by Sarah T.

This story is an unofficial aftermath to "And Call It Peace" (http://www.smallvillefanfic.com/archive/1/andcall.html) and will not make any sense unless you read it first. Thanks to LaT and the Spike for betaing. Feedback, positive or negative, welcome.

Three drinks later, and Lionel still couldn't taste the triumph he'd planned for that evening. He rubbed at his eyes and put the glass down. The house was so quiet. It wasn't natural for it to be silent when Lex was there. He could send a servant to check on him, but it seemed wrong to delegate his responsibilities at a time like this.

Once in Lex's bedroom, Lionel stared down at his son silently. Lex's tie was pulled loose, but it'd gotten snarled around his throat. His breathing was heavy and painful. He flinched away from the light that spilled into the room from the hallway.

Lionel turned back and closed the door, not wanting to pain Lex any further. The boy had done the right thing for once. He had not allowed his emotions to rule him. It was grimly, excruciatingly obvious that he had been in love with the beautiful alien--and still he'd cleaved to his father. Surely, he deserved some reward instead of this devastation, some...compensation.

Some reason to believe that the family he had sacrificed for could provide everything for him.

Lionel sat on the edge of the bed and touched Lex's shoulder. Lex made a low moan in the back of his throat. Lionel wasn't even sure he was conscious of where he was. Lex's arm was lean and firm under the shirt, surprisingly so. He'd always imagined the boy slack with debauchery, but there was discipline there. Perhaps he should've seen it before.

He wanted to see now. He reached over and unbuttoned Lex's shirt, gently freeing the knotted material from around his throat.

Pale skin, with a faint bruise over the sternum. He hadn't seen since Lex was young--somehow, in his head, he'd always hoped that Lex might grow hair elsewhere, but no, the chest was as smooth as when he was a child. Not like Lionel. Not like Lionel at all.

Lionel put his hand down carefully. Lex took in a sharp breath and his eyelids fluttered. Lionel pushed his palm over the skin, wondering what, exactly, he was doing. Lex had gone far, very far, for him. How far could Lionel...?

As far as the collarbone. As far as the flatness of his abdomen.

Lex was sighing softly, moving into it a little, and that was all the acquiescence Lionel needed. If he came to his father for this, he would never be able to look for it anywhere else afterwards.

It was, perhaps, a little extreme, a little atypical, a little unorthodox, but if the alternative was Lex's losing his heart to an alien...

Better he found it here.

Lionel knew all the depth and reach of his own love for his son. He knew what it would do and what it would not. It was not safe, for either of them, but at least someone with sense would be in control.

He curved his fingers around Lex's flank. He stroked there, then pushed the pants and boxers over the hip and down. Lex mumbled something and reflexively kicked them away.

Smooth there, too, and it really would have been too disconcerting for Lionel if Lex hadn't clearly had a man's cock, hardening slowly.

When and how to touch him was a complicated matter. Too intimate, and it would just indulge the boy. Too distant, and it would serve no purpose.

Lionel edged in and finally stretched out next to him. There was a bitter reek of alcohol in the warm breath on his face; Lex buried his own face in Lionel's arm. Lionel had been stroking his stomach lightly all this time, but now he shifted his hand downward, with purpose. Lex's cock jerked in his grip, and Lex himself groaned into the fabric.

"You did well today," Lionel whispered to him, and jacked it slowly, up and down. "Lex? Do you hear me?"

A pause, and Lionel wondered if he should let Lex bury himself in his stupor, but that would not quite serve the purpose. There should not be deniability, afterwards. Well--no more than allowed Lex to live with himself. Live with coming back again.

"Yessss." Lex sounded distant, but he was close enough, with his hard cock leaking in Lionel's hand.

"You made a mistake. You trusted someone outside the family. But you corrected the error."

That made Lex tense all over, but Lionel curled his other arm underneath Lex's head, reached around for his throat, rubbed it until Lex relaxed, shivering. His other hand was slick and messy now. "You did what had to be done. And now you're not alone."

"God, Dad, *don't*..." Lex shook his head.

Lionel briefly considered pinning him, but that would have been overdoing it, really. "You don't need anyone but me," he said softly. "But you do need me. You've tried to pretend otherwise for years, and see where it's gotten you." He stroked faster. "Lied to. Used. Betrayed. All to keep some alien safe."

Lex's legs were trembling where they touched his. Lionel's own heart, despite himself, was tripping in his chest. "He was laughing at you, Lex. He didn't care about you at all. But I do. I love--"

Lex bit down against the fabric, came in his hand.

That. He hadn't meant to say that.

Lex hadn't stopped shaking and he thought that he might have held him closer, but not after that had slipped out.

Lex was still pressing his open mouth against his arm, and Lionel finally realized that he was kissing him. Moving inward, still needy, and that would...that would make it even more sure. And, after all, Lionel had his dignity, which was not really compatible with only giving pleasure.

So as Lex squirmed blindly over his body, finally settling down straddling his knees, Lionel lay back and still. Let the boy strip the clothes away with his unsteady hands. Let himself go into Lex's mouth. Maybe Lex needed this, too. Some feeling that love could go both ways.

Oh, and Lex was very good at this, too very good at this. Even though he was broken open and obviously didn't have the strength for anything but uneven sucking. Lionel curled his fingers along his skull, encouraged him wordlessly.

Lex put his hand over the back of Lionel's, and Lionel obliged, pushing him down further on his cock.

"That's it, that's right, Lex, this is for you," he whispered, and Lex groaned, and the vibration was just enough to send Lionel over the edge.

Afterwards, Lex didn't even seem to be able to move, but lay limply with his cheek alongside Lionel's softened cock. Lionel pulled him up next to him. "That's enough for one day, Lex," he murmured, pressing his fingers against his cheek.

Then he got up, rearranged his clothes, and went.

Two nights later, there was an unsteady tapping on Lionel's door that trailed off midway. He knew it wasn't a servant.

He walked to the door and opened it. Lex was standing there, looking like he'd been caught at something. His eyes were bright, and he was breathing too hard.

"Come in," he said, and for a minute he thought the boy was just going to run away, but instead he swallowed, ducked his head, and followed Lionel inside.

Lionel locked the door. It was an old-fashioned lock, the kind that required a key on both sides.

Lex was just standing in the middle of the room with a slightly stunned expression. There was lipstick on his cheek, but his clothes were unruffled.

"I can't," he said. "I can't I can't..."

Lionel knew that if this was to work, he could never send Lex away. But--after the first time--Lex needed to admit what he wanted. Lionel was not going to press it on him forever.

"Can't what, Lex?" he said.

Lex swallowed again. "I went--out tonight. I met...a girl. She liked me. She wanted to...she tried to..." His fists clenched unconsciously. "I wanted to kill her."

"You came here to tell me this?"

Lex rubbed fiercely at his own cheek. "Don't make me leave. I can't..."

He gave up on talking and fumbled at his shirt buttons, exposing the skin again. Strangely, as he shed the rest of his clothes, he actually seemed to calm. Lionel didn't make him withstand a searching gaze; he pushed him down on the bed almost at once.

"Dad," he was whispering, "Dad," and that might have deterred a lesser man, but not Lionel. He didn't want them to pretend.

"Yes, Lex."

"Will you--can you just--fuck me. Please."

Lionel rubbed a thigh against Lex's cock, heedless of the mess. "Is that what you came here for?"

Lex whimpered out a breathy "yes," and Lionel pulled back. Just enough to get himself undressed, get certain necessities from the nightstand. He returned, considered the situation. Not on his face. No, Lex had to be looking, had to see who was doing it to him. So he hooked the boy's leg over his shoulder.

He doubted he needed much preparation.

"The alien...he did this to you?" he said, pushing in.

Lex was still tight, a little resisting. "Yesssss...."

And it was so clear why he had to do this, then. To drive off the memory of the alien's touch. To wrap his son in humanity again, and he teethed at Lex's throat, a little awkwardly, while thrusting.

Lex's hands were clutching in his hair. "Dad...harder..."

And he complied, thinking with fury of the way the alien must have been rough with his boy. Almost wishing there was a way to trump Clark's actions with gentleness instead, but...no.

It really didn't take very long, Lex grasping and crying out and dragging his skin over Lionel's every way he could, Lionel feeling himself letting go into him, hoping it was enough. Keeping Lex's eyes locked on his all the time.

Lex had to leave afterwards, because--even Luthor servants couldn't be trusted with that. But not before Lionel scrubbed the lipstick off his cheek, hard.

It was the least he could do.

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