The Complete Package

by HumbugGirl

Title: The Complete Package
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: Pairing: Pete/Lana, a little Chloe/Pete Rating: PG
Summary: Lana's POV. Pete's got it all really. Spoilers: Mention of `Nicodemus'
Disclaimer: So not mine in any way, shape or form. Feedback: Sure. Whatever you want to throw my way.

Working in Talon was something of a bittersweet situation, especially so in summer. When everyone else was outside enjoying the sun and the warm weather, when they were taking advantage of the freedom that being out of school gave them, Lana was still stuck inside working; normally because one of the over waitresses had decided to take an impromptu day off. It wouldn't have been so bad if what the weather's influence wasn't taken into consideration. As well as making people impatient while they waited for their orders it also tended to take them away from the coffee shop entirely. Even diehard caffeine addicts like Chloe rarely approached the shop on sweltering days like this and that was where the bitter part of the equation came in. Lana might love working in the shop but she preferred being around her friends and the hot weather outside had driven them all away.

Well, all of them par one that was.

"You might as well close the place," Pete said strolling up to the counter. He slide easily onto one of the stool and flashed a broad grin at her. "It's not like there are that many people wanting coffee."

"We don't just sell coffee," Lana pointed out. "There are other things too. Anyway, what are you doing in here; I remember a certain someone saying they didn't even like coffee."

"I never said that!" he exclaimed. "Just that, you know, I prefer a soft drink or something most of the time."

The brunette rolled her eyes at him. Teasingly she said, "Please, I know you only ever come in here when you know Chloe will be here getting her caffeine fix."

Pete lowered his eyes unconsciously, keeping them steady on the counter top before him as he shrugged his shoulders. "Not true," he said. "There are plenty of reasons to come in here."

"Like what?" Lana asked, half trying to suppress a smile at his previous quick denial. It was no secret that Pete liked Chloe, even Chloe knew about it although Pete didn't know that Chloe knew. Their blonde reporter friend had chosen rather too easily to forget about the fact, to push it to the back of her mind though, and Lana had been left feeling somewhat sorry for Pete because he didn't know that Chloe had passed him over for certain in favour of their mutual best friend.

Privately Lana had always thought that Chloe was a little silly for passing Pete over quite so easily. He wasn't Clark, not by a long way. He might not be always on hand to save you when your life was in peril like the tall farm boy did but he was a good guy. There was something distinctly sweet and more than a little loyal about Pete though that more than made up his lack of Clark's almost superhero-like qualities and in the end Lana thought that counted for more. Pete, it seemed, was always there for people and that meant a hell of a lot in Lana's books.

With a cheeky, very Pete-like glint in his eyes the young man said hopefully, "Like the blueberry pie and ice-cream that you're going to give me for free."

Besides, he was cute; definitely cute. When he smiled then his entire face lit up and the sight of the expression always left Lana wanting to smile as well. He had the most gorgeous eyes, impossibly deep and hiding what promised to be an intelligent mind if he ever settled down long enough to study some and get his grades together, something that suffered not because of a lack of understanding of the subjects he took but because Pete really wasn't as interested in academia as he was in getting the girl and making whichever team it was he was trying out for at that point in time. That though only expressed another side of him which was appealing, should have been appealing to Chloe; Pete's energy. Lana had honestly never met anyone like him. It was like Pete had extra batteries hidden somewhere or something that you couldn't actually see but which were powering him to be the energetic young man that he was. It was eye catching and Lana wasn't afraid to admit that.

"Is that meant to be a hint?" Lana asked raising her eyebrows and feigning innocence.

"It could be."

She laughed and turned her back for a moment to prepare the order, taking the pie from the refrigerator and putting it on the top before her. Taking one of the large knifes Lana laid it on the top of the pastry for a moment before moving it around and cutting him a larger piece.

"You know I'm so over that now right?" he asked abruptly.

Without turning around Lana said, "What?" as she dug around in the small freezer behind the counter for a moment before coming up with a promising looking tub of ice-cream and set about scooping some out to put on top of the waiting pie.

"The whole... Chloe thing."

Pausing, feeling a line of tension run through her shoulders the brunette. Picking up the order she turned around and said, "Oh. I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay. I just wanted to make sure that it was clear between us; that there were no misunderstandings."

She placed the order down on the counter top before him. "Okay. That's... great. Is something the matter?" she asked when she realised that Pete was staring down at the pie in its little Styrofoam box.

"Nothing," Pete said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "It's just I was going to eat in." Looking up at her he said, "I wanted to keep you company."

Lana bit her lip for a moment and then smiled. See? He was always there when you needed him to be. Chloe didn't know what she was missing out on.


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