That Summer in Smallville

by HumbugGirl

Author's Notes: 1) Future fic 2) Answer to the Quickie Challenge. I do believe it might be a new pairing though so I'd love it if it could be added.

Title: That Summer in Smallville
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: or Fandom: BtVS/Smallville
Pairing: Willow/Lana
Rating: PG13
Summary: Willow gets invited to spend summer in Smallville Spoilers: Smallvile season two `Ryan' though nothing specific, BtVS Disclaimer: They're not mine, which is a shame because I'd love it if they were. But they're not. pout Author's Notes: 1) Future fic 2) Answer to the Quickie Challenge... I do believe it might be a new pairing though so I'd love it if it could be added. Feedback: Please

It was a friendship with a girl called Chloe that first drew Willow to Smallville. Chloe was blonde, vibrant and brilliant and when Willow ended up roommates with her at UCLA after transferring from Sunnydale the two had quickly become fast friends. On many levels the blonde girl reminded her of Buffy and finding herself away from home for the first time and with very little contact with her old friends back in Sunnydale Willow clung to the idea that Chloe could be her friend.

It helped that Chloe seemed to understand that there were stranger things in the world that society let on to. Of course, Chloe's opinions tended to centre on the idea of aliens and meteorite infected mutant freaks and Willow always smiled secretly at the idea and wondered whether or not Chloe would ever accept the idea that it wasn't aliens she should worry about and something far darker and far more real. That thought in mind Willow always made sure she kept an eye on her petite blonde friend, even accompanying her when she decided to venture out into the city and do a little investigative reporting. More often than not they both ended up getting into one variety of trouble or another but Chloe had a strange kind of luck about her that always made sure that they got out safely in the end and despite the danger Willow found herself enjoying herself. One time of voicing this feeling to her friend and Willow founded herself invited to Smallville for the summer.

"Meteorite city, capital of weird," Chloe said with a grin.

It didn't take Willow long to learn that Chloe hadn't been exaggerating. She had only been in the town three days before Chloe was hot on the trail of yet another meteorite freak and Willow found herself following close behind as usual, hiking through the woods that lay to one side of the town. However, things were far from `the usual' this time considering the fact that this time they had company in the form of a rather loud young man called Pete who she had been introduced to and who she gained the uncomfortable feeling that he had been checking out her ass ever since, an overgrown farm-boy called Clark who was devastatingly handsome in a rustic, nave sort of way and a petite, oh so very delicate dark haired girl so beautiful that Willow had actually blushed when they had been introduced. Lana Lang, the girl that Chloe had forgot to mention was living at her house, was mouth-wateringly attractive and every time that Willow found herself standing anything closer than a good five feet away she felt a vivid blush wash over her features and found herself wondering whether her knees were going to give out on her. Lana, Willow had decided, was a sweet, shockingly brilliant little goddess and Willow was nearly certain that she was falling in love with her even if it had been only three days.

She stumbled slightly, her foot having landed awkwardly on a loose stone and her hand went out to stop herself from falling only to find that there was a hand on her arm catching her anyway. Willow looked at it and then up at the owner who smiled at her shyly but didn't let go. Lana held on until she was perfectly sure that Willow was steady and then let go. There seemed a sort of reluctance about the action and once again Willow found herself blushing brilliantly. To her surprise Lana laughed.

"You don't have to..." the dark haired girl began and then stopped, ducking her head and letting a veil of hair fall forwards to cover her face slightly. "I mean, I'm not going to bite Willow." The image of Lana doing just that rushed immediately to the fore of Willow's mind even as it sent a rush of something else to the spot between her legs and Willow gave a shuddering breath as she flushed darker. The thing was Willow realised, that Lana was blushing as well.

Overall though Willow's mind had gone blank as she worked her hardest to push back the various images that Lana's comment had filled her mind with even as she tried to understand exactly what the girl had meant. She could have just intended it to be an observation on the way in which Willow had, consciously she would admit, been keeping her distance or it could have been, just maybe it might have been a come-on. She found herself wanting to shake her head, after all the reason she had been keeping her distance was the unusual degree of attraction she had been feeling towards the tiny brunette with her soft curves and large doe-like eyes and there was always the chance that it was her attraction which was effecting how she interpreted Lana's words now.

She shook her head slightly. There had been no indication that Lana really felt that way and if there had been one impression that Chloe had given her about the girl she had grown up with it that she had always been the love of some man's life and thus, in other words, Lana seemed to be completely and utterly, one hundred percent heterosexual. But - and Willow was willing to believe it was a big `but' - she could have sworn she had caught Lana looking at her occasionally.

"Are you okay?" Lana asked suddenly. "Do you need to sit down?"

Willow nodded weakly, "Maybe for a couple of minutes." Lana's hand was suddenly on her arm again and the redhead found herself being guided over to sit on a boulder with Lana still stood before her. Looking around Willow saw that the others were out of sight. "Where did they go?" she asked, suddenly concerned that they had managed to get themselves lost.

"They're just over the next rise," Lana said with a reassuring smile. "We'll be okay. Clark could find someone even if they were under a building."

Once again Willow found herself nodding and she took the canteen of water that was held out to her. "I think it's just the sun," she said after a few minutes in which they had been silent. Looking up she found that Lana was just looking at her, a somewhat curious look in her dark eyes. The brunette wrung her hands together before her and moved to take a seat beside Willow.

"I've got something to ask you," Lana said quietly, a slight tint of nervousness to it that made Willow tense her small shoulders and keep her eyes pointed exactly forwards. "Just... just let me know if... well, actually, maybe this was a bad idea."

Biting her lip and pulling up her courage from where it had been shivering in her boots Willow turned her head slightly to look at Lana and noticed that the other girl was staring at her hands as they sat in her lap. She forced herself to put a smile onto her face and asked quietly, calming and what she hoped would seem reassuringly, "What? Is something the matter Lana?"

Lana too bit her lip lightly and this time Willow genuinely did smile at the other girl unconsciously mirrored her action. Her head turned slightly and Lana looked up at her from underneath her long eyelashes. "Well I wanted to ask you if you would, I mean if I'm not overstepping myself and if I haven't got this completely wrong and well, I could be completely wrong because we only just met and I feel kind of silly asking for this because you could, you know, be really offended..."

"Lana," Willow interrupted softly, anticipation fluttering in her chest energetically. "What did you want to ask me?"

"It's just," Lana said quietly, turning a little so that they were facing each other more fully. "It's just that I wanted you to know that I... I like the way you look at me." Once again Willow blushed and she made an effort to look away only to find that Lana had quickly reached up and taken hold of the side of her face so that she couldn't. "And I wanted to ask you whether you, well, whether you wanted to get a drink sometime?" Willow felt her eyes widen and Lana shot to her feet, embarrassment playing across her features. "I'm sorry; I guess I was a little presumptuous. I mean, I've never done this before. Well, I have but not with a girl and..."

"Lana," Willow said climbing to her feet and taking a couple of steps to stand before the dark haired girl. "I think you did just fine and it wasn't presumptuous at all. I'd love to get a drink with you some time, if you still want to that is?"

"I do," Lana said and a smile slipped onto her face that made sent wave after wave of happy shivers through Willow. She turned away and smiled to herself wondering what over surprises Smallville might have in store for her.


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