Trust #3: Belonging

by rebecca

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"You're sure you don't want me to come in with you?" Lex stopped the car, turning to her.

"I'll be fine, Lex." Chloe smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "You can't fight my battles for me."

"Believe me, Chloe--I had no intention of doing so."

"Uh huh. Sure you didn't." She unbuckled her seatbelt, giving him a patently disbelieving look. "And since when did you become so protective?"

Lex smirked. "I hardly think offering to be with you while you tell Lana is protective."

"For most people, it wouldn't be. For you--spill, Lex. What's going on here?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Nothing, Chloe. I just thought--"

"You just thought Lana might manage to change my mind, didn't you?" she interrupted.

"Now who's making a leap of logic?"

"Am I wrong?"

He sighed, rubbing a hand over his head. "Not entirely, no."

"Lex--" Chloe stopped, wanting to get her temper under control before she spoke. "I've known Clark a lot longer than Lana, and I've been better friends with him than I ever have been with Lana. I made my choice." She reached over and folded his hand around hers, pressing the stone of her ring into his palm. "I'm not going to change my mind."

He lifted her hand to his lips, brushing a kiss over her ring. "I know."

"Only you don't, or we wouldn't be having this discussion." Chloe took her hand back and looked at him thoughtfully. "I'm going to go meet Lana. I'll be back at the apartment by eight or so. So will you." She smiled and leaned over to kiss him briefly.

"I will?"

She nodded, smiling. "Uh huh."

"And why will I do that?" Lex murmured.

"Because," she said, leaning over again so her lips brushed his. "You trust me." With that, she drew back and slid out of the car before Lex had a chance to respond.

Lana had arrived at the restaurant before her and was waiting at a table; she smiled when Chloe came in, waving her over. "So what's up?" she asked as Chloe took a seat. "You said you had some news for me--is this something I should be worried about?"

"No, nothing like that." Chloe grinned. "I--I'm engaged," she confessed.

"Oh my God!" Lana clapped a hand over her mouth. "Chloe, that's wonderful! When did it happen? Let me see the ring!"

Chloe laughed and obligingly held out her left hand. "That is beautiful," Lana said, releasing her hand. "So tell me!"

"It happened about a week ago--we didn't want to tell anyone until we had the ring."

The waiter came over then and they ordered drinks, preventing Lana from asking any more questions until he was gone. "So who is the lucky man? Anyone I know?" she demanded as soon as the waiter had left.

"Mm-hmm," Chloe admitted.

"Who?" Lana gave her an impatient look. "Chloe, you can't keep me in the dark about this."

"I--" Chloe took a deep breath. This was the hard part. She prayed Lana wouldn't react the way Clark had. "Lex and I are getting married," she blurted.

Lana stared at her for a long moment. "As in Lex Luthor?" she said finally.

Chloe nodded. "Yeah."

"Wow." Lana leaned back, looking stunned. "I didn't know you two were even dating."

"We've been together on and off for a few years, but we've kept it quiet. And I'll be the first to admit this is kind of sudden, but--" Chloe shrugged. "It feels right."

Lana nodded thoughtfully. "Good! If you're happy, then it's worth it." She smiled. "So when's the wedding?"

"Oh, God, we haven't even thought about that." Chloe groaned. "The last thing we talked about was the bridal party. We asked Clark to be the best man, but that does not look promising at the moment--he essentially implied that we were getting married because Lex coerced me into it. Not fun."

"Wow--I'm kind of surprised. I had thought Clark would be happy." Lana smiled at the waiter bringing their drinks. "Are we ready to order, Chloe?"

"You go first, I'll figure out what I'm having while you're ordering." Chloe skimmed over the menu, deciding on her food pretty much on impulse. She ordered and handed over her menu.

"That really is a shame about Clark," Lana said. "I'll talk to him if you want?"

Chloe shrugged. "If you want, but it's really his problem. But." She grinned. "Would you do me the honor of being my maid of honor?"

It wasn't often she got to see Lana Lang totally stunned, Chloe reflected cheerfully. "I--I'd love to," Lana said warmly. "Can I help with the wedding plans now?"

"Please," Chloe begged. "Lex and I desperately need someone to help us plan this thing or we're going to end up eloping."

"Well, we can't have that," Lana agreed. "A Luthor wedding--how big do you want it to be? Smallville or Metropolis? When?"

"I don't know!" Chloe started laughing. "I'm clueless!"

By the time dinner was over, they'd agreed on a few things. The wedding would be in Smallville, in June, but the approximate size was something Chloe had to discuss with Lex. "I have no idea if he's going to want to invite hundreds of business acquaintances or not," she'd said ruefully. "I hope not, but--"

"Well, we'll see." Lana walked out of the restaurant with her, looking at her appointment book. "I'll give you a call next week?"

"Sounds good." Chloe grinned. "Thanks, Lana--for everything. I really appreciate it."

"Not a problem." Lana smiled and put her book away. "How are you getting home?"

"I'm only a few blocks--well, Lex is, but I kind of moved in with him since the engagement. I'll walk, it's a nice night." And it would give her time to plan.

Lex was in the living room, sipping a drink, when she walked in. She draped her arms around his neck and kissed the top of his head; he looked up and kissed her mouth. "I take it things went well?" he asked.

She joined him on the couch, laughing as he pulled her into his lap. "It did. On the good side, she's thrilled to be the maid of honor. On the bad side, we can't elope anymore."

"As I recall, you never wanted to elope in the first place." He set down his drink, resting his face in her hair briefly. "You may change your mind after we meet my father."

"That's this weekend, isn't it?"


Chloe sighed. "It'll be okay, Lex." She kissed him; his arm tightened around her and he deepened the kiss, his other hand sliding up into her hair.

"I like this habit of being able to kiss you whenever I want," he murmured.

She grinned against his mouth and kissed him again. "Come with me, Lex." Chloe slid off his lap and held out her hand, waiting. He raised an eyebrow but took the offered hand and followed her to the bedroom.

"Dare I ask?" he said.

"You can ask. Doesn't mean you'll get an answer." Chloe stood on tiptoe and kissed the spot right under his jaw, her hands busy unbuttoning his shirt.

Lex raised an eyebrow again but didn't catch her hands, letting her take off his shirt without interference. "See," Chloe said against his chest, "I think you need to remember something." She licked one of his nipples, enjoying the reflexive clench his stomach made. "You asked me to marry you and I said yes." Short pause to tease the other nipple. "I may have run in the past, but-" She ran her nails up his chest before pushing him backwards. "-I'm not running now."

"I can see that," Lex said, stepping back.

"Do you?" She hooked her fingers in his waistband and pushed again, sending them both tumbling onto the bed. "Do you really?" Chloe bent down, kissing his throat, using her teeth to scrape the skin.

"I'm-beginning-to get the picture." Lex reached up for her but she pushed his hands away.

"Mm-hmm." She straddled him, hands flat on his chest, and looked down. "Watch," she said huskily. "Touch me and I'll stop."

She pulled off her shirt, reaching behind her to unhook her bra and toss it to the side. "I ran from you because I didn't want to admit I needed you," she said softly, unbuttoning her pants. "I was scared." The zipper came down and she slid off the bed to kick off her shoes. "You scared me, Lex." Quick twist of her thumbs and the pants slid down around her ankles.

He wasn't wearing shoes; she pulled his socks off easily and discarded them before climbing back on the bed. "Every time I went to you I felt as though I was caught up in a whirlpool." She looked down at him, her hands resting just above the button of his slacks. "Every time I left it was harder to pull myself away." The button came undone and she pulled the zipper down.

"I didn't want you to leave," Lex said quietly.

Chloe smiled, moving so she could take his pants off. "I know. And that scared me more than anything, Lex.-you're so well-known for not needing anything, for being so independent-what was it about me? Why did you need me? I was afraid I wasn't good enough, that whatever it was you saw in me wasn't really there."


"It's okay, Lex," she said softly, stretching out on top of him. "I'm not running anymore. I'm here. You're stuck with me."

He smiled a little. "I can think of worse fates."

"Mmm." She rubbed against him, slowly, and felt him jerk in response. "You know what changed my mind?"

"No," he said hoarsely. "And if you keep teasing me I'm not going to be thinking clearly enough to know, either."

She laughed and sat back on her knees, taking her panties off one inch at a time. "I realized that I could keep running, but it wouldn't get me anywhere. Because I do need you, Lex-I always will. You-you make me feel in a way no one else ever has." She shifted to toss her panties aside and leaned down to kiss him. "No one."

He made an abortive move to reach for her before dropping his arms. "Good," she said against his lips. "Don't move."

She used one hand for balance and the other hand to position him, sinking down onto his cock as slowly as she could manage it. Her breath came in little pants and she bit her lip to keep from moaning. "I don't think I'll ever get enough of this," she whispered.

"That makes two of us." Lex's voice was strained; she looked down and saw his eyes were closed. "Move, Chloe-I need you to move on me," he said thickly.

"Like this?" Smoothly, she began to move, riding him in an easy rhythm. "Or do you want more?"

"More," he ground out.

"Watch me," she breathed. She leaned back, resting her hands on his legs for balance, sliding up and down his cock harder and faster. "Like this?"


No one else she'd ever slept with (all three of them) had been able to make her feel like this. No one except Lex made her spin out of control until she couldn't tell if what she felt was the heat and hardness of him inside her or the hot wet silk of her sex around him. "Say my name," she demanded, gasping for air. "When you come-say my name-"

And then she ran out of words and it didn't matter because she was riding him, taking him inside her, making him hers and all that mattered was the hot sweaty rhythm of it, pounding harder and deeper until she screamed out his name and spasmed around him.

She kept moving on him, her body demanding more from him. He was close, so close, she could feel it, hear it in the ragged breaths he was taking-

"Chloe!" It was wrenched out of him, a desperate cry of claiming and surrender.

She dropped forward to rest against his chest, feeling his heart pounding. Neither one of them spoke, even when he softened and left her. His arms came up to wrap around her and she tucked her head under his chin.

"Always, Lex," she whispered at last. "I'll always need you."

He didn't speak, just tightened his arms around her. For better or worse, she was his.

Just as he was hers.

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