Window Seat

by rebecca

Chloe spun around, clutching the precious letter to her chest. She couldn't quite believe its contents; looking at it again, she couldn't quite restrain a squeal of joy. So what if she was being silly? No one was around to see her.

"Is there a reason for this spontaneous declaration of joy?" Lex asked from the doorway.

She froze in place. "I--didn't see you there," she said, turning to face him. He leaned against the wall, looking casually elegant in his black slacks and navy blue shirt. "When did you arrive?"

"Just as you squeaked," he said lightly. "What's going on?"

"I did not squeak. I let out an involuntary exclamation of happiness." Chloe maintained the glare for all of ten seconds before collapsing in giggles. "I got it, Lex! I got the internship!"

"Congratulations!" He crossed the room to her; she threw her arms around his neck, still clutching the letter.

"I have been so worried about this," she said, looking up at him, still grinning like a fool.

"Trust me, I know. You haven't slept in how long?" He wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her close, backing them over to the window seat.

"Don't ask, you don't want to know." She laughed and kissed his nose, making him blink.

"What is this obsession you have with my nose?" he asked, sitting down in the window seat and pulling her down with him. She tumbled into his lap, giggling.

"It's not your nose, it's you," she said, kissing the side of his mouth. "What can I say--I've always had a thing for bald multi-millionaires with flashy cars."

"So in other words, if I grew hair and lost my money you wouldn't want me anymore?" He pouted at her. Only Lex didn't pout; it came out more like a smirk.

"I don't know--I think it'd depend on how good the sex was," she teased him.

"You didn't have any complaints the other night."

"Yes, but that was then."

"Why do I put up with you?" Lex murmured, sliding his hands under her shirt and pulling her down on top of him.

"Damned if I know," Chloe said with a grin. "It must be the sex."

"That'll do until I come up with a better answer." He kissed her, his hands moving down to cup her butt. She made a soft noise of pleasure, bracing her forearms on the wall to get better leverage.

"Don't you have work to do or something?" she teased him.

He nipped her lower lip as a retort. "In case you haven't noticed, darling, it's Saturday."

"Oh." That came out as more of a gasp than an actual word; Lex's hands had roamed their way around her waist and up her chest, his thumbs brushing her nipples. "What is this strange power you have over me?" she asked breathlessly, arching back.

"Blame it on the meteor rocks," he suggested.

"I'll--think about it." She stripped off her shirt, letting him unhook her bra and push it off her shoulders.

"Good answer." Lex took one of her nipples into his mouth; she gasped, her hands running over his scalp. "Have I told you how much I love your breasts?" he asked, mouthing kisses against her skin.

"Don't think so. Have I told you how much I love your mouth?"

"Not unless 'oh God, yes, more, Lex' counts as an equivalent."

"I think it does." She kissed him, unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it out of the way. He shuddered when she ran her nails down his chest, gasping when she reached his navel. "Shirt. Off. Now." She bit his throat and sat back, letting him push off the offending item of clothing.

"Better?" Lex asked, stretching out under her and pulling her down so she was lying on top of him.

"Much." She bent her head, kissing her way down his chest, using her teeth lightly, the way she knew he liked. When she reached his pants she had to sit up, scooting back so she had room to undo them.

"This isn't fair," Lex protested as she undid his slacks and pushed them down. "You're still half-dressed.

She raised an eyebrow at him--a quirk he sincerely regretted teaching her--and stepped off the window seat, undoing her jeans. She slipped one hand inside, touching herself, as the other pushed the jeans off her legs.

"Come here, little girl," Lex teased, having divested himself of his clothing. "I've got something to show you."

"Please, Lex, can we not go there?" Chloe hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and slid them off, slowly. "Like what you see?" she purred, running her hands over her body.

"Mm, I do," he said, reclining in the window seat, one leg drawn up and the other stretched out. "Come here and I'll show you how much."

She smiled and straddled him, eyes half-closing in pleasure at the feel of his cock against her ass. "Oh?" she asked.

His hands reached for her breasts, teasing them, playing with her nipples until she choked back a moan. "Like that, do you?"

"Mmmm." She leaned down and nibbled his throat, licking and sucking at the skin until she'd--almost--left a mark.

"Hickeys? How high school." Lex didn't sound too displeased.

"Be nice to me, or I'll leave one somewhere it'll hurt."

He smirked and brushed a thumb over her lips; she bit lightly at the pad, sucking it into her mouth. Her eyes half-closed again as she sucked on it, her tongue teasing until he pulled it out of her mouth. "I think you have an oral fetish," he murmued, running his wet thumb between her breasts.

"I think you have a thing for my mouth."

"That and other parts of your body."

"Is there a reason we're still talking and not moaning incoherently?"

"Sit on my lap and let's find out." Lex shifted to make it easier for her; she braced herself against the wall and raised herself up, one hand steadying his cock as she slid down. Slowly.

"Oh..." she breathed when he was fully inside her. Lex didn't speak; he just held on to her hips and closed his eyes. He wasn't a very vocal lover, Chloe had discovered. She didn't particularly care.

"Move for me, Chloe," he said huskily. "Ride me."

She began to move, one hand still bracing herself. She didn't think she'd ever get used to the feel of him inside her; it was utterly incredible. Hot and hard and silky and so right--as if she'd had a part missing until he was in her. "Yes," she whispered, closing her eyes. Sometimes she liked to watch him, but she'd come too quickly if she did that today and she wanted to draw this out as long as she could.

His hands slid from her hips to her thighs, caressing her, running up to her butt and back down to her knees. She reached down, smoothing her hands over his chest. When she flicked her thumbs over his nipples he groaned and caught her hands. "Witch," he whispered.

"Your witch." She raised his hands to her lips and kissed them, biting lightly at his fingers. When she released them, he dropped his hands to her breasts.

"Oh--" Chloe began to move faster, clenching around him. "So good..."

"Yes," he breathed. He circled her nipples with his thumbs; the stimulation was almost too much for her. She grabbed his hands and entwined her fingers with his, using his hands for leverage as she rode him harder and faster, both of them panting for air.

"Come for me," he demanded, releasing one of her hands so she could rub her clit.

"Oh God--" Chloe spasmed around him, shuddering and gasping. "Oh--" She kept moving, wanting to feel Lex come inside her.

She had no idea how long it took before he groaned and his head fell back. Her time sense was fogged by afterglow--and frankly, she didn't much care. She stayed where she was, wanting him inside her as long as possible before finally moving and letting him slide out of her.

"Definitely the sex," Lex said, stroking her hair lazily. She grumbled against his chest.

"Not my sparkling wit?"

"We can discuss that later."

"Kay." Chloe yawned and closed her eyes, kissing his chest sleepily.

"Good girl. Go to sleep."

"Bite me," she muttered.

He laughed. "Later, darling."

She was almost asleep when some brain cell kicked in. "It's more than the sex, right?" she asked.

"Chloe, if it was just sex, I'd have asked you to leave a while ago. Now go to sleep." He kissed the top of her head.

"Just checking." She yawned again and drifted off, warm, limp, and utterly sated.

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