by HumbugGirl

Challenge details: Write about a romantic/sexual relationship between Chloe and Lionel, as seen from another character's perspective.

Title: Perspectives
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: Pairing: Chloe/Lionel, hints Chloe/Lex
Rating: NC17
Summary: Answer to challenge #004 at On Your Word. Lex's POV. Spoilers: `Exodus', other than that I've chosen to ignore the majority of the spoilers that have been given about season three as yet and just assume that Lex has made it back into a similar position as he had been before the events of `Exodus' and probably without Helen although her existence doesn't affect one way or the other the course of this story. Disclaimer: In no way whatsoever are any of the characters of Smallville mine. Author's Notes: My beta's reply on reading this was... `err Carm? Some people might think this is a little sick.' The scary part is that I agree with her. Secondly, this is short and I have no plans to write a sequel, quite simply because I don't think it would work. Challenge details: Write about a romantic/sexual relationship between Chloe and Lionel, as seen from another character's perspective. Feedback: ...would be loved.

Images flicker between startling perfection and grainy blurs on the large television screen. They fill the room with contrasting glimpses of light and dark, the symbolism of which is not lost on Lex as he watches the tape yet again. In a form of morbid fascination he has taken to spending at least an hour watching it every night before bed with the volume turned right down - he can't quite stand to view it and listen to the accompanying groans, grunts and whimpers just yet - and then rewinding it once its finished to watch it again and again and again until he suspects his eyeballs are bleeding from what he had forced himself to watch. Some part of him wishes that they would do just that because then at least he would be able to make himself stop watching the damn thing.

One lesson his mother taught him before she died was to be careful what you sow n life because you may not like what you have to reap as a result. As he watched Chloe Sullivan arch her small body, her head falling back in satisfaction - if the sound were turned up Lex knows he would hear a guttural, animalistic sound erupt from her lips - he can't help wishing he had paid more attention to the lesson. The fact is of course that if he had never hired the private investigator to follow Chloe (he knows far too much about her now to call her `Miss Sullivan' any longer) then he would never have given permission for surveillance equipment to be hidden in his father's Metropolis apartment after seeing intriguing photos of Chloe coming and going from the place and as a consequence he would not be looking at a video tape of his own father fucking the delectable looking teenager whole-heartedly. In the video he looks to have the vigour of a man half his age and Lex can't help but wonder whether it's Chloe's youthful touch causing it or if the man has somehow managed to find some sort of revival treatment from all the experiments he's been conducting in secret. The idea was almost intriguing but at the same time Lex didn't want to linger on it for long.

Watching the tape had become some sort of a punishment for snooping and furthermore a sick sort of lesson about himself that Lex didn't even want to think about.

The first few times he watched it he had been sick to his stomach; nausea had rolled over him and taken hold as he had seen Lionel lay back on the plush bed which was going to haunt Lex's thoughts for weeks to come while Chloe had straddled the man and begun to strip, refusing audience participation for the process and occasionally playing with herself a little for show. The sight of Chloe resting seemingly adoring, slightly hazy eyes on his father, her fingers firmly pulsing between her legs, had made bile rise in his throat even as Lex had realised just how arousing the blonde girl's actions could be himself. Breasts bared to the air and jiggling, the Chloe on the screen would ride her own fingers until she found what seemed to be a reluctant orgasm and inevitably by the end of her little performance Lex would find his hand had crept inside his pants - the very opposite of the cool, calm and collected Luthor image which he had always been taught to maintain - so that before long he would find himself reaching for a wad of conveniently placed tissues and hating himself for doing so.

The smug, self-satisfied expression on Lionel's face, the old man beaming with purely masculine pride, as he watched his young mistress slump forwards while panting was a harsh jerk back to reality for Lex. He knew that their relationship - though that was hardly a fitting description for what Lionel Luthor was doing to the young girl on everything from a sexual level to a business and social one - had started as a result of Clark's almost unforgivable behaviour in abandoning his parents and his friends the summer before, firstly for Lana Lang and then secondly for the bright alluring lights of Metropolis and the anonymity that they offered. Something had happened while he had been hurtling towards what had seemed like an inevitable end that had changed the dynamic and had led to Chloe taking up Lionel's offer - an offer that Lex had known about for a while - to work for him. Lex was in no denial that the things his father had offered to sweeten the deal would certainly have been tempting enough but he had believed Chloe to have more integrity that to fall for them. Therefore, he reasoned, there had to be something else that sent her running to Lionel and although he knew Clark would probably be at the bottom of it he was at a loss to know exactly what that convincing something had been.

When Clark had come back the tape had already been in Lex's possession for nearly an entire week along with the knowledge that Chloe had certainly been sharing his father's bed for a least a month if not longer. With the return of the young man Lex had expected Chloe to repent and give up whatever games she had been getting involved with in order to return to the silent adoration that she had offered to Clark in the past from afar. To his disappointment, and admittedly his disbelief, she had not; in fact if anything her already frequent visits to Metropolis in order to see Lionel and their numerous phone calls had grown increasingly frequent. Clark was apparently not to be forgiven this time and yet he was apparently not to be shunned; something which would have been keeping in character with Chloe's attitude towards grudges. The only conclusion that Lex had been able to draw from that was that Chloe's agreement with Lionel was connected to Clark as Lex had long feared it to be.

The discovery wasn't exactly a surprise, on some level he had always known that Lionel would do anything in order to find out what it was that was so special about Clark; apparently that `anything' also included seducing young heartbroken girls with lush promises into conspiracies, deals and his bed. Unsurprisingly the thought left him angry on more levels than he knew was possible, initially that once again Clark was becoming a target, secondly that Chloe had been drawn into the whole mess, thirdly that she was seemingly reluctant to get out of the mess even when given the chance and fourthly that the same blood which ran in Lionel's veins ran in his and was now singing out with a sort of admiration as he saw his father on the television screen easily manipulating a notoriously stubborn if needy girl with a few calculated touches and gestures.

On the screen Chloe carefully, very deliberately unbuttoned the front of Lionel's shirt and moved the fabric aside, smoothing her hands up and down his chest with a look of deep concentration on her face. Hating himself for doing it Lex reached for the remote control and flicked off the `mute' button in order to listen as Lionel's voice filled the comparative stillness. His first words were encouragements as the blonde girl leaned down in order to lay a line of kisses over his chest, the next a gentle admonishment as she nipped with her teeth at his flesh and then a brief smile before he said calmly, "I was not expecting a visit as yet."

His words made Chloe pause, the camera picking up on the sudden look of uncertainty on her features that Lionel could not possibly know was there. She took a breath and it was audible over the hidden microphones, letting it out to run over Lionel's flesh in a hot burst. There was not a single hint on the man's face that he had even noticed her reaction. "I can't just want to..."

Lionel chuckled, reaching out to cover her shoulders with his hands, rubbing them a little before drawing her up his body so that they were looking each other in the eyes. Chloe's head cocked to one side almost comically as she studied the man, her lover's, reaction to her words. "You're precious," Lionel said, evidently amused but also evidently not putting any real sentiment into the words so that they came out of his mouth in a manner that could only be described as sarcastic. Chloe's mind was not so lust idled that she didn't recognise the tone and a hurt look flickered briefly through her eyes before something cold replaced it.

She flushed, suddenly irritated and pushed away from him, breaking Lex's father's hold on her shoulders and sliding away from him across the bed. For a brief second her small frame, hardly stick thin and possessing a somewhat voluptuous quality to it despite her youth, was stretched out almost fully and Lex's breath hitched in his throat. The image on the screen was precisely the one which had broken his sleep for the last couple of weeks as in dreams he had found himself looming over her, eyes raking over a pale naked body that was reddened ever so slightly with anger while deep steady breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall in a manner that Lex almost found obscene and yet never stopped him from showing his appreciation of it with his fist when he inevitably woke sporting a sizeable erection. Previously Chloe Sullivan had always been something forbidden, not just in reality because of her association with Clark but all also in his fantasies where his conscience had played a part, now she was a tiny little temptress with constantly changing expressions and a body which seemed made for being buried inside.

Lionel clearly felt the same way as his son as on screen the man shifted suddenly, pinning Chloe down on her back on the bed as she bucked underneath him and attempted to push the much heavier form than her own from her body. While her expression was somewhat pained however Lionel's was thoroughly relaxed, cool even, as he held her in position and waited for her to tire herself out with her struggles. Superior strength showed through and before long Chloe let out a mournful little cry and settled back against the mattress even as she became aware that the only thing her resistance had done was excite Lionel further. The two people stared at each over on screen for a few moments and then Lionel slowly reached down, unbuttoning his slacks and shrugging them down over his thighs, closely following the action with a similar one to remove his underwear in a movement that made Lex cringe and want to remove his eyes from the screen. Lionel was undoubtedly hard and ready, his cock swollen epically and glistening with need as he continued to stare at Chloe's face as she looked down at him and whimpered slightly in a way that made Lex feel physically sick and wonder for a second whether it wasn't the first time that she had taken the man into her before rationality took over once again and he realised that was an impossibility considering her previous apparent inhibitions.

The first time he had watched as his father thrust into the blonde girl and watched her body tense as she cried out Lex had been convinced that he was watching Lionel rape the girl. The way in which she had writhed and cried out, the pained look on her face and the fact that more than once she had tried to raise her hands to claw at Lionel's shoulders as he weighed her down while burying his face against her neck had seemed proof that Chloe was an unwilling partner. Watching his father adjust his position in order to put a hand on the teenager's hip then drive all the harder into her when it seemed already as if he was close to breaking her had sent Lex climbing to his feet helplessly, desperate with the urge to help her and yet knowing that the events he had watching were already in the past so he could do nothing; the Chloe he was watching was not the Chloe that was probably already asleep in her father's house, that second Chloe had already been used and abused by a man that Lex was growing to despise even more with each muted grunt that ripped a cry from the blonde's lips. At that moment if Lionel had been in the same room as him then Lex would have been tempted to tear him apart with his bare hands; even now Lex felt the swell of anger beginning in him. His only conciliation at the time had been that on the scene before him was evidence enough to make a whole lot of trouble for his father but even that had been short lived.

Slowly, gradually, his father showing impressive stamina in order to make it happen, Chloe's hips began to twitch upwards. Her cries became lower and breathier as she arched upwards and Lionel's lips found her breasts while her hand moved to the back of his neck and then sank into his hair. It seemed to taken considerable coaxing on Lionel's part but eventually Chloe's eye's rolled back, her face red and glistening with sweat, and she came with a yelp and a violent jerk.

The groan that Lionel gave was very nearly a pained one. He stopped moving and seemed to twitch himself before thrusting forwards once more and letting out a strangled cry. There was nothing to show that he pulled out of Chloe's tiny quaking body before he came, no sign that it even occurred to him to try and do so, apparently he didn't care that he was risking the conception of yet another illegitimate Luthor and the ruination of a young girl's life; there being no doubt in Lex's mind that his father knew as well as he did through a degree of simple search that Chloe was not taking any form of contraception at that time.

On the screen, even as Lex found himself cursing the fact that he was currently having more than a little difficulty controlling a certain part of his anatomy at the thought of being buried in Chloe's oh so responsive body, Lionel was apparently appreciative of the experience as he raised his head, his hair almost laughably shaggy, and caught Chloe's lips in a rather passionate kiss that she eagerly returned. When it broke Chloe collapsed back and closed her eyes, appearing abruptly paralysed in her prone position beneath the man.

To his disgust the last remnants of Lex's denial that Chloe was there unwillingly were quickly dismissed as he saw the satisfied expression on her face and it was revealed that whatever had been happening earlier now appeared to have been more like role-play than actual rape. That thought revealed to Lex a peculiar facet of his father's inappropriate relationship with the high school girl as he subsequently realised that Chloe was almost certainly in a state of conflict over whether she really wanted to be there. His mind quickly ran over the idea, embracing it completely as he wondered whether Chloe perhaps didn't look on her situation as some sort of punishment for betraying Clark, perhaps she saw sleeping with his father as a type of purging for her sins. It leapt forwards as he wondered whether Lionel wasn't blackmailing her into his bed as he might as a way of getting her to work for him. If such were the case then she was as much in need of saving as whether it had been rape - after all, physical pleasure was not mental pleasure.

It was a phrase that he would repeat to himself continually as he watched Chloe curl herself around Lionel as the man rolled to one side. It was a thought that he clung to as he tried to ignore the look on her face as she did so. It was an idea that was furthered as he told himself quite firmly that although the Chloe on the screen quite clearly his father's, the Chloe that he might see tomorrow in Talon or who might wander by the plant in order to see her father did not necessarily belong to the elder Luthor and as such might be saved by the younger.


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