Seduction, Summer Style

by HumbugGirl

1) Well, seeing as we seemed to be going through a little heat wave here I thought I'd put one in Chlexverse and see what happened. 2) Un-beta-ed. Please don't kill me.
Dedication: To Nat (from uni) who recently had her little baby 'puter die on her: I know how it feels hun but you will survive!

Title: Seduction, Summer Style
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: or Pairing: Chloe/Lex
Rating: NC17 (language, sexual situations) Summary: Its summer, hot and Chloe needs a little relief. Spoilers: None. Assumed relationship.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be unfortunately. Author's Notes: 1) Well, seeing as we seemed to be going through a little heat wave here I thought I'd put one in Chlexverse and see what happened... 2) Un-beta-ed. Please don't kill me... Dedication: To Nat (from uni) who recently had her little baby `puter die on her: I know how it feels hun but you will survive! Feedback: Please.

Hunched over her computer Chloe pounded mercilessly at the keys in a king of languid annoyance. Sweat trickled down between her shoulder blades, soaking the tendrils of her hair that had escape the large clip she had used to pin it out of the way and down beneath the edge of the small red camisole she was wearing. She let out a long sigh of frustration as yet another key stuck, the heat in her dorm room making it almost remarkable that her computer hadn't fried already, and shot up from her sitting position on her bed to pace across the room, glaring angrily at the other empty bed as she did so. Like everyone else on campus, Cassie, her loud and somewhat obnoxious if sort of amusing roommate was out enjoying the heat wave that was currently commanding Metropolis while Chloe was stuck in her room, scrambling to finish her latest article for the college newspaper before its deadline and contemplating making an effort to start work on at least a little revision before her exams finally rolled around.

Things were not exactly going to plan.

So far she had managed to restart the article four times and yet each new version seemed worse than the one before. She'd eventually reverted back to the original only to find that halfway through a note of inspiration had hit her firmly between the eyes and Chloe had started what she had hoped would be a new and improved version. Just when she had imagined she might be getting somewhere her computer had frozen, everything she had written so far that day being lost and leaving Chloe wondering when she had started ignoring her own advice about backing up files. After a brief moment when she had found herself gripping onto her bed sheets in order to avoid throwing her laptop out of the window Chloe had calmly restarted the article once again except this time she had having even less luck that before. It was frustrating to say the least.

Moving into the path of the standard fan that Cassie had shipped in with her from home Chloe stood for a moment enjoying the breeze. Even the fan was straining through, the supposedly cool air coming out more luke warm than actually cold. Still, Chloe leaned over it then glanced towards the window for a second to make sure no one was looking in her direction before lifting up the hem of her shirt and baring her breasts to the air. She shivered slightly as the air hit her body and the light sheen of sweat covering it and sighed contentedly. Oh god, if only she could stay there all day.

She was still standing there ten minutes later when there came a forlorn little spluttering noise from behind her. Turning around Chloe dared herself to look at her computer on the bed. Peeking at it she saw the screen blink once, twice and then a third time before the picture disappeared altogether. Chloe groaned as she heard a serious of pained noises come from the poor machine and then the entire thing died. A little cry escaped her and she took a step towards the machine only to be stopped by the sound of a knock at her bedroom door which startled the blonde. She glanced between the bed and the door, half wanting to try to resurrect her baby and half curious to see who had wandered in from the glorious day outside to disturb her.

Realising that she couldn't very well leave whoever it was just standing there indefinitely Chloe stalked over to the door, flinging it open with her most intimidating face on; if she couldn't be happy then neither could they.

She found herself staring into pale blue eyes, through which concern flickered the moment they landed on her. Lex's eyes had previously been slightly hooded, a dark look lingering in them that would normally have sent a vein of thrill running straight though her body, now however they widened as he asked, "Chloe? Everything okay?"

"It died," she said gesturing towards her computer. "Just like that - no warning or anything!" Lex shook his head, an amused little smile appearing which earned him a smack on the arm from his girlfriend. "It isn't funny Lex!"

"Of course not. Have you considered it might just need a break?"

Chloe wrinkled her nose up in disgust at the idea. Glancing down she noticed for the first time the bag he was carrying. Curiosity peaked she asked, "What have you got there?"

Clutching the bag lightly the man stepped past her into the room. "A present for you actually," he said as she closed the door behind him. When Chloe turned to face him she had raised an eyebrow in a silent question but Lex only grinned at her.

"Am I going to have to come over there and find out what it is?"

He nodded. "You could do that," he replied placing the bag down on Cassie's bed. As he turned around Chloe noticed for the first time that he had abandoned his jacket and that the pale lilac shirt he was wearing, already smug across his shoulders, clung to them from perspiration. She bit her lip lightly at the sight of the muscles outlined beneath. With a cheeky little smile Chloe thought, someone really was doing something right the day they made Lex Luthor.

He turned back to her then smirking as she noticed the direction of her gaze. Chloe looked away quickly, pointedly ignoring the fact she had been caught and wandered over to the bag; bending over a little she peered inside and let out an excited little squeal as she pulled out a carton. "Ooh! Ice-cream! I love you!"

A hand landed on her back and Chloe straighten up, turning around and moving into his arms. "Good," Lex said. "Because I had to go to four different stores before I found any."

Going up on her tiptoes Chloe kissed him briefly then leaned back saying in a faux serious voice, "You're a wonderful, wonderful boyfriend. Now let me go and get some spoons." She stepped away from him only to find he had caught her hand and was holding on, half spinning her back towards him. Looking up at his face Chloe found herself drawing in a sharp breath at the look lingering there.

"Who says we need spoons?" Lex asked and Chloe found herself nodding.

"You may have a point," she agreed. Letting a cheeky little glint fall into her eyes she said innocently, "So what do you suggest instead?"

Lex slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her close up against his body. The sensation of finding herself suddenly pressed up tight against him sent a shiver through Chloe and she flushed brightly. He turned them both, saying as he did so, "Aren't you a little warm in all those clothes?" She felt his fingers tracing along the line of the waistband of her sweat pants. Chloe nodded wordlessly in agreement. "Perhaps we should do something about that first?" he suggested sliding a hand underneath the waistband and down to cup her butt.

"I hear," Chloe breathed. "That overheating can be very, very bad for you."

"We should definitely do something about that then," Lex answered and Chloe felt him begin to work the pants over her hips. She wriggled a little to help him, brushing against what could now only be described as a rather prominent hardness against her stomach as she did so and causing Lex to growl low in his throat. Rid of her trousers Chloe took a step backwards, finding the back of her legs against the bed. Carefully she climbed up onto it, kneeling so that she was facing him and reached out to take hold of the tie which lay loosely tied about his throat.

"Isn't this a little constricting?" Chloe asked.

"It suddenly seems that way," Lex answered letting his eyes rake down over her body, taking in the way in which the deep breaths she now found herself taking made the thin material of her top tighten across her breasts. Instinctively Lex reached out with both of his hands, cupping her breasts through the material and running his thumbs lightly over the erect form of her nipples. He pressed lightly on them and Chloe paused for a moment in the process of removing his tie, a shuddering sigh escaping her as she felt a tremble run through her body. A hand suddenly touched her shoulder and she found herself falling backwards through the air, bouncing slightly on the mattress as Lex pushed her into a laying position. He paused for a moment to kick off his shoes and then climbed onto the bed hovering over her and Chloe found herself able to do away with his tie once and for all as she half pushed herself into a sitting position.

Lex took the tie from her look at it curiously for one moment with a speculative look in his eye before setting it down beside him. Chloe hardly noticed the action, instead reaching out and grasping hold of his shirt to pull him down into a kiss. There was a salty taste about his lips and the blonde girl found herself running her tongue slowly over his lips as they kissed even as her fingers found their way to his shirt, swiftly unfastening the buttons and finding their way inside. Her hands were suddenly covered by Lex's and he pushed them down to her sides on the mattress, holding her wrists and moving them above her head as he laid his body down on hers. Chloe took no time in wrapping her legs around his hips, pushing their sexes together and silently cursing the fact that his trousers and her panties were still in the way as she thrust her lower body against him.

"Chlo' honey," he said. "Close your eyes for me?"

She looked up at him and asked suspiciously, "Why?"

Lex grinned at her, pressing his lips tightly against hers briefly and then said, "Trust me."

Reluctantly Chloe closed her eyes wondering what on earth he was up to. Seconds later she left something light and soft dance across her face, running over her lips and then up her cheek. Chloe screwed her eyes closed more tightly, sensing this was all some sort of an elaborate plan of Lex's but not knowing what exactly.

He shifted on top of her, moving to straddle her thighs before reaching up and carefully taking hold of her head. Chloe gasped as she felt whatever he had been dancing over her face cover it once more and it was only when she felt something tighten around her head, covering her eyes that Chloe realised he had blindfolded her using his tie. She opened her mouth to protest, only to find it once again covered by his. "If I move," Lex said once he had broken the kiss. "Do you promise to remain perfectly still?"

Chloe bite her lip and her face creased into a frown. "But..."

"Chlo', if you move then you won't get the second part of your present."

"There's another part?" Chloe asked doing nothing to disguise the curiosity she felt.



"You promise not to move?"

"I promise," Chloe said reluctantly.

"Good girl," Lex said with amusement sounding in his voice as he lightly smacked her ass. Chloe jumped at the sudden sting and let out a startled cry even as she felt her body respond happily to the action, tingling pleasantly yet all too briefly.

She found herself laying very still, listening to Lex as he moved about the room. At the sound of a clattering noise and a following, "Shit!" from Lex, Chloe asked, "What was that? You better not have broken anything mister."

"It was... nothing," Lex said and then a couple of seconds later added, "You didn't like that mug that Lana bought you did you?"

"The pink one?"


"No, not really. Why?"

"Well you now have a good excuse to throw it out," he answered and this time sound closer to the bed. It shifted under his weight and Chloe felt him straddling her again. She smiled as she felt the familiar sensation of naked flesh on flesh and realised that he most had divested himself of his trousers at some point.

"You naked now aren't you?" she asked and when he chuckled she added, "Do I get to see?"

"No," Lex said firmly and once again she felt him take hold of her wrists, lifting them above her head.

A slightly nervous tremor ran through her as he continued to hold her hands there, the sensation growing stronger as something rough brushed against the delicate skin of her wrists. She flinched a little at the feeling but he continued to hold her in place and Chloe felt the warm wetness of his tongue snake out and dance along the palm of one of her hands. "Relax," he purred even as Chloe felt him begin to suck gently on one of her fingers, curling his tongue around the digit and only breaking the contact to tighten whatever it was that he had placed around her wrists and, Chloe guessed from the slightly rasping sound, effectively tie her hands above her head to the headboard. She tugged experimentally to see whether her suspicions were founded and discovered that she could only move them a marginal amount. This, she thought nervously.

"Lex..." she said slowly but quickly found herself silenced again as the sensation of him rolling her top up, the material grazing over heated breasts until it was resting above them on her chest. A finger trailed about one, just slightly too light to be anything but frustrating and leaving Chloe arching her back to attempt to try and increase the contact between them.

The weight on her legs shifted against, moving to one side and then coming back to settle on her and then Chloe felt herself jump a mile into the air as something extremely cold hit her chest, laying between her breasts. Her nipples tightened almost painfully and the dull ache that had been growing between her legs sprung to life once again all the more strongly. "Tastes delightful," Lex murmured as she felt his tongue skim over the surface.


"Flavour?" She could practically feel him grinning at her. "Why Chloe flavour of course."

"Cute," Chloe replied and then gasped as a cool tongue flicked across her nipple.

"Are you complaining?"

"Oh god no..." she moaned feeling his hand on her thigh suddenly, moving up her leg and then to the spot between them. After quickly pulling her underwear down her legs Chloe felt him pushed her thighs apart slightly making room for his hand and then his fingers where pressing lightly against her cunt and Chloe found she really couldn't think very clearly anymore. The side of his hand rubbed against her sliding up and down the wet opening and occasionally dipping inside. The slight teasing friction swept through Chloe and she attempted to wriggle down and increase the contact. The binding around her wrists though prevented her from doing so and every time that Chloe thought she had strained her body just enough to do so then Lex would move just a little further out of her way. "Damn it... please Lex."

"You're the most impatient person I've ever met," Lex said.

"Honey, sweetie pie, darling, sugar lump please?"

"Is that meant to persuade me to be kind or to run away and leave you here?" he asked dryly.

"Lex you are the most infuriating ma-ohh!" she cried as a dollop of half-melted ice-cream hit her groin and began to slip downwards. She trembled, desperate to rub her thighs together and yet finding the action impossible as Lex scooted down her body, lying between her legs. Chloe arched her back, sensing what was about to happen next and still shivering in delight as she felt him make the first sweep with his tongue. Her stomach tensed with the shudder of pleasure and Chloe bucked her hips slightly even as his tongue, cooled by the ice-cream stroked her again, colliding with the almost burning heat of her pussy. Lex dipped his head against her thighs and she felt him take hold of her hips, holding them firmly against the bed as his tongue made the first of several exploratory pushes inside of her. He built up a peculiar unpredictable rhythm of pushing inside her, sliding against her walls and then drawing out and circling the sensitive sides, teasing her with tiny flicking movements against her clit that sent Chloe into a delirium. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she barely noticed when Lex's fingers left her hips until they were pushing against her pussy, wriggling in and then being to build up a steady series of deep thrusts. Chloe urged her body to thrust down to meet his, pulling on the bindings around her wrists until they were almost painfully tight and her hands were going numb. She began to shake, deep groans coming from low inside her chest intermittently spaced by the sound of her letting out breathy little pleading noises. He brought her to the edge again and again, drawing back each time just before she came, occasionally moving cold fingers, sticky with ice-cream around the perimeter of her cunt until Chloe honestly believed she might be going mad from it.

And then he was gone, his presence from between her legs annoying absent. "Lex?" There was no answer. "Lex?" Chloe rubbed her thighs together, desperate to find some pressure, some friction that would allow her release only to find it evading her. "Lex!" she exclaimed. "Damn-it you bastard... please!"

"You know insulting someone isn't the normal way to get what you want," a deep voice said quietly by her ear letting breath dancing across her features along with it.

"I... I find it works sometimes," Chloe murmured as fingers began to walk across her stomach, pausing occasionally to make gentle swirls. "Baby please..."

"You know, if it wasn't such a turn on I'd complain that you weren't as tough as you pretend to be."

Chloe growled low in her throat in response and once again tugged against whatever it was that was holding her wrists in place. She'd show him tough. For a second she thought that maybe it had given a little but when she tried again they seemed as tight as ever.

Lex's only response was the chuckle as he cupped a breast with one hand and idly played with the nipple. "Baby getting frustrated?"

"Asshole," she breathed, straining to push up further into his hand even as the smugness of his voice inflamed her temper.

"If you keep that up then I'll start to think you don't like me." A hand was once again travelled south, reaching down towards where she desperately wanted it to go.

She shook her head even as she spoke, "You're being an evil son of a bitch that's why." He chuckled again and Chloe could have sworn that he actually did sound evil that time although it may have been paranoia on her part.

"Well if that's the way you really feel then I guess I'll get going," he said, voice tinted with resignation. She could almost hear the smile on his face and at the same time she realised to her horror that Lex probably would leave if she didn't do something soon; not because he really believed what she was saying but because he would probably find it amusing to just leave her there. Hell, if she'd been him then she would probably have found the idea amusing as well.

"Don't!" she exclaimed quickly then when she realised how desperate she had sounded added, "Lex honey, don't go. I need you."

She felt the bed move again beneath her and then once again her thighs were being pushed apart. "That's all I needed to hear," he said and settled himself between her legs, taking hold of her hips to steady her and lifting them into the air before shifting himself forwards until she could feel him pressing lightly against her wet folds. His hands pushed her legs further apart until Chloe groaned at the dull ache in her hips. Lex moved forwards slipping inside her and stretching her, making Chloe moan even as he did so too at being enveloped by the wet heat of her pussy and she felt him lay against her body, the pressure of him inside of her sending shockwaves throughout her, bubbling in her heart and her throat until Chloe cried out suddenly.

Her lips were quickly covered by his and Chloe tasted a strangely delicious mixture of herself and the sweet taste of ice-cream on her lips. She found herself darting her tongue out eagerly to stroke his in an effort to draw more of the taste into her own mouth. Lex drew his head back, denying her and then moving forwards to nibble her lower lip eventually abandoning it entirely as he moved his lips to her jaw and then down to the sensitive flesh of her neck even as he braced himself with one hand and slowly drew out of her. Tiny pinpricks of pleasure resonated inside of Chloe as he did so and the successive sensation was no less amazing as he applied some pressure and pressed back inside. She felt his teeth, blunt against her neck and he bit down lightly making Chloe swallowed deeply in order to suppress her cry. Her lower body bucked against his as she attempted to encourage him and within seconds Chloe felt him begin to deepen his thrusts, putting more of his strength behind them. Lex's lips left her neck as he began to move quicker, and he stole short, vicious little kisses from her lips as Chloe strained her neck in an effort to take them back. By the time the pressure in low in her body had once again returned to its previously frightening high levels and the ache between her legs was becoming dauntingly painful Lex was grunting against her smaller frame. She cried out loudly as the first tremble ran through her cunt, catching them both unawares and then again as her walls began to constrict, tightening around him and making Lex moan, "Fuck yes!" close to her ear. Chloe wrapped her legs around his hips suddenly, squeezing for all she was worth as the orgasm rolled over her and surrounded him. Points of light began to flicker before her eyes and Chloe flung her head back drawing in a huge gulp of air half wanting the sensation ruling her body never to end and half needing it to because she wasn't entirely certain how much more of it she could stand.

She wasn't entirely certain at first that she would have noticed that Lex had come so out of it she had felt if it hadn't been for the guttural groan he gave and the way in which fell over her, resting on her body as a delicious weight. She could feel him breathing against her; hear it in the now near perfect quiet of the room with the exception of the fan which whirred away in the corner, occasionally sending a burst of air across the room to caress heated bodies. Suddenly he shifted, jerking into action although what followed was a languid series of movements. Chloe sensed a hand by her head and then the blindfold was gone and she was left blinking into the sunlight streaming in through the windows. When he vision had returned to normal Chloe looked down into blue eyes soaked with satisfaction. She grinned at the sight of a smudge of ice-cream on his face, wishing she would reach down and lick it off. He shifted again, crawling up her body and Chloe caught a glimpse of her own pale flesh covered in the sticky substance before glancing down at the bed sheets that had been stirred, surrounding her body and seeing the same there.

"Cassie's going to kill me," she said, a slightly mortified look washing over her face.


"This is her bed you dolt and look at the mess you made."

"I'll buy her a new one," Lex said reaching above her head and tugged at whatever it was that held her hands there.

Finding herself released Chloe brought her wrists down and began to rub them to try and get some of the feeling back into them. She quickly found her hands replaced by Lex's as he held one arm, placing a kiss over her pulse and lightly sucking on the flesh. The sensation sent another vein of pleasure running through her body and straight to her groin.

"Oh no, mister," Chloe said drawing back. "Don't start that again."

Lex pouted and Chloe found herself having to resist the urge to smile at him. "Don't you want me?"

She shook her head and turned her face slightly away from his as she smiled at his hurt pretence. "No, it's not that."

"Then why? After all, you do look rather delicious laid there like that..." he trailed off letting the suggestive tone in his voice do all the work for him.

"Because, Mr Tease, now it's my turn to play."


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