Reflections on Friendship

by Misha

Reflections on Friendship
By Misha

Disclaimer- I totally do not own any of the characters of Smallville (though I wish I owned Lex!), they belong to a lot of people with more money than me. I am not making any money off using them in this story, so please don't sue me.

Author's Notes- Okay, I started this ages ago and am just getting around to finish it. It's set after "Hug" and is just a short Jonothan piece reflecting on one line in the episode and Jonothan's facial reaction to it. It's my first attempt to write either Jonothan or Martha and I'm not sure how well I did. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Well, that's all for now, enjoy!

Spoilers- Up to "Hug", but a tiny one for "Nicodemus".

Rating- PG

"It's funny, I got shot at and the bullets were fired by my best friend."

Those words keep going through my head.

Best friend. My son considers Lex Luthor to be his best friend.

God, how I wanted to scream about that, protest. Do anything to stop that friendship.

But I can't. I've done all that I could. I've warned Clark, but he didn't listen. Not to me, not to anyone.

My son is drawn to Lex Luthor; he has been from the very first.

He sees something in Lex that the rest of us don't and he won't believe anything bad about him.

I know that he thinks that I'm prejudiced, that I hate Lex because of his father. And that's partly true, but not completely.

There's something about Lex himself that I don't trust. Something in his eyes.

Maybe he is Clark's friend; maybe he really does want what's best for him, but there's something darker about him. He's been exposed to his father and nothing will ever convince me that alone hasn't destroyed him.

Lionel is and always has been a vile snake. Too much exposure to him and you become just as tainted.

The Luthor's end up hurting a lot of people. And I don't want my son to be hurt.

But I know that it's too late. Clark's in too deep to turn back, even if he wanted to.

Clark's always been completely loyal to his friends, and now that loyalty is extended to Lex Luthor. More so than anyone else, I think.

I've watched them from the distance and I know that the friendship between them is strong. Stronger than any Clark's ever had before, I think.

I wonder how Chloe and Pete feel about Lex. I'm sure that they can't be all that fond of him. After all, Clark doesn't spend nearly as much time with him as he used to.

He rarely even talks about them anymore. Usually all his time and attention are devoted to Lex and Lana.

I guess in some ways I understand why he and Lex are friends. After all, Lex has gone out of his way to be Clark's friend, and what fifteen year-old boy wouldn't appreciate that?

But I still don't get what's in it for Lex, unless he's attracted to Clark's light. After all, Clark is so different than him. There's very little about Clark that isn't good and maybe Lex is drawn to that.

I don't know.

All I know is that despite my best efforts to prevent it, the two of them are close.

But it can't last. I'd bet anything on that. On the fact that sooner or later the friendship will fall apart.

And I'm sure that Clark will end up getting hurt. I wish I could prevent that. I'd do anything to be able to.

But I can't.

Because my son considers Lex Luthor is best friend.

The End

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