What It's Like For a Girl

by edie

I originally set out to write something for the Te/Jenn challenge, but this is no where near smutty enough. Also my first go at something that isn't Clexy. Feedback is muchly appreciated.

She knew what she wanted. She'd done the research, her goal was within her grasp. She knew the lingo, the price range. She knew the types and pros and cons of several models. All she needed now was to walk through that door.

Sure, she'd been terrified when she first stumbled across the website. Well, if by stumbled she really meant out and out searched for. She couldn't look at the torch, what if Clark or Pete walked in? She had to do it at home. In her room. With the door locked. What if her father walked in? That was not a conversation she ever wanted to have. Ever.

Which was why she couldn't order this online. Her father never minded her using his Visa to order books or cds. But there was no way she would be able to explain a charge to blowfish.com.

So that explained why she was sitting in a parking lot, on the wrong side of metropolis, hoping no one she knew happened by and noticed her. It wasn't like anyone she knew would be here, but there was that fear.

She took a deep breath, opened the door and got out of the car. She locked it and hoped it wouldn't get stolen. She wasn't supposed to be in metropolis on a Tuesday afternoon. Dad was at work, friends safely at school. What would they think if they saw her now?

Chloe was buying her first vibrator. She was at 'Eros Boutique.' And she was going in.

Opened the door, showed them her fake id, and started browsing.

There were so many different kinds! She found she loved reading the boxes. Different sizes and colors. Textures and speeds. Chloe read several boxes until she found something similar to what she'd decided to get when she was online.

It had to be quiet. That was the first requirement. And it couldn't be too large, because that kind of scared her. The ones that plugged in were out too. Those scared her even more.

She finally decided on one that was named "My First Vibrator." It was six inches, and that sounded like a lot. Well, it did to Chloe when the most experience she had included her small fingers. It boasted 'petite size' and included free lube. Chloe was all about getting something free if possible.

She stood at the counter. She couldn't meet the clerk's eyes. She fidgeted nervously. The clerk offered to sell her batteries, and Chloe nodded. She handed over her money and clutched the brown bag tightly.

Now to just get back to Smallville.

She locked the door to her bedroom and sat on the bed. Took the toy out of the bag and stared at it. It was purple, or rather 'blushing violet.' She turned it over and read the back, again.

Chloe took a deep breath and tried to open the package. The stupid hard plastic proved to be an obstacle. Finally giving up, she got up and picked the scissors up from her desk and cut the package open. The noise the package made was loud. It seemed loud.

She finally got the vibrator out of the package. She turned it around in her hands. It was smooth and a little warm from sitting on the seat in her car. Just the thought of using it was making her feel squishy.

Chloe ripped open the package of batteries and loaded them, paying close attention to the positive and negative signs on the cap. Twisted the cap back on and then twisted the speed control.

Holy. Shit.

It shook in her palm. Fingers trembled and tickled.

The whirring noise of the motor was too loud. It had to be. She had to test it. She turned it all the way up, set it on her bed and watched it shake for a second. Grinning, she unlocked her door and stepped outside. Shut the door again and pressed her ear to the door. Listened hard. Sighed in relief, no noise outside the room. Had to worry about herself now.

Back in her room, she stripped off all her clothes and climbed into the bed. Twisted the speed control. All the up, all the way down. Just a little up, barely on. Jesus, she was going to come without even using it. Her nipples were hard, cheeks flushed, she hadn't even touched anything, yet!

Leaning back against the pillows she ran her hands over her breasts, tweaked rosy tips. Hands over her taut stomach, fingers brushing the skin. She reached soft, curly hair at the juncture of her thighs and moaned. She was already wet enough she could feel it here.

The slick warmth covered her finger as she searched for the hard little nub and barely brushed it. This was going to be fast.

Chloe picked up the vibrator and turned it to the lowest setting and lightly pressed it where her fingers had been only moments before. She shuddered. She pressed a little harder, the vibrations making her tremble.

She closed her eyes and her breathing increased. She twisted the cap a little more, the vibrations intensified. Chloe whimpered and euphoria shot through her as she came.

She pulled her hand back and panted. Her legs were shaking. Jesus. Everything was shaking.

She was going to need more batteries.

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