A Little Something

by Signe

Title: A Little Something

Author: Signe

Fandom: Smallville

Pairing: Lex/Clark

Rating: PG-13

Category: Established relationship, future-fic, humor, domestic Clex.

Spoilers: Exodus

Summary: Cake and apples are meant to be shared.

Betas: Many thanks to A Campbell, Cleo, and Thdancingferret for being so generous with their time and advice.

A/N: Written for Cleo and inspired by a beautiful manip by that very talented lady. Do check out the picture here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/cleohs/24528.html

'Time for a little something' ~ Winnie the Pooh.

Their spot under the oak tree, the largest tree in Smallville's municipal park, was ideal. There was a dim shady area around the base for the bald in the party: Lex, who didn't like to admit that he could burn in minutes, and Letty, who kept pulling her pink floral sun bonnet off. To one side was sun scalding enough to burn anyone else but was perfect for sun-worshipping Clark, and all around was a halfway, dappled area for the grandparents. It was close enough to the children's play area for convenience, far enough for all the kiddie screams to be muted. They had settled by the pond initially, but after the swarms of mosquitoes that made an intermittent mist around the area had bitten everyone aside from Clark, they had moved to a safer spot. Now insect repellent had been generously sprayed on all exposed skin, and Lex had plastered himself in his specially created factor 64 sun block, faintly scented to complement his cologne. It was subtle, Martha thought, like the man himself.

The picnic blanket just wasn't big enough anymore, a good thing in Martha's view. She felt an upsurge of pleasure at being surrounded by her expanded family. True, she would never be entirely free from the distant heartache of losing her only chance of a child of her very own, but it was no more than a muted 'if only' now. After all the years she'd dealt with the likelihood of never having grandchildren, the day Clark had phoned her out of the blue to tell her about Letty had been like a dream; she had spent the day pinching herself to be sure it was real. She looked around her, ostensibly checking that everyone had enough food on their paper plates, while tucking the moment into her mental photo album. Looking toward Lex, she had to work hard to hold back the grin that wanted to pop out at the sight of a Luthor eating BBQ chicken-wings with his fingers off a paper plate, as one rather grubby little girl crawled towards him, just out of his line of sight. Martha grabbed Letty less than a second before she reached out for Lex's leg, getting a protesting wail for thwarting Letty's plans to make her sticky little fingers well acquainted with her daddy's pants.

Days like this gave Martha so much satisfaction. It was rare that they were all together, now that Lex and Clark had moved to Metropolis. Since they had adopted Letty as a newborn, almost a year ago now, Clark had felt the weight of extra responsibility and so there had been fewer flying (literally) visits. And she and Jonathan were finding the journey to Metropolis very wearing these days. Still, she wouldn't dwell on the negatives, not when she could be relaxing in the joy of the moment.

Since he'd become part of the Kent family, Lex felt as though his childhood had been returned to him, a second chance to have all the things normal children had. Meals on paper plates, warm salad, flies buzzing around his plastic cup of lemonade. It should all be horrible, way beneath him, but even if Clark and Letty hadn't been here, he really believed he would still have been enjoying the atmosphere. He smiled at Martha as she pulled Letty onto her lap, placating her with a spoonful of pureed apricots.

He could hear rustling in the tree above him, and, looking up, was certain that he saw a bushy grey tail whisk rapidly out of sight. He reached out to the picnic basket for something to tempt the creature down.

"Has anyone got any nuts?"

"There's a big bag in the basket, under the blue Tupperware," Martha replied, then added with a hint of curiosity, "I didn't think you liked nuts Lex."

"They're not for me. There's a squirrel in the tree and I'm sure Letty would love to see it close up."

"They're salted; you can't give those to a squirrel." Jonathan interjected.

"What else do we have?"

"I've got some mints."

"Clark, angel, they're sugar-free. They'll give the squirrel diarrhea."

"Heh, a runny squirrel!"

"You wouldn't find it so funny if you were sitting under the tree, which said squirrel is going to return to after you've fed it laxatives."

"Maybe it'd be good for your head, make your hair grow...." Clark picked up Letty after this comment, feeling wisely that protection might be needed.

Lex chose to ignore him, for now. "Anyway, we still haven't solved the issue of what to feed the squirrel."

"Here's a piece of apple," Martha said, handing the slice to Lex. "I'm sure it'll eat that."

Lex threw the apple slice a few feet away from the blanket, while everyone, even Letty, now back with her grandmother out of the sun, waited quietly. After just a few seconds of tentative sniffing, the squirrel ventured down, picked up the apple, daintily ate all the flesh, then threw away the skin.

"Letty, see that. You mustn't do that, the apple skin is good for you." Lex smiled at Clark's serious words, imagining that he'd heard them himself at Martha's knee.

Letty gurgled happily in reply, still entranced by the squirrel.

Lex turned back to the picnic basket, where he'd spotted something that looked much more interesting than the roast peanuts. The promising looking tin proved to contain a large, luscious chocolate cake, one of Martha's specialties, and Clark's favorite.

"Want some cake, Clark?" Lex asked.

Jonathan had always considered himself a broad-minded man. He had been around, hadn't always been a small town farmer. He prided himself on being liberal. He had even grown to... tolerate, possibly even like Lex, and couldn't deny that he respected him. Seeing Lex fetch the squirrel down for Letty's benefit was quite touching. But he did wish Lex and Clark would grow out of their public displays.

No! They wouldn't. They were. They were feeding each other. In public. In a Smallville park. Pieces of cake, while looking as though they would rather be feasting on each other. And Bert MacClenny from the library, picnicking with his perfectly traditional family, was going to look in their direction any moment now.

That's it. Martha could return her own library books from now on.

He could deal with this. He wouldn't stick his head under the rug the way Clark used to as a child whenever he was worried, or had done something wrong. However tempting the dark underside of the rug might be, a dark rug that he wouldn't be able to see or be seen through. He would sit, eat his last egg salad sandwich, and smile.

He just didn't think he could face eating any cake today.

God, this cake was good. He would really have to find time to fly over to his parents' more often and pick up some cake. Even the best pastry shop in Metropolis didn't sell cake as good and moist and chocolaty as his mother's.

Clark tilted back into Lex's arms, enjoying the sensation of being fed as much as the cake. He leaned back even further, face up to the sun and closed his eyes. He could see the intense sunlight through his lids, a muted kaleidoscope of dancing red and orange. Despite the sun's heat on his front, he reveled in the warmth of Lex behind him, the comforting feel of his chest rising and falling. His tongue slipped out to lick the last bit of icing on the fork, while his imagination suddenly suggested that it was Lex he was licking, Lex's hard cock in his mouth, slowly sinking deeper down his throat, oh god yes, until he couldn't breathe, but he didn't care because this was so much better than breathing.

"Breathe, Clark, breathe!" The whisper in his ear brought him back, but also told him that he wasn't alone in his fantasy. Lex only whispered that huskily when he was getting turned on. Shifting the small of his back against Lex merely confirmed that.

Clark reached for Lex's hand and took the fork out of it. He filled it with cake, then turned around to Lex, his heart nearly stopping as Lex opened his mouth and let his eyelids droop in desire. Eleven years together now, and all Lex's little mannerisms affected him just as much as they ever had.

They took turns feeding each other, two large slices of cake slowly savored to the full, eyes drifting between the fork and each other, no fantasies needed now to fuel their desire.

This was going to be a long picnic.

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