Same Time Next Year

by rebecca

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It's the same weekend every year. The three of them meet, in an anonymous hotel in whatever city they've picked. And it's always the third weekend of June.

This year it's New York; it was Chloe's turn to pick and she did for no reason other than wanting to spend some time on the East Coast. It worked out well; they didn't travel together, of course, but they all arrived on time. Friday afternoon, just like always.

Lex has chosen the hotel--he always does. They have two rooms, for the sake of propriety, although they know only one will be used. That's the point.

Chloe's first to arrive at the hotel; she checks in and goes up to the room, dropping her bag on the bed. The boys will be there soon, so she takes advantage of this time alone to freshen up a bit, washing her face and smoothing her hair. She doesn't mind traveling, but she hates the way it always leaves her feeling grimy.

As she's drying her face, the door opens and she turns to see Lex. He's impeccable as always in a black suit and slate-gray shirt, a small overnight bag over his shoulder. "Hey," she says, walking out of the bathroom to greet him.

"Hi there." He drops the bag casually and hugs her, kissing her forehead briefly. "No sign of him yet?"

She shakes her head, kissing him on the cheek before pulling away. "He'll be here soon, I'm sure."

Lex smiles a little and sits down on the edge of the bed. "How was your flight?"

"Long. Crowded. Cramped." Chloe makes a face and sits down in a chair opposite him. "I hate economy."

"You know I'd pay," he says lightly.

"Yeah, but it doesn't seem right."

He just smiles a little and shrugs. "Suit yourself."

There's a knock on the door; Clark must have gotten the key to the other room. Chloe stands up and opens it, letting him in. "Hey," he says, hugging her. "Sorry I'm late."

"You're not--we just got here," Chloe tells him.

"Oh, good." Clark drops his bag by Lex's and sits.

"Anyone hungry or thirsty?" Chloe asks, even though she knows the answer. Food and drink will come later.

"Not for food," Lex says dryly.

She smiles and stands up. "Well, in that case..."

There's a ritual to their weekends. Whoever picks the city goes first. Clark came up with that, their first year. So now it's her turn.

She's wearing a simple outfit--blouse, pants, shoes, jacket. The shoes come off first, followed by the jacket, and she stretches, enjoying the freedom of actually being able to move after five hours on a cramped plane. Both men have their eyes fixed on her; she smiles and runs her fingers through her hair before beginning to unbutton her blouse.

The blouse is simple and blue; the bra under it is black lace and a bit of a pushup. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but the guys appreciate it. She leaves it on and lets her blouse fall to the floor.

Plain black pants; she'd chosen them for comfort in travel. They get kicked aside without a second thought. The underwear, on the other hand, matches the bra; lace so sheer it's pretty much see-through and high-cut on either side. It's not a thong--she was willing to sacrifice a few things, but she wasn't about to wear a thong for a five-hour flight.

Clark shifts a bit on the bed and Lex has a predatory gleam in his eye that means she's going to get pounced if she's not careful. She steps back a little and reaches behind her to unhook the bra, letting it fall. "Panties, guys?" she asks, cocking one hip and hooking her thumbs under the band.

"Off," Lex tells her. Clark nods in agreement, so she pushes them down and steps out of them, leaving her completely nude.

"Who's next?" she asks, sitting on the bed.

Lex looks at Clark, who shrugs and stands, undressing easily. He's never really gotten into the striptease thing, but given what's under the clothes, neither she nor Lex mind all that much. Pretty, pretty man...flat in all the right areas and so nicely curved in others she has to resist the temptation to bite his ass.

Clark stretches out on the bed; Chloe leans over and kisses him, tangling her hand in his hair. They pull apart reluctantly when Lex stands, turning to watch the show.

If Clark has never understood how to do a good striptease, Lex more than makes up for it. He teases them and makes it last as long as possible before the last piece of clothing hits the floor and he's standing there, a smooth-skinned beauty of a man (in Chloe's not-so-unbiased opinion). He crawls onto the bed and kisses her, his mouth demanding against her own.

Before the weekend's over, they'll have taken each other in every position and combination available, and they all know it. So there's no need to rush. And they don't; they start out slowly, easily, with long, smooth kisses and hands wandering over skin, reacquainting themselves with each others' bodies.

For some reason, Chloe's always ended up in the middle first. If she were to think about it, she'd probably say it had something to do with internalized homophobia and how it's easier for Clark and Lex to connect sexually if they use her as a conduit. But honestly, she doesn't care all that much about why.

Slowly, they move so she's on her back, Clark's mouth on one nipple; Lex's on the other. She's shivering and petting their heads, raking her nails over Lex's scalp and tugging lightly on Clark's hair. "Front or back?" Lex asks Clark, raising his head.

Clark tugs on her nipple one last time before turning to look at Lex. "Front," he says.

She's not really sure what they have planned, but she lets them move her, sandwiching her on her side between them. Lex pulls her back against him and she feels his cock hard against her ass; Clark draws one of her legs up over his hips, letting her rub against him. God, she's trapped between two hard men, one pressing against the cleft of her ass and the other teasing the opening to her sex. Mmm. Life is good.

Lex shifts briefly to reach for something and Clark compensates by biting her neck a little. She arches against him, her breasts rubbing against his chest, and feels him slip the tiniest bit into her. But when she tries to draw him deeper into her, he pulls back. "Not yet," he murmurs, mouthing her throat.

Something cool and slick is tracing a line down the cleft of her ass, teasing at the little opening. She trembles, realizing what the guys have in mind. It's not like they haven't done it before but normally it's something that gets saved for later in the weekend. She's a little nervous about her ability to relax enough to enjoy it.

"Sssh," Lex whispers in her ear, his finger teasing, circling, but not pressing into her. "We'll make sure it's okay."

Between Clark's mouth on her throat and Lex's other hand on her breasts, she can only sigh and arch into it, trusting them to make sure she's ready for them. Clark draws her leg up higher and Lex's finger slides easily into her body. She gasps and whimpers at the stimulus, pressing back against Lex.

His finger's moving inside her, stretching her out for him, but one won't be enough. Maybe for Clark, who's bigger and more flexible than she is, but she's too small and too unused to this for one finger to work. She doesn't feel ready for two when Lex slides another finger into her, but Clark swallows her gasp with a kiss. "Relax, baby," Lex murmurs, stroking deep into her body. "Relax for me."

Clark is moving against her rhythmically, the same easy movement as Lex's fingers inside her. And by the time Lex's third finger presses into her, she's relaxed enough to take it easily, her head resting against Lex's shoulder and her hands on Clark's shoulders, her nails barely digging into his skin.

"Ready for me?" Lex murmurs in her ear, his tongue tracing the lines of it. She nods, her eyes closed.

He eases into her slowly, making sure she's relaxed before pressing deeper. She whimpers a little and clutches at Clark, not from pain but from the intensity of it. This isn't something she does on a regular basis.

"Now, Clark," Lex says thickly when he's all the way inside her. "Now."

She moans, almost a wail, when Clark slides into her. Both of them, inside her, stretching her almost beyond her ability to handle it--she can't move, she can barely breathe between the two of them. And then they begin to move.

It's too much, there's no way she can stand this, she's going to explode or fly apart or something--but there's nowhere she can go--she's panting, her heart pounding, her entire body trembling as they take her. Lex's tongue is deep in her ear and Clark's mouth is hot against her shoulder and their hands are linked over her ribcage and she thinks she's crying but she doesn't know.

She's so overstimulated that her first orgasm barely takes the edge off before she's climbing again. When she comes, both men groan, Lex shuddering against her back and Clark biting down on her shoulder. The pain barely registers, save as another sensation her body can't process.

Chloe has no idea how many times she comes before the guys groan--first Clark, then Lex--and she feels their seed inside her. She stopped being able to count somewhere around number three; her body was so sensitized that every movement set off another round of shudders.

Clark slides out of her carefully, holding her steady so Lex can ease out of her body. She's beyond speech; beyond anything resembling coherency. Lex kisses her shoulderblade and she shivers; Clark smooths a hand down her flank and it makes her tremble.

She dozes off, her brain having shut down all but minimal life-support functions. When she wakes, Clark is spooned up against her back and Lex is tucked up against his.

Hmm. Clark in the middle. Oh, the possibilities...


It's Lex's turn to be on his back, Clark kneeling over his mouth and Chloe straddling his hips. He's got all of Clark's cock down his throat--not an easy task, Chloe knows--and he's buried so deep in her she doesn't know if she'll ever not feel it.

"Fuck me," she pants. "Come on, Lex--fuck me, come on, oh yeah, like that--"

She likes it best when he's in the middle. It's so amazing to make him lose control, until he just grabs her hips and--slams up into her, hard and fast, his fingers digging into her skin. Her hands clench over his and she rides him smoothly, her hips rolling with each hard thrust. "Oh, yeah," she breathes. "Come on, Clark--fuck his mouth--just let go, fuck him--"

Clark's hands tighten in the sheets and she hears the sound of ripping fabric. It could be worse; they're only on their third set so far. "Do it, Clark--it's what he wants, it's what you need--" Chloe is only half-aware of what she's saying; the rest of her is focused on the way Lex feels between her legs, hard and hot and full, driving into her.

He's beyond caring about her pleasure now; the considerate, controlled lover is gone. She can feel it in the way he fucks her, in the way his grip on her hips is almost painful. And it's that knowledge that he doesn't care anymore that sends her over the edge, keening.

When she comes back to herself, it's just in time to feel Lex shudder within her, driving up into her one last time. He hasn't even softened when Clark makes a low guttural sound and Lex swallows around him.

As they drift off after that round, exhausted and sated, she thinks about what will happen in the next year. Maybe they'll see each other, maybe they won't. In the past, she's had brief affairs with both men; it's entirely possible that'll happen again this year. For all she knows, one of them might even get married, although she doubts it. None of them are really the marrying kind.

But no matter what happens, the three of them will meet again, next year, in an anonymous hotel in an anonymous city, the third weekend of June. They'll spend the weekend in bed, go through numerous sets of sheets and towels, lube, and other goodies, and they'll all leave on Sunday to go their separate ways.

She doesn't know what brings them back, year after year, and she doesn't care. These weekends are their secret, their private indulgence. One day in the future they'll have to stop, she's sure. But for now, they're in the middle of their weekend, and nothing else matters.

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