The Sunday Morning Dance

by HumbugGirl

1) this was inspired by the Challenge in a Can at The First Church of Lex ( where I was given the words 'billionaire', 'pink' and 'pants' which got me thinking. 2) In England the word 'pants' can also be used to mean the same thing as knickers or panties or whatever you want to call them.

Title: The Sunday Morning Dance
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: Pairing: Lex/Lana
Rating: PG13
Summary: Lex gets caught in a moment.
Spoilers: None specific
Disclaimer: In no way, shape or form are any of the characters mine. I deal with this fact very well... breaks down crying Author's Notes: 1) this was inspired by the Challenge in a Can at The First Church of Lex ( where I was given the words `billionaire', `pink' and `pants' which got me thinking... 2) In England the word `pants' can also be used to mean the same thing as knickers or panties or whatever you want to call them... Feedback: Yes, please. It's yummy and useful and good.

As the clatter or falling pots and the subsequent inevitable crack as they broke filled the air to his right Lex cringed a little and thought about trying to pretend he had not just heard the sound. Once, while he had been procrastinating in the coffee house one day, he had found himself attempting to calculate a hypothetical coat for how much money the place lost from one year to another through broken crockery alone. It had been an alarmingly high figure. Now as the disheartening sound once again intruded on his much desired Sunday morning coffee fix and newspaper enjoyment, Lex found himself turning his head discreetly in the direction the unwelcome noise had erupted from.

He expected to see one of the girls that were employed there on a weekend; perhaps the little redhead who always seemed to be dropping something or a new girl who had yet to find the skills necessary to be a waitress. Instead his eyes landed on the slight baby-blue clad form of Lana Lang, his business partner. Lex raised an eyebrow as she shooed off another girl - the redhead, he had been right after all - and then stooped low with a dust pan and brush. She placed these items down on the tiled floor to one side then quickly used small hands to tuck glossy strands of pretty dark hair which had fallen forwards when she bent down behind her ears. That done Lana reached forwards to pick up the larger shards of pottery and put them in the dust pan.

Lex's eyes however were not focused on what her hands were doing but rather on what her seemingly innocent enough movements had done. By bending down, bobbing on the balls of her feet for a moment before kneeling down, the girl had caused the obscenely tight, figure hugging pale blue jeans she was wearing to slip down her slender hips a little way and gape at the back where the waistband met her flesh. Furthermore the effect had only been increased by her reaching forwards as the little blue t-shirt she was wearing slid up her back and exposed a broad stretch of surprisingly tanned flesh. That in itself however, was not enough to hold Lex's attention. No, the thing that was doing that was the treasure that was brought into view; a band of hot pink cotton below which, even more flesh could be spied.

To his astonishment Lex realised that the delicate, virginal Miss Lana Lang was undeniably wearing a rather alluring and sexy little, hot pink thong.

Uncomfortably aware of the reaction that the realisation had caused in a somewhat southern region of his body, Lex shifted a little on his seat and rapidly turned his head away from the sight. Taking up his coffee cup from the low table before him Lex attempted to cast the lingering image from his mind as he sipped at the now cooled liquid. His mind however, betrayed him entirely too quickly. He found it impossible to ignore and to his increasing discomfort his mind actually began to wander in more lecherous directions. Unbidden, the sight of the teenage girl shimmying out of those impossibly tight jeans filled his thoughts. He found he was able to see with startling clarity the vibrations such a series of movements would cause in other parts of her body, from the slight sway of pert small breasts to a tiny tremble of muscle as the perfect globes of a well toned ass came into view.

Unconsciously he looked back in her direction and found he was momentarily distressed to see that she was now actually kneeling on all fours, stretching to retrieve pieces of debris that had scattered under a couch. He groaned. He knew with absolute certainty that he did as his overactive imagination removed the silly painted on jeans and displayed to his eager eyes the perfect peach of her ass with its impossibly smooth skin and the pink thong momentarily disappearing from view so that she was just knelt there, waiting for him. It seemed the tiny shake of her body was not as a result of her arms tiring but rather a tremble of anticipation of what was to come. That thought alone was nearly enough to force him to his feet and cross the few steps between them. Instead Lex gritted his teeth and hastily grabbed his newspaper to place on his lap; hoping it would cover at least some of the evidence of his inappropriate arousal. At the same time he became aware of a figure recently come to stand over him and as a result looked up to find Clark poised there with a curious expression on his usually clueless features.

"Did someone drop something?" he asked, eyes unnervingly focused on the same sight that had been occupying Lex only seconds before. That fact a lone sent a shiver of something Lex would rather not have thought about through the businessman's being.

"I believe so," the billionaire replied, maintaining, what he was relieved to find, was an amazing amount of normality in his voice.

"Think I should help?" Clark responded hopefully.

Willing a reluctant smile onto his lips Lex answered, "I think Lana has it covered, Clark."

Disappointment colouring his voice Clark said, "Oh." His eyes, however, remained solidly engaged with the scene however and before long Lex became unable to resist the urge to look around again. Just as he did Lana sat back, no longer reaching beneath the couch, and glanced back over her shoulder. She smiled at the two young men then seemed to catch herself, suddenly blushing brilliantly as she appeared to realise at exactly what Lex, at least, had been staring at. For a brief second her eyes met his and Lex had to fight to control his expression. He saw her tongue dart out to moisten her lips daringly and then she bit down on the lower one in apparent indecision.

"Is everything okay? You look a bit flushed Lex."

Irritation welling in him Lex glanced to Clark, taking in the sincere look of concern. "Yes, of course I am," Lex all be snapped and then let his eyes slip right again, only to find that Lana had already hurried away, disappearing from view.

And to Lex's personal surprise, he found he was disappointed.


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