by Te

by Te
May 2002

Disclaimers: If they were mine, Clark would be smarter, Lex would be happier, and I'd be sleepier.

Spoilers: Vague ones for, Hourglass, Leech, Nicodemus, Zero, and Stray.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Summary: In which there is chit-chat, fluff, and smut.

Author's Note/Warnings: Livia gave me this bunny, and it's a bunny even Anya could love. Nothing to fear here, unless the lack of deeper meanings sends you running for the hills.

Acknowledgments: To Liv, of course, and Jenn for nudging and jumpstarts and good lines, and Riv for cheerleading, and my We in absentia... or, really, to my We for loving me despite my absence. Lastly, to the divine Miz E., because I have to be wholesome sometimes.

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He'd been on the phone with his father when Clark made the deliveries, or so said the note on top of his vegetables.

One more reason to be irritated, really, but... today's not the day for it.

Spring is melting sweetly into summer in every way, all cool breezes and fresh greenery, and his father is getting older every day. Older in a way that Lex understands now that he never will.

He smiles, a little meanly, around a bite of not-ripe-enough nectarine and traces a finger over Clark's charmingly casual scrawl:

'Evan said you were on the phone with your Dad. The word 'reaming' was used. (smile) If you have some time, I'm going to be trespassing on your property down by the ravine for a while. Clark.'

Today's a day for... this. Lex swallows the chunk of fruit and throws the rest in the trash. Sets the note aside, washes his hands, and steps out into the day.

It's a little less than a mile through excessively trimmed and tamed nature to the ravine -- and there were so many reason to miss the Palmers -- barely enough to ruin his shoes, though he gets a good start at it before the Kents' truck comes into view.

No tire tracks... ah. Lex hadn't realized there was a road running roughly parallel to the ravine. God knew what it was used for, or why Clark had decided to drive to Hell and back just to come around here.

The grass is a little less neat here, the trees trimmed only to the point where death by ravine would be pretty much assured. A pretty enough spot, but... where is Clark?

Stops, looks at the cab of the truck. The empty cab of the truck. Stoops... no, not under the truck. Looks around and... boots.


Very large, Clark-sized boots, attached to Clark-sized legs, hanging over the bed. Lex snorts.

"Lex?" Shuffling sounds.

"No, don't move, I'm coming up."

"Okay." He can practically hear the smile in Clark's voice. God, this boy... "Oh, careful, it's. Um. Kinda dusty."

Climbs up, and yes, there's Clark, lying back on his elbows and grinning up at Lex like Christmas. He raises a small dust cloud easing down next to the boy, but it's no hardship, especially since Clark seemed to take organic food as the perfect excuse to grow. And grow some more.

There's enough room in the old truck-bed for the two of them, but it necessitates what in some circles could reasonably be considered a cuddle. Lex rests his head on his hands and smiles up at the sky.

It's a good day.

Clark shifts a bit more, very obviously trying not to jostle Lex too much, and finally stills.


"Hmm? Oh." Another sunny smile. "Yeah. Just. You know. Don't want to crowd you."

Can't hold in his own smile. "Clark, I'm in the back of a pick-up truck with a teenaged boy who's probably growing while I talk." Looks him up and down for emphasis. Just emphasis. "I don't mind a little crowding."

"Oh. Well, in that case..." Exaggerated stretch and Lex finds himself pressed against the wall of the truck.


Distinctly evil snicker before Clark eases up.

Lex coughs and brushes ineffectually at his suit coat. "You know, contrary to popular opinion, it's always the big guys who get eaten first when the pioneers get trapped in the blizzard."

Clark looks skeptical. "Is that so?"

"Definitely. Overconfidence, incautiousness..." Lex pokes Clark in the ribs. "Excellent marbling..."


"You could feed the Donner part for weeks, Clark."

Another snicker. "I never knew this side of you, Lex."

"What can I say?"

"I never wanted to know this side of you, Lex."

It's hard not to laugh with Clark. He doesn't try.


"Well, okay. What about that one?"

"The one with the giant --"

"Ack! Jesus, Lex, never mind. You're the biggest pervert in the world."

Lex chuckles. "Hey, you don't even know what I was going to say."

"You already said the ice cream sundae cloud looked like --"

"It is an extremely well-endowed woman."

"And that the eye of Horus cloud looked like --"

"It does --"

"Don't say it!"

"Can I help it if the heavens are particularly heavenly today?" Grins at Clark.

"God, you're worse than Pete."

"Mm. I do try." Can't help sobering for a moment. "How is Pete, by the way?"

"Huh?" Transparent stall, but Clark is... trying. "He's... well. He's okay." Searching look. "You know, I've known him since we were small. God, since I... since the Kents adopted me. We've always been friends. He's a really good guy. He's just." Looks back up at the clouds. "You told me once how hard it was to remember that everything you learned when you were a kid wasn't true --"

"Clark, you don't have to make excuses for him. I know my father hurt a lot of people in this town."

"I know. I know. It's just. Don't you wish that all your friends could be friends with each other?"

"Clark. Think about what you know about my friends."

"Hmm. Don't you wish your friends were more than three hours away?"

Grins. "All the time."


"Why are we in the truck?"

"As opposed to...?"

"Well, I realize that we're about a mile from the patio furniture, Clark, but I understand that grass can be quite soft, when applied to the back of one's body."

Clark pokes him in the ribs. "Worse than Pete and Chloe." Pause. "I don't know. It just seemed... I mean, I was already trespassing..."

"Right. So why not go whole hog?"

And the ground is lumpier than he expected it to be, which Lex is absolutely determined not to complain about, or even acknowledge to himself. Well, he can't quite help the latter, but he can try.

Especially since Clark stretches out with the kind of sigh that Lex has reserved for thread counts in the hundreds, morphine, and excellent orgasms. Smiles to himself and wonders if U.S. presidents get to decide when the sun goes down. It seems like a reasonable enough power.

He doesn't want the day to end.

His own sigh is distressingly pathetic.

"Lex? Something wrong?"

Smiles at Clark. Thinks about kissing the breath out of him. "Just complaining to myself about not being Emperor of the Universe yet."

Clark's grin is sly. "Better hurry. You're almost twenty-two."

"Don't make me throw... something at you."

"Grass? Wildflowers?"

Lex pegs him with a dandelion.


"So when do you have to get home?" Lex forces himself to breathe, to stroke at a weirdly rubbery stalk of grass.

"I don't."

Lex snorts. "Ever?"

"Nope. I've decided to become a hippie. My parents think it'll be good for me." Another grin, and God, Clark has been so generous with them today that Lex thinks he might have a stroke, or say something egregiously stupid. One would undoubtedly lead to another.

"Well, it'll help if you can build up your tolerance."

"Oh, yeah? To what?" Eager puppy voice.

"Well, fresh air for a start, you lunatic. A hippie?" Slaps Clark's stomach while he laughs, considers seeing if he's ticklish, considers hitting him again, considers... and eventually Clark stops laughing, and Lex is still on his side, palm still flat to Clark's hard belly.

Nothing but a t-shirt between him and all that warm skin and God, he knows what it looks like.

"You're my favorite mystery," he blurts, and only the way Clark's eyes go wide keeps Lex from wincing.

And there's the moment he's come to expect. A shuttering, a closing down, and this close Lex can feel Clark stiffen.

Lex closes his eyes against it. There'd been a plan for this, after all. Clark isn't someone to be ambushed, no matter what Lex's instincts screamed. Clark was all about fairness, and a kind of parity that could only exist in Little League games between teams chosen by an especially paranoid and anal coach.

"I don't know --"

Lex laughs a little. "It's okay, Clark. I didn't mean to..." Opens his eyes and looks into wariness. He wants to know how to comfort Clark. He wants to be able to say things like that out loud, artless and true. "I... there's something I have to tell you."

An easing. And if even that's enough to make Clark relax around him... Lex strokes Clark's belly, remembering the feeling of daring and joy the first time a girl had ever looked at him with more than just curious pity. Remembering the hunger as Clark watches him lick his lips. Right. He can say this. He can offer this as more than just... barter. Or would that be easier for Clark?

Shakes it off.

"Lex? Are you... is everything okay?"

Has to laugh. "Yeah. It is. I'm just... a little freaked. You'll understand in a minute, I think."

Cautious smile. "Okay..."

"You have to have noticed... I heal very fast." There. A start.

Clark looks puzzled.

"Sometimes... sometimes I don't get hurt at all. Even when I should." Lex shivers and chooses to blame it on an errant breeze.

Clark is still just looking at him, but comprehension is... dawning. Maybe.

"Earl pistol-whipped me. No blood."

"Oh. Oh my God. No gravestone..."


"I... Cassandra's vision. Well. One of them. She saw... God, I was surrounded by gravestones. Everyone's except. Except yours. Lex! What...?"

"Wait, how could you see her visions?"

Clark bites his lip. "Oh. Um. I have powers. You kinda knew that."

"Well, yeah --"

Grin like the sun coming out. "Hey, so do you!"

Lex takes his hand and chuckles. "Yeah. I figured..." Shakes it off. "So you're a mutant?"

"Well... not exactly." Another entirely-too-endearing lip-bite.

"Not exactly?"

"I'm. Um. An alien." Clark sits up, still grinning like Christmas. "But, hey, you're not human, either! That's great!"

"Wait, what?"

Big hands cupping his shoulders and Clark is just this side of ecstatic... "I'm an alien. Oh. Wow. Okay, I'm getting what you're saying about being freaked. I've... well, I've never said that before. To anyone. I mean, obviously my parents know. But... you're... the meteor shower did that to you? I mean, with the healing?"

"You're an alien? Not just a mutant? Wait. Hang on, that was a really fucked-up sentence. I need to sit down."

"Lex, you are sitting down."

"Well, then I obviously need to lie down."

"Okay." Clark lays him down carefully, braced over him and practically vibrating with energy.

Lex does his best not to be obvious about looking for signs of little-green-man-ness, because... well. Yes. Mission accomplished, right?

"Hey, Lex?"


"I know this is kind of selfish, but... could you not freak out? Because... well. Yeah."


Clark reaches out to stroke his cheek, does it after a brief hesitation. "This is really cool, you know."


"Well, not so much your being non-verbal as your being a mutant who isn't insane or hell-bent on death and destruction. I was starting to worry."


"Plus, you know, I don't have to worry so much about you. I mean, people keep kidnapping you and shooting at you and generally beating the crap out of you --"


"Hey, that was two syllables." Clark punches his shoulder lightly. "Good job. Yeah. So. When did you know? Oh, never mind. Non-verbal. Got it."

Lex blinks in what he hopes is an encouraging manner.

"Lex? I'm... I'm really glad you told me." And Clark settles down beside him again.


He's going to say something soon.


The sun's starting to go down, there's a remarkably sexy alien next to him, there's an alien next to him, there's an alien --

His language skills have been complimented by some of the best professors in the country.

Clark is an... alien.

Clark is...

Lex looks over to find Clark staring up at the darkening sky, face blank save for the most obvious worry-line Lex has ever seen.

Clark is really far too cute to be human.

Lex suspects that if he lets the laughter out he'd never stop.


"Hey! Words! Cool." Small smile.

Lex smiles back, ruefully. "They had to come back eventually."

"I don't know, I was looking forward to seeing you trying to communicate with your staff via sign language, grunts, and whistles."

"No more Discovery channel for you."

Brilliant smile that fades much too fast. "Are you okay, Lex? I mean... I've had some time to get use to the whole. Um. Alien thing."

"Well, I have to admit it wasn't what I was expecting..." Lex shifts onto his side, wondering if he hates the local laundry enough to even bother sending this suit to them. "You had more than enough reason to want to keep being a mutant a secret, considering."

"Is... is that why you told me? To make me think there wasn't anything to worry about?"

"Well, that's part of it. I mean, part of me had always known. You don't spend your whole childhood with asthma, wake up one day without it and, oh yes, bald, and not wonder, but... I'd never really had enough severe physical trauma before getting here..."

Another small smile. "Yay, Smallville."

Lex chances a touch. Still so warm. "Indeed. But... it's still not something you really assume. And I'm never going to be especially sanguine about someone, say, pointing a gun at my head... it makes me wonder about some of the partying I did as a kid... but that doesn't answer your question." Smiles ruefully and barely manages to hold in a gasp when Clark takes his hand.

Squeezes it. "It's okay if you did, you know. I mean... you're my friend. Friends want to know everything about each other."

Lex's smile feels twisted on his face. "Yeah. But, Clark... I also just wanted to tell you." Forces himself to look Clark in the eye. "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Crooked grin. "Maybe."


Clark looks down, takes a shaky little breath that doesn't seem useful at all. Rubs his thumb into Lex's palm, slow and infinitely suggestive circles that have Lex hard in an instant. And Clark is looking at him again, eyes gleaming. "Maybe... yes?"


"Oh. Say my name again. Just like that. Or just... do something. Lex, you've been --"

Kisses him, and Lex means for it to be soft, but Clark meets him halfway and Lex's body insists on crawling on top of Clark's and there's heat and wet and confusion as to which is coming from where and the only way to clear that up is to get more.

Clark kisses with his mouth open, nothing chaste, nothing at all hesitant about him. Nothing but hunger, even with their hands trapped between them and unable to do anything but clutch and God, even that's wonderful, so wonderful.

Clark is practically drinking him, sucking at Lex's mouth and fuck, spreading his legs just enough to catch Lex between them. Hot and hard and blue jeans have never been such a beautiful tease.

"Lex, yes --"

Groans helplessly and goes in for another kiss. Another. Clark meets him for every one, finally releasing his hands only when Lex moves away from his mouth. Big warm hands on his head, not quite pushing as Lex mouths along Clark's jaw. Absurd urge to apologize -- 'sorry, Clark, it's just that I've been waiting' -- but he feels forgiven when a lingering suck at Clark's pulse gets a throaty moan.

Rocks his hips and now Clark's hands are busy. Stroking his scalp, fingers slipping for a dizzying second between Lex's mouth and Clark's throat, down over his back and God, fuck, yes, his ass.

Hard squeeze and Lex takes it as encouragement, lines them up a little better and rocks harder, faster, sucking and biting and grateful for every hard life lesson that allowed his mind to compartmentalize efficiently -- he's absolutely positive that the 'your Honor, he's an alien' defense will save him from the statutory rape conviction.

Something between a grunt and a yell and Clark is pumping up against him, squeezing his thighs against Lex's hips and arching his head back. Giving it up so pretty and Lex doesn't want to blink, doesn't want to miss a moment of this, of Clark so hot for this.

For him.

Hands on his ass, pulling Lex in hard against him and Lex needs to see this.


"Oh fuck -- Lex. Like that. Say my name --"

"Clark, open your eyes. C'mon, look at me."

Does it instantly, and oh, he's wild with it, almost anguished- looking and Lex feels himself shooting pre-come, narrowing his eyes against an orgasm he knows will hit like an enraged organic farmer. Laughs a little hysterically and thrusts a little faster, biting his lip.


"Lex. Lex, you're gonna make me come..."

"I want you to. Come for me, Clark. You're so --"

Strangled scream and the world abruptly changes position. Lex realizes he's on his back and sits up to find Clark cursing and tearing at his jeans, getting them open, yanking them down to his thighs --


"Oh God --" Clark wraps his hand around his cock and looks at Lex with naked desperation for one heartbeat, two, before coming all over his fist and the grass, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head.

"Jesus, that's hot, Clark --"


"Shh..." Lex crawl-walks over as best he can with the club in his pants and takes Clark's sticky hand in his own. "Nothing at all to be sorry about. Fuck. That was..."


Licks a stripe up Clark's palm and groans at the taste. Human enough, but... another --

"Oh, man, Lex that's..."

Subtle strangeness, a richness that's probably just his imagination, but Lex is willing to go with it. Sucks Clark's fingers into his mouth and closes his eyes and just... enjoys.

Tiny, broken sound. "You're gonna make me hard again, Lex..."

Releases Clark's fingers with a wet pop and licks his lips. "Good. I want your cock."

"Oh God, you, too --" Hand on him through his pants and Lex jerks, bites the heel of Clark's palm.

"Clark, you're so fucking hot."

Sunny smile. "Thanks. Can you... there's no one around." Deep blush.

"You want me naked, Clark?"

Wide, wide eyes, and Clark is nodding for long moments before he makes a sound. "Lex. I mean yeah. Yes. Is that okay?"

Lex grins and starts stripping. Suit jacket that way, tie the other way, and Lex blinks and his shirt is gone. "What...?"

"Um... I'm really fast. I mean. I can move. Really fast. Sometimes. Heh."

"Well, how come *you're* still dressed -- never mind. Wow. That's really cool."

"Yeah, I thought so. So... pants?"

Lex lies down and puts his hands behind his head. "Be my guest."

Clark grins at him and Lex has just enough time to tell himself to concentrate before he's feeling sun-warmed grass on his legs and sun-warmed Clark on the rest of him. Big hands stroking over his chest, down his belly, between his thighs, pausing on the edge of taking his cock... "You're so... is this what silk is like?"

"Fuck. I'll buy you new underwear."

Sly smile. "You don't like me naked?"

"I didn't say I'd let you put it on."

Another grin, and Clark is still stroking him, moving away enough to cup his knees, lift his legs to feel the undersides as if checking to make sure there's no hair anywhere. Wondering look in his eyes, lips parted, and Lex is hard enough to ache.

"Clark --"

"Yeah... how long... how long have you wanted this? To have sex with me."

"Day one. Beautiful. So beautiful..."

"Oh, God, Lex." And Clark squeezes his eyes shut, moves up over him again, lowering himself down and... rubbing. Slow. Drag of skin to skin.

So warm, and Lex reaches for him, but Clark catches his hands. Holds him down. "Fuck --"

"Sorry, I -- I just..." Opens his eyes and searches Lex's own. "Do you jerk off?"

"What? Of course --"

"I mean -- thinking of me? Do you think of me? Of this?"

"Yes..." More of a hiss than a word, and Lex is the one spreading his legs this time. Needing.

"So do I. I think of. God, so many things." Another blush.

"Tell me."

Clark blushes, glancing down briefly, but when he looks up, Lex's cock tightens with the heat in his eyes. "I think about -- you and me. In the loft. And -- it's not that what you say, but how you keep staring at me, so I walk over and you just -- touch me. My face, I mean. Just my face. Like you were just waiting for me to do it." Rocking on him and Jesus, warm. Making the ground both icy and completely unimportant beneath him.

And Clark's watching him for every reaction. "Do what. What am I waiting for, Clark?"

"For me to touch you. For me to. Need it."

"Fuck --" Squeezes Clark's fingers hard and Clark is kissing him, messy and inexpert. Forgetting everything he's learned or just not caring about it and it's wonderful.

"I do, Lex. I need it. Need you."

"Clark --"

"Feel you... taste you... I think about you in. Fuck. In your office. Behind your desk." Clark's eyes are closed and he's rocking a little faster now, working for a better angle, purely selfish and gorgeous and driving Lex happily insane.

"What am I doing?"

Clark shakes his head. "N-nothing. You just... you smile, and you push your chair back, and turn it a little. I come around and you... you've got your cock out --"

"Oh, fuck --"

"Lex, Lex, I'm gonna come again, I can't --"

"Shh, it's okay, come all over me, it's --"

Hurt-sounding moan that makes Lex's cock pulse, makes his mind pulse, and Clark's still thrusting, still moving. "You smile at me like... like you knew all along and I'm down on my knees -- oh, Christ, fuck, I have to --"

Hands free and Lex has just enough time to get them into Clark's hair before the boy is mouthing a slick, hot path down his chest. Licking his own pre-come from Lex's belly and sucking in the head of Lex's cock with mindless hunger.

Licking, sucking and drooling and down.

"Clark -- !" Hears himself yell and can't do a damned thing about it. Mouth like a furnace, like something alive unto itself, and those big hands are on his thighs, spreading them wider. Stroking up between, cupping Lex's balls, testing their heft and stroking back between and Clark groans around him.

All Lex can do not to buck, but Clark is pulling off.

"Jesus. Jesus, don't --"

"I just... I have to..." Wet, sucking kisses along the shaft, slick tongue on his balls, wet, so wet, and Clark is lifting him. Lex's legs on his shoulders and Clark's tongue on his perineum, pressing hard and impossibly sure --

"Clark... oh God, do you --"

"Thought of you doing this to me. Looking so hungry. I'm... I'm hungry, too, Lex --" Tongue in him, cleaving him open with raw determination, soft grunts and harsh breaths and Lex doesn't know whose sounds they are.

Suspects they're far too subtle to be his own.

Clark is kissing his hole, making love to it like a natural. Open-mouthed tongue-fuck, hands on his thighs and Lex is...

There's no control for this. Every part of the day crashing in on him and building at the back of his throat and he can't even curse. Sobbing yells, every one making Clark's hands flex on his thighs. He'll have bruises, he'll be hoarse for days, he doesn't give a flying fuck.

So good, impossibly good and liquid and real and he's never wanted to be fucked so badly in his life. Never ached like this, never felt so open and ready and God, Clark.


Begging now, arching up into it, and Clark is humming something against him, trying to pull him closer still, trying to get deeper and Lex knows, Jesus, Lex knows what he wants. What they need. Christ.

Sucks in a shuddering breath. "Clark." Is that his voice? "Clark, stop, you..." Deep, deep thrust, pure rebellion and Lex bucks, whiting out someplace behind his eyes. "Fuck me, Clark, I need you to fuck me --"

Clark pulls back, releases him gasping -- Jesus, had he even been breathing? "Lex?" Needy confusion.

Okay. Okay, he can think. He can. "Need you in me. Fuck, you're so..." Gets a hand around his cock and Clark immediately knocks it aside, replaces it with his own. "Oh God. Yeah. Yeah. Just... you'll have to go slow at first, but... yeah, fuck faster --"

"Lex." Clark staring down at him so beautiful. So fucking beautiful.

"Don't wait. As soon as I come, slick your cock --"

"Oh, man --"

Lex laughs helplessly, pumping into Clark's fist. "Yeah. And I'll flip over and --"

"I'll fuck you... oh, Lex, Lex, I've wanted --"


And Clark can't seem to decide where to look, eyes burning into Lex all over. Mouth, chest, pumping hips, cock, twisting his head in a move somewhere between obscene and adorable to get just one more look at Lex's hole and licking those full lips... "Oh God, Lex, you have to come now. Please." Eyes on his own, nothing but desperation.

Waves of it rolling through him like something disastrous and Lex bites his lip, can't turn away.


Glimpse of his own cock disappearing into Clark's fist sends Lex over the edge, gasping and moaning God only knows what and the world is shifting again. Cool grass on his cheek and. Fuck.

His own hot come on his ass.

Blunt finger testing, pushing... "Have to feel you..."

And if Lex had language left he's sure he'd say something along the lines of 'mi asshole, su asshole,' but as it is all he can do is groan and rock into the touch.

The push. One slick finger in all the way to the second knuckle and Clark's moan is wonder lost under hunger. "Oh, Lex..."

"Hurry, Clark, you --"

"God. God." Wet sounds behind him. "Lex, I don't think I'll last --"

"Just want you in me when you come, it's okay..."

Strangled, incomprehensible noise and Clark's hands slip a little on his ass as he spreads him. "You... I need you so bad..." The first push misses, and Clark's cock slips wildly along Lex's cleft, making them both moan.

Lex can feel Clark shaking and reaches back to help, squeezing his eyes shut at the half-pained hiss when takes Clark's hot, slick cock in his hand. Guides Clark in and bites back a gasp. Big.


But he's no virgin, and just the thought of the sweet, shuddering, desperate boy behind him... "More."

"Oh God..."

Slow, achingly slow, and Lex isn't sure which of them this is killing more. Digs his fingers into the turf and forces himself to breathe, rocking back against Clark and feeling like a god, feeling like a monster at every wonderingly hurt little sound.

"Oh. Oh, Lex, I'm inside you..."

Feels Clark's cock flex and groans and there are hands stroking his back, petting him. Something between a soothe and a goad and Lex can't stop rocking. Another inch, another, and Clark whines high in his throat.

Balls-deep and Lex thinks he might go blind from this, mad and deaf and dumb and just... Christ, so good.

Clark's shaking hands all over him, blunt fingers ghosting over his shoulders and clutching at his hips and they're both breathing like its something newly learned and not at all trustworthy.

"I... I'm gonna... oh God, are you ready for me to move, Lex?"

Starts to laugh, but the way it makes his insides move changes the sound to a moan midway through and oh, God, Clark is bending, covering him.

Big enough to almost surround him, soft, wet kisses on his neck and scalp and Clark's cock is shifting and Lex knows they're both talking, both begging and promising and pleading, but none of it means anything.

Or everything. "Please..." His own voice sounds thick, disused, and Clark pumps once, twice.

Sweat pattering on Lex's back and it's too much, too good to last.

"Clark, you have to... fuck. Need you to fuck me --"

Growling yell and Clark flattens them. Lex is pressed to the ground, legs spread wide like this year's beautiful joke and Clark's braced over him.

Clark panting breathless gratitude, hot and humid into Lex's ear.

Clark fucking him, hard and slow and right. "So good, Lex. You're so good to me. Always so... wish I could... never want to stop..." Hands finding his own, fingers twining, squeezing so gentle...

Lex hears himself sob something wordless and Clark's kissing him, half-missing his mouth and thrusting faster. Shaking with control and lust and opening him wider with every stroke, spearing him, spitting him, riding him, and Lex thinks this is the meaning of helpless.

The only meaning he'll ever care about again: Clark unconsciously breaking him, thrust after thrust, kiss after kiss, eyes closed and begging only for more.

"Beautiful, Clark, you're --"

"Oh God --"

And Clark's squeezing his hands so hard Lex feels something creak, rhythm gone ragged faster than he would've imagined possible. Lex takes a breath and tries to spread a little wider for Clark, opening himself for it. He wants this to be... perfect.

Sharp gasps punctuated by silences and various desperate interpretations of his name and it feels like Clark is shaking himself apart, buried to the hilt and pulsing, coming hard for what seems like forever before collapsing on his elbows, forehead pressed to Lex's cheek.

Lex grins to himself. He wants Clark to come again now. He wants to watch it. He wants to tape it. He wants -- no, he doesn't want an audience.

Well, maybe a small one.

Intimate and all that. Tugs his hands out from under Clark's and flexes his fingers, feeling... something pop back into place and deciding not to think about it. Folds his hands under his head, wincing a little at the necessary shifts of his spine.

Large, heavy alien.

Clark is still panting in a most gratifying way.


"Mm?" Warm, wet nuzzle like a mother cat.

Lex wonders whether it's pathetic that his face is getting sore from all the grinning. "You okay up there?"

"Mm-hm." Another nuzzle. Pause. "Oh. Oh. I should probably. Um. Move, shouldn't I?"

"Well, eventually I'm going to need food and water, but you're fine for now."

Smile against his cheek, followed by a kiss that's undeniably... sweet.

Lex idly considers just stapling his face into the grin that obviously wants to be there. Nudges Clark gently. "This would be easier on our sides."


And Lex has just enough time to start wondering about the best way to start moving before he finds himself... moved. Snorts. "Powers, right."

Another grin, against his throat this time. "Yep."

Lex chuckles quietly and shifts to find a better position. And stops. "Clark?"


"Are you still hard?"

"Er... no?"


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