Unexpected Crush

by Sinisterf

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Summary: Chloe doesn't fall in love easily, but she can't resist The Sexy!

Acknowledgements: A big huge thank you to my beta reader lolitaluthor for being patient, extra super helpful, and for suggesting the title. Also thank you xandyrd for being the best friend ever!

Chloe could remember each boy she had ever had a crush on. She wasn't the kind of girl to fall very easily. Therefore the number was actually quite small compared to other teenagers her age.

Van Gibson from her fourth grade class had been her first crush. He had been cute, personable, and had the coolest name. He liked to talk almost as much as she did, and one day had stayed hours with her after they had been dismissed, to discuss the merits of the school's slide as a `as a useful addition to the playground' as opposed to the `boring' handlebars.

After that, they had been instant friends. She'd always had a forceful personality and as such had never really met another kid her age that could hold their own against her. So when Van easily jumped into their conversation and made one hell of an argument in favor of the slippery ride and its fun benefits, she knew they would be great friends.

She had not been shocked when halfway through the school year he had finally kissed her. She could remember the scene perfectly. Hanging from the handlebars, she'd watched him avidly as he leaned forward to shyly touch his lips to hers. It had been perfect as far as firsts go, and she still thought on the experience fondly.

Clark was her second crush. He was the first person she had met after moving to Smallville, and she had liked him immediately. Not in a romantic way at first, but as a friend.

To her Metropolis-formed sensibilities, Clark seemed the epitome of a small town boy. All smiles and innocence, and so polite that it almost hurt to watch him.

After a while, her image of him began to change. He was still the same Clark she had first met, but instead of seeing him as her dorky farm boy friend, she somehow began to see him as charming, sweet and sometimes painfully sexy. She couldn't map the whole progression from friend to love interest, but there was no doubt that the shift had taken place.

She had thought Clark was exactly what she had always wanted. She tried so hard to capture his attention, let him know that she was the one that who cared for him. She had wanted it to work so badly, more than anything she could remember, but Clark had his own crush, and his own secrets, and that made the possibility of `them' an impossibility.

Justin was her third crush. He had come into her life suddenly and yet made such an impact. She hadn't loved him, but felt certain that in time she would have. It had hurt to discover what he was hiding from her, and what he was willing to do for his revenge.

That he was willing to use her for his own ends had haunted her. How could she not have seen it? How could she not have realized what Justin was really after? It was worse than disappointing. Yet somehow it still had not compared to the disappointment of Clark, and that was really the crux of it.

Because though she cared for Justin, it was nothing compared to what she had felt for Clark, and she had a feeling that Justin knew that. She couldn't let Clark go, though she knew she should. Chloe knew then that she would have to learn to give him up, and in time she did, though it had been more than hard.

She had not expected to feel that way anytime soon or even ever again.

That was why he was such a surprise. She'd always noticed him, how could she not? Lex Luthor: the older sophisticated man, sexy in a slightly dangerous way. He was so interesting and just the kind of eye candy to attract any teenager, girl or boy.

His eyes were a deep grey color, like a tornado, and they held almost as much force. She could remember looking into them the first time, and feeling a moment of panic, a thrill of subtle danger. Being near him was like riding a rollercoaster at a fair, probably safe but she wouldn't count on it.

They barely spoke in all the years they had known each other, their lives pulling them in separate directions, always apart. Yet they were disturbingly similar. He had a sarcastic view on life that Chloe couldn't help but appreciate. She enjoyed his dry humor, as it mirrored her own, and she had discovered that, as much fun as it was to jokingly mock her less worldly neighbors and friends, it was even more fun when he was there to join in.

So it was in her senior year that they found themselves stranded at graduation --Clark holding onto Lana as they smiled for pictures --Chloe and Lex, abandoned by their friends. It was what she would now cheekily call a `bonding' moment.

Lex had arrived with Clark to watch him take home a diploma, but he had left with Chloe.

Their first kiss had been electric and almost shocking. He had poured her a stiff drink in his office and watched intently as she downed it in a few gulps. His eyes tracking her pink tongue as she licked the last traces of liquor from her lips.

Stalking towards her with his usual confident gate, he'd backed her up until she felt the smooth line of his glass desk on the back of her thighs. She had shivered, right before his lips made contact.

Lex had not been shy in the least, and had certainly known what he was doing. His tongue teased her lips open before he caressed the inside of her mouth as if he wanted--no, needed--to taste every inch. No one had ever kissed her like that before. For the time that they were connected, it almost felt like she was the center of his universe.

Her knees had gone weak, her hands white knuckled as they tightly gripped the desk, and yet he didn't stop, not that she wanted him to.

She couldn't help but moan at the first light caress on her breast, and she arched into him as he reached his arm around under sweater to undo her bra.

It was so perfect, his attention. She could feel the first tingle between her legs as he nuzzled her breast and lifted the sweater over her head. He seemed to know exactly what would make her moan, when he had hiked her skirt up and ran his fingers lightly down the front of her panties.

They hadn't needed words, so neither spoke as he pulled her garments down to pool at her ankles, and when he kneeled before her, each sensation became so much more to her in her heightened state. Even the cold air over her seemed to touch her deeply, caressing her center, opening her, making her wet.

She remembered moaning as his strong hands reached out to pull her legs apart, before he'd confidently leaned in to offer her their first truly intimate kiss. His mouth may have been talented when he had first kissed her, but it did not compare to what he was really capable of.

With out mercy he'd used his index finger to rub her clit, alternating gentle touches with harder ones at her cries of approval. And when she was begging, he pushed his tongue into her, moving it slowly, her cries long and low, a vocalization of his skill. Her whole body flushed and shivered in reaction. He had touched her in only one place, yet it was like his hands were everywhere at once.

Finally he had lifted her onto his desk for better access. His hands skimming her bared breast and his mouth clamping down on a pink nipple, before he kneeled before her again, his tongue moving deeper this time, somehow managing to make her feel in control and yet claimed. His fingers continued their unorganized rhythm, his own hips thrusting against the desk in an attempt to seek a release to the pressure.

"Lex! God...yes!" She'd come with his name on her lips, and with one final thrust and a low grunt, he came with hers on his.

When she sat up to look at him, and he so casually smirked at her, making sure to lick his lips, she had known then that he was the one. That all her other crushes had been building up to this moment. To him

"Chloe Sullivan and Lex Luthor. Who would have ever thought?" Was her offhand comment, as she panted trying to catch her breath, looking down at him.

"I don't know..." Lex smiled, "Chloe Sullivan and Lex Luthor." Saying it as if testing the feel of it, "I kind of like the sound of that."

And so had she.

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