neck then pinned him to the blanket. She kissed his neck, again. "I'm going to give you so many hickeys that everyone will know you are mine." Chloe nibbled on his neck again. This didn't feel like sex. It was just she and Pete messing around. She wondered if she should tell Pete that she was a virgin. She acted all grown-up. Pete had said you give a lady what she wants that meant she was in charge of the show, but would Pete and his hormones remember?

After she added another love bit to Pete's neck, Pete returned to kissing her belly then he went lower. His tongue was tantalizingly close to her pubic hair. It reached toward her private areas but didn't go past the border. His tongue was teasing her, making her beg for more.

She cried, "More."

He placed his arms around her waist as he nibbled on her thigh. He nipped a bit before kissing the other thigh. Then his tongue moved for her wetness as lips sucked on her pussy. Chloe moaned as he continued to suck on her. He stopped sucking to curl his tongue into her hole like he had her belly button. Chloe started to laugh. Oral sex shouldn't be funny, but his tongue tickled.

"You're ruining the mood."

She continued to laugh. "I'm sorry."

Pete got up from between her legs. "Laugh at the funny boy." He started to get dressed.

"I never had someone eat me out before," said Chloe. "I can't help it if I'm ticklish."

Pete continued dressing. He pulled up his pants, fastened his jeans and put on his shoes. He then walked to the door and left. Everything was going so well, now Pete left because she laughed. She hoped he wasn't foolish enough to drive. She thought about chasing after him, but by the time she got her clothing on, he would be long gone. After putting her tee shirt and panties on, she went back to bed.

The next morning Pete called. "I'm sorry about last night."

"I'm not," said Chloe.

"I meant what I said about loving you and you deserving better than Clark," Pete said in a sober voice. "If I didn't totally humiliate myself, I would like to go on a date?"

"A date date?"

"No Spring Fling," said Pete. "Just two friends going to a movie."

"Two friends with potential"

Pete said with enthusiasm. "With potential. I can manage that."


Pete laughed. "I didn't do anything too embarrassing. I don't remember everything I did last night."

"Nothing too embarrassing," repeated Chloe. You just ran out on me during sex.

"I'll see you at 7:30."

"It's a date." Chloe hung up the phone. She had just agreed to date Pete. The whole world went crazy. Next thing Pete will be telling her that Clark Kent was from another planet.

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