The Right Order

by HumbugGirl

Author's Notes: 1) a tiny little piece of fluff because I was feeling that way. Slightly worried about the ending being too ambiguous but it's the one that spoke to me. Lol.

Title: The Right Order
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: Pairing: Chloe/Lex
Rating: PG
Summary: Lex and realisations.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Nothing associated with Smallville is mind. Although the plot is mine. Author's Notes: 1) a tiny little piece of fluff because I was feeling that way. Slightly worried about the ending being too ambiguous but it's the one that spoke to me. Lol. Feedback: Please.

It was while he was sat in Talon one day that was very surprising realisation hit Lex. At the time he had just received his latest cup of coffee from the town princess and all around nice girl Lana Lang when it happened. Indeed, it was as he lifted the cup up and looked down at it to discover that for the seventh time in the row, and hence managing to break her own personal record, Lana had managed to get his order wrong that it began to dawn on him.

The coffee, while it smelt delicious and would no doubt taste delicious too if he were to take a sip could in no way be mistaken for the double strength cappuccino he had ordered with its mountains of foamy whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles and chocolate powder that seemed to dominate the entire cup. Lex knew that if he were actually try to drink the thing then the cream and the chocolate would dissolve into the bitter tasting liquid below long before he had chance to get down to the bottom and make it cold and almost sickeningly sweet to his rather delicate taste buds. Even with that in mind though he raised the cup to his lips, blowing on it briefly in a vain effort to clear some of the cream from his path and then took a tentative sip. The hot liquid in his mouth he unconsciously rolled it around for a few seconds and then swallowed before returning to his perusal of the drink.

He had been right; it was a white chocolate mocha with... yes, a hint of caramel tucked away in there somewhere. This was the drink that Lana always seemed to give him when she got his order wrong. Her success rate in giving him the same wrong drink time and time again was really rather amazing.

Glancing towards the counter, half in a mind to go up and demand his rightful drink the young man rapidly changed his mind as the sight of Lana and Clark embroiled in their latest round of staring meaningfully into each other's eyes came into view. Lex shuddered and decided that he could sit through another wrong order as long as he didn't have to venture over there and risk either getting involved in another supposedly meaningful and infinitely infuriating conversation with Clark or be entirely ignored because they were too busy trying to outstare each other.

Besides, Lex consoled himself as he settled back down into his seat, slumping slightly as he did so; it wasn't as if he hated the drink. In a way it was actually quite a refreshing change and had become something of a guilty treat. There was something about the way the rich, creamy taste of the liquid slid down his throat that made an odd sense of satisfaction build in Lex's chest. If he were honest with himself then he would say that the taste of it swirling around his mouth and the way in which it let him flick his tongue out while drinking to brush across his lips and wipe away any traces of cream that lingered there always made the option of ordering this particular drink especially tempting despite his firm decision that keeping to his regular drink of choice was the best option. Taking another sip he let the liquid moved around his mouth until he felt as if it were coated with the thick mixture and then swallowed with a small smack of his lips.

A guilty pleasure was certainly the right way of putting it he though and took a larger mouthful and savoured it only to become aware of a shadow moving over him. Opening his eyes, which he had unconsciously closed while drinking, Lex lowered his cup and looked up at the person stood before them even as a bright smile washed over their features. In her hand was a cup and it hovering precariously as she manoeuvred herself into the seat across from his and put her cup down, the curve of her hip brushing momentarily against the table until she was settled. When he managed to force his eyes away from certain other parts of her and up to her face Lex noticed that the smile had widened even further.

A hand reached across the table, startling Lex by moving to cup his cheek even as her thumb moved over the full length of his lips gently, lingering a little at the end and then pulling away. Raising a curious eyebrow he watched as he turned the edge of her thumb towards him and to his embarrassment Lex saw that there was a rather large spot of cream and foam and perhaps even a little lingering chocolate there as well. Recovering quickly he said, "Thank you Miss Sullivan," and inclined his head silently in her direction.

"You're welcome Mr Luthor," she replied, voice low and laced a distinctly seductive quality. Lex watched in quiet amazement as she raised her thumb to her mouth, small pink tongue darting out daringly to flick across the cream before drew her thumb into her mouth and slowly sucked it clean. Lex swallowed and shifted marginally on his seat. "Hmm, white chocolate and coffee - my favourite."

Raising both his eyebrows in surprise he asked, "Really?"

The blonde gestured towards her cup. "Really."

Lex's eyes flickered towards the counter where Lana and Clark had paused in there in their conversation, dark heads both turned in his direction. On meeting Lex's eyes Lana quickly looked away, a small smile on her face and a brilliant blush washing over her features that left him in no doubt of exactly why they had been looking in his direction or rather, Lex amended, in the direction of himself and Chloe. The thought made him smile which he flashed in the direction of the bashful pair over by the counter.

Turning back to Chloe he let her see his smile. The blonde woman narrowed her eyes, an air of suspicion settling about her. "What managed to get you so happy?"

"I think I've just discovered something," he said.

She raised her cup to her lips and said "Oh?" before taking a sip. Lex watched while she savoured it, absently biting at his lower lip as he watched her and finding himself shifting once again as she let out a small appreciative groan. "Lex?" she finally called, waving her hand around a little to catch his attention and causing Lex to realise, to his embarrassment that he had been staring.

"Hmm, what? Oh yes, I believe," he said slowly, meeting her eyes steadily. "I may have found myself a new favourite."


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