Vanilla Cone with Sprinkles, Please

by Lyra Sena

Title: Vanilla Cone with Sprinkles, Please Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Sadly, no. If I owned them they would be All Naked. All the Time. Summary: A bed. Pretty boys. Naked.
A/N: I told Nifra I wanted to write a silly!PWP. She demanded ice cream. Thanks for the beta, love.

Damn. Nothing better in the world than the sight currently before him.

Lex, half buried in the freezer, his ass sticking out for the taking, and Clark thinks it would be a damn shame if he didn't walk over there and grab it.

Right. Now.

Almost there and Clark was barely aware his hands were already stretched out in front of him.

"Let's see, we have chocolate, mint chocolate chip, peanut butter cup, and...oh, here! Vanilla!"

Lex jerked his head out of the freezer, spun around and thrust the container into Clark's waiting hands.

"Your favorite!" Lex declared.

Clark bit his lip. "Uh, thanks."

Lex furrowed his brow. "Don't you want vanilla?"

"Yeah, yeah, it's great," Clark hastened to assure him.

Pulling the other cartons of ice cream from the freezer, Lex rummaged through a drawer before producing two spoons. "Let's go upstairs."

Clark followed, swiping a bottle of chocolate sauce on his way out of the kitchen. Watched Lex's ass the whole way to the bedroom, grinning like a damn idiot and hoped Lex didn't turn around. Lex was wearing the plaid flannel pajama bottoms and no shirt, which could only mean one thing....

"You must be feeling reckless tonight," Clark teased, as they settled on the big bed, spreading the cartons of ice cream between them.

Lex arched an eyebrow, and really, the only way to describe it was wicked.

Quickly followed by a grin that would fit under the heading of salacious. Definitely. Check.

"Among other things," Lex replied, and with a quick flick of tongue across his bottom lip, had it glistening wet and Clark...was hard. "I trust you can eat ice cream in bed without spilling any," he continued. "You are a big boy, now."

Clark leaned forward to breathe in Lex's ear. "Oh, I've always been a big boy," he drawled.

That achieved the desired effect. Lex threw his head back and began laughing, playfully shoving at Clark's chest, and Clark settled back, picking up a spoon and lazily dipping it into the ice cream.

Brought the spoon to his lips, rolled his tongue over it and sucked the ice cream off, lowering his head to peer at Lex through a flutter of long dark lashes. "How was your day at the office, dear?" he asked in mock innocence, breaking the faade when he couldn't help but grin.

Lex snorted in amusement. "Lovely...but not as exciting as yours, I'm afraid. The six o'clock news covered the warehouse explosion." He frowned slightly. "The cameraman paused a little too long on your...." Focused his eyes down to the visibly aroused area in question. "Invulnerability."

Clark nodded his head in all seriousness. "I'm irresistible in spandex, I know."

Rolling his eyes, Lex shifted on the bed, threading his fingers through Clark's hair and tugging him in for a kiss. "Even more so without it."

Clark smiled against Lex's mouth, swiping his tongue across Lex's bottom lip before dipping inside. "Mmmm, mint chocolate," Lex murmured.

A shock of cold to his shoulder and Lex turned his head in time to see Clark's finger smearing ice cream on him and then Clark's mouth licked a line of vanilla down his arm, teeth scraping and warm heat lapping at the melting trickle.

"Tastes...good," Clark mumbled, pushing Lex onto his back. Clark reached down and scooped out another dollop of vanilla with his finger, spreading it across Lex's chest before dipping his head to lick patterns against the pale skin, sucking one nipple into his mouth.

Lex arched into him. "Fuck...yes...god...remind me to always keep your favorite ice cream on hand."

"Actually, Lex," Clark mumbled, kissing his way down Lex's chest, running soft hands over Lex's skin and around to caress the small of his back. "It's not my favorite."

Lex groaned as Clark's mouth, hot and wet, pressed into his hip, nipping slightly before trailing along the inside of his thigh, tongue scraping hard. "It...It's not?"

"Nope." Clark lifted his head and grinned at Lex.

"Clark, I refuse to live in a world where a Kent doesn't live off of vanilla ice cream," Lex said, eyes narrowing.

Clark laughed, reaching back for more ice cream, and raised two fingers to Lex's lips, teasing them inside and Lex swallowed around them, liquid dribbling around the fingers and straggling down his chin. Sucked on Clark's fingers, swirling his tongue around and through them, and Clark whimpered, reluctantly pulling them out in a slurp, trailing lightly down Lex's neck.

Leaned in, licking Lex's chin, lapping and tasting and breathing vanilla and pure Lex. Long, hot slide into Lex's mouth, as teeth hit teeth, gnashing and biting and tongues warring. His fingers traveled down, playing lightly around Lex's navel before sliding into the band of Lex's pajamas, teasing, as his tongue thrust into Lex's mouth.

He pulled away slightly, panting, licked softly along the glistening lip, swollen, tracing slowly up around cheeks and eyes. Straddling Lex, he leaned in to press gentle kisses along his brow, as Lex ran his hands under Clark's t-shirt. Raised his arms as Lex tugged it off, Lex's hands never ceasing to stroke over Clark's skin, palms flattened against hard stomach.

"So tell me, Clark. What is your favorite flavor?" Lex asked, arching slightly so his cock rubbed against Clark's through the thin fabric of their pajamas.

"Hmmm," Clark murmured, licking wetly across Lex's jaw. "I would have to say White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle."

"What?" Lex croaked, half choking on a laugh. "Are you serious? So decadent...."

"I have my secrets," Clark grinned against his neck. Rolling his body off Lex's, Clark tugged his pajama bottoms off, throwing them over the side of the bed, and turned his attention back to Lex, hooking his thumbs in Lex's waistband and gently pulled the pants off, running his hands slowly down Lex's smooth legs.

Quick kisses down Lex's thighs, a slow lick to the back of his knee, and Clark was kissing Lex's ankles, hot and wet sliding against the arch of Lex's foot, torturous heat on the tops of his toes. Soft breath and slick of tongue, tracing his way around the contours.

"You really get off on that, don't you," Lex sighed, contented.

"Oh yeah," Clark replied, softly kissing the underside of Lex's foot. He smiled and sat up, hands roving back up Lex's body, kneading and pressing Lex's sensitive spots.

Clark rocked back on his heels, eyed the contents of the bed, and raised his arm dramatically. Lex blurted, "Clark, what in the hell are you doing?", and Clark paused midair when he saw the flash of horror in Lex's eyes.

"Dramatically sweeping the ice cream off the bed in a grand romantic gesture?" he offered.

Lex's only response was The Look.

The Look that Clark knew only too well, and thank Christ it hadn't been coupled with The Frown. So he sighed, carefully picked up the containers of ice cream and the chocolate sauce off the bed and gingerly set them on the floor. Tossing the spoons over the edge, he mumbled what sounded like "no romance...can't be spontaneous..." before raising his head to look at Lex. And was...


Pounced and flattened back against the mattress like a cat on the prowl, and that image made Clark giggle as Lex mouthed delicious searing kisses across his neck, his chest, tracing his ribs, down his stomach. Deliberately avoiding his cock as Clark wiggled underneath him, and Lex just kept traveling down like he was on a mission to keep Clark convulsing, straining to have Lex touch his cock...just a little touch, god was that too much to ask?

Clark flipped them over, pining Lex to the bed with mischievous glint in his eyes. He caught Lex's bottom lip between his teeth, nipping lightly as Lex's tongue sought out his, catching it with his own and drawing it into his mouth. Languid swirls and lips pressing against each other, fingers tracing over bodies.

Clark worked his way down Lex's body, his tongue, teeth, and lips marking skin with soft bites and soothing kisses. He nudged Lex's cock with his nose, pressing in to breathe in Lex's scent, arousal strong and spicy.

Licking softly, Clark ran his tongue along the length of Lex's cock, swirling around the head before thrusting down and pulling up, lips pressing into flesh. Lex began moving erratically, hips jerking off the bed, a hand cupping his cock as impossible slickness surrounded him, taking him, blurs of color melting behind his closed eyes.

"I...I'm going to...fuck yes, buy out Haagen Daaz...

Swallowed whole by Clark.


Clark blindly reached out for the bedside table, fumbling in the drawer for the lube while Lex moaned and pumped into him, Clark swallowing and encouraging Lex's abandon. Slicking his fingers, he ran his hand over Lex's ass, just shy of pressing into the cleft, to caress his balls, soft brush, before slipping one finger very slowly inside of Lex. Added a second finger, stretching the hole, as Lex thrashed and mumbled incoherently above him.

Wet and hot, and Lex was completely inside Clark, down his throat and plunging with panted groans. Clark's tongue hard and firm stroking him, Clark's fingers moving in his ass, hitting right there and with a strained "Fuck, Clark!", Lex was coming, pulsing hard into Clark's throat. Clark took it all as Lex tremored, his chest heaving erratic puffs of breath as he ran his fingers through Clark's dark silk hair, petting, calming them both.

Clark gently placed a quick kiss on Lex's softening cock, slicked himself and spread Lex's legs, nudging Lex's opening with the head of his cock. Gently pressed in, Lex's muscles clenching around him, and Lex smiled up at him, running his hands over Clark's shoulders, down his back, cupping his ass.

Face flushed, red lips swollen and lush, Clark kissed Lex on the mouth, tenderly, holding his gaze as he leisurely pushed all the way inside Lex. Pulled out slowly and then drove back in, hard. Set a steady rhythm and Lex was moving with him, encouraging him deeper, opening himself, meeting Clark's thrusts and Lex was so tight, so hot, so fucking right surrounding him.

"God, Lex, so...good. So fucking good," he moaned.

Slickened chest moving against chest, and Lex was digging his fingers into Clark's back, Clark keening in his ear, moaning and babbling about love and forever and Lex's name over and over. Gasping, Clark threw his head back, sweaty curls falling against his forehead, gleaming skin and clenched eyes, and began to shudder, orgasm sweeping over him in waves. Rocking and gasping, head lolling forward, mouthing tender kisses against Lex's scalp. Lex brushed Clark's hair back, quick swipe against Clark's lips and Clark slowly pulled out of Lex, rolling on his side, gathering Lex in his arms.

They lay there, in a puddled heap of limbs, sated and sticky, breathing together in a slow melt of air.

"We never made it to the chocolate sauce, did we?" Clark asked with a lazy grin.

"Next time, Clark.... Jesus, next time."

"Lex, you didn't tell me what your favorite ice cream is."

Lex sheepishly slid his eyes away from Clark's.

"C'mon, Lex, what is it?"


Muffled chuckle. "With sprinkles on top?"

Fiendish snicker. "With Clark Kent on top."

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