From the Edge of Hell: Still Life in Natural Color

by Katze

Chloe Sullivan heaved a final sigh as a swarm of butterflies assaulted her stomach. She dropped her overnight bag into the back of the Bug and climbed into the driver's seat. She scanned the dirt road hoping to see dust trails from her father's car and prayed Gabe would arrive in time to delay the inevitable.

She realized that no one was going to save her and took back roads to reach the highway. Too nervous to listen to the radio, she lowered the ragtop and allowed the wind to blow her hair; defiant of Mr. Luthor's...Lionel's chiding remarks about her gypsy-like appearance.

Tears stung her eyes, as she considered her short career as an investigative reporter on the LuthorCorp payroll. A master had played her like a cheap violin; Chloe soon realized that Lionel Luthor wanted more than inside knowledge of Clark Kent and family.

He had no right to make personal demands, yet he had made them and Chloe had not argued or resisted. Despite the shame of playing the fool, Chloe could not deny that his touch excited her. She felt her nipples grow hard, scratching against the unbleached cotton of her blouse, remembering the feel of his hands on her body, using her roughly; sharp slaps and pinches accentuating his guttural commands.

Lionel understood; he knew she was not a little girl. He treated her like a woman and she liked it. In return, she did things for Lionel, to Lionel that caused her to blush merely from the memories. She moaned softly, lifting her fingers to tweak first one nipple and then the other. Keeping her left hand on the steering wheel, she slipped her right hand down to caress the damp crotch of her jeans. She bit her lip and glanced into the rear view mirror, shamed by the expression of lust and longing on her face.

This had to stop. Now. She would not continue this relationship with Lionel, any longer. She had spent the last week formulating a plan. If she were successful, her father's position at the `crap factory' would remain secure, as well.

Lionel Luthor nodded into the phone as if the party on the other end could actually see him. He glanced at his watch, smiled and interrupted, ending the call quickly, "I do not accept excuses, Senator. Make this thing happen. Today."

He thumbed the disconnect button, stood and tossed the phone at his assistant, "I will be unavailable until tomorrow morning. You alone may reach me at the Edge City apartment, in case of emergency." He walked purposefully from the office and used his private elevator to reach the parking garage and the waiting LuthorCorp limousine.

Lionel ignored the hustle and bustle of the city streets, thinking instead of Miss Sullivan. He shifted in the seat, discreetly adjusting the lap belt. The way Chloe melted at his slightest touch was flattering to say the least not to mention incredibly arousing, although her blatant dislike for him and her distaste for his way of doing business was almost as pleasurable.

He smiled, recalling how difficult it had been persuading Chloe to call him by his given name. In turn, he always addressed her as Miss Sullivan, even in the throes of passion. He did not know if she considered this an insult and did not care. As long as Chloe Sullivan's job performance continued to meet his expectations, she was welcome to hate him as much as her little heart desired.

Chloe arrived first, parking discreetly down the block. She entered the building, spoke briefly with the concierge and then used her recently procured card key to access the penthouse apartment.

She had time to shower and retire to the bedroom before Lionel arrived. She felt her stomach flutter again when he entered, sporting a predatory grin that made her heart grow cold.

"Miss Sullivan, so nice to see you again," Lionel always feigned surprise when he discovered her naked and reclining on his bed. "How was your day?"

Chloe smiled and crawled slowly to the foot of the bed, rising to stand on her knees, "It's about to get much better, thanks to you, Lionel." She opened her arms, flashing a toothy smile as counterfeit as Lionel's surprise.

He stepped forward, wrapping her possessively in his arms. Chloe turned her head at just the right moment, so his kiss landed on a cheek rather than her mouth.

Sliding her hands to rest on his shoulders she purred, "You're wearing too many clothes, Lionel." She pushed at the lapels of his jacket and waited for him to remove it. Next, she loosened the knot of his necktie, "You keep working up here, I'll just move down a ways."

Nervous that she would tip her hand by appearing too eager, Chloe dropped to sit on her heels and took her time removing Lionel's belt. "You don't seem very happy to see me, Lionel. Are you trying to hurt my feelings?"

She climbed from the bed; her bare behind swinging saucily as she sauntered to the beverage tray, strategically placed on the bedside table. "Maybe you should have a drink and relax, Lionel. It's been a busy day and you aren't as young as you used to be."

Stepping up behind her, Lionel clasped her shoulders, turning Chloe around to face him; the predatory smile was still in place. "Who are you calling old, Miss Sullivan?" He tightened his grip on her arms until she squirmed, "I don't pay you to be a smart ass, so keep your opinions to yourself and we'll get along splendidly."

Chloe dropped her gaze, resting her forehead on Lionel's chest, "Sorry, Lionel. I was only teasing." She fought the wave of panic working its way up from her midsection. "Let me fix you a drink and we'll pretend like it never happened, okay?"

She turned slowly to pour a generous amount of brandy. Carefully pivoting back to face Lionel, she held up the snifter as a peace offering. "It's your favorite, Lionel. I called the concierge and asked him to buy it especially for you." She stared deeply into his eyes, willing innocence and sincerity into her gaze. She caught her lower lip between her teeth, her brow furrowing in an almost pout, "You don't like my surprise?"

Lionel chuckled, taking the drink from her hand, "Let's just say I'm not overly fond of surprises period, Miss Sullivan. I make it my business never to be surprised, just for future reference." He sniffed the brandy, smiled strangely at Chloe and then placed the snifter back upon the tray, "Later, perhaps."

He cupped her breasts in his palms, twisting her nipples firmly between thumbs and forefingers, "We have business to attend to, Miss Sullivan. Time is money and I don't believe in wasting either one."

Chloe moaned softly, knowing there was no turning back, "Yes, Lionel." She wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her face in the hollow of his throat. His hands on her body ignited the fires of Hell. Chloe shuddered, realizing this was exactly how she would spend eternity.

She closed her eyes in resignation, lifting her face to accept Lionel's kisses. If she were lucky, Lionel would fall asleep before she did and the brand new digital camera, purchased with her first LuthorCorp paycheck, waited patiently in her bag.

Lionel backed up to the bed, sat on the edge and pulled Chloe down to her knees. She licked her lips in anticipation, before lowering the zipper of his trousers. Freeing his cock ever so gently, Chloe stroked tenderly glad to have something to focus on besides Lionel's face. She wrapped her fingers around the stiffening shaft and lowered her face to envelope the head with her lips.

She hardened her heart and closed her ears to Lionel's moans of pleasure, paying only enough attention to the task to prevent any unfortunate mistakes. She closed her eyes and visualized the camera. Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed slowly, to prevent gagging.

Lionel growled, tangling his fingers in her hair, pulling hard enough to be painful. He fucked her mouth, inserting, "Miss Sullivan," occasionally amidst the groans and moans.

Raking her fingernails along the sensitive skin of his inner thighs, Chloe then cupped Lionel's balls in one hand while retaining a firm grip on his shaft with the other. Lionel's thrusts became increasingly forceful and she thought she might choke. Pulling away, she climbed nimbly onto his lap, sliding easily onto his wet and primed cock.

Lionel devoured Chloe's mouth. She knew from experience that he enjoyed tasting himself upon her tongue. He wrapped an arm around her waist, steadying her as she bounced enthusiastically. "Are you planning to ask for a raise, Miss Sullivan?"

Chloe flashed the blinding smile again, "Shame on you, Lionel." She lowered her head to his neck and bit the tender flesh hard enough to leave a bruise. She knew he hated being marked, but in his current state, Lionel was in no position to protest.

He fell back on the bed, pulling Chloe to lie on top of him. His coarse chest hair abraded her breasts causing her nipples to send small shockwaves through her entire body. Twisting her hips as she rocked back and forth, Chloe began to pant, feeling her muscles tighten around Lionel's throbbing cock. She bit his lip, whispering through her teeth, "Now, Lionel...come for me."

Chloe thought she might lose her mind before Lionel drifted off to sleep. She remained motionless at his side until his breathing changed to soft snores. Slipping carefully from the bed, Chloe dropped to sit on the floor and sorted through her bag for the camera.

It wasn't there.

She removed everything from the bag, laying items on the carpet and checked every zippered compartment, but the camera simply wasn't there.

A soft chuckle startled her, nearly causing her to scream. Chloe whipped her head to stare at the bed. Lionel rested on one elbow, peering down at her in amusement. "Come now, Miss Sullivan. Do you really consider me so foolish?" He nodded toward the bathroom, "Your first mistake was leaving your bag in the bedroom while you showered."

Chloe felt the blood drain from her face, leaving her lightheaded, as Lionel continued to speak. "My security guard simply searched your bag and removed the camera while you were in the bathroom. Child's play, Miss Sullivan, mere child's play...I expected better from you, to be honest." He patted the bed beside him, "Now, shall we get back to business?"

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