What You Want

by The Spike

megathanks to Te, Debchan, Livia and H.Nonnynonny who put up with much whining on this one. Sarah and Bas were also very kind to me. It's done now, okay? It's done,. Usual disclaimers apply: these guys don't even *know* me.

Clark woke up feeling heavy. In the dark, on a floor, crammed into a corner. Something -- no, someone -- on top of him.


He moved a little. One hand found metal that wasn't particularly cold. The other found the back of the somebody on top of him. Smooth shirt-cotton, smooth back. The somebody groaned, shifted a little.



"Yep. Are you okay?"

"I..." Long pause in which Lex patted a little frantically at Clark's legs as though he wasn't sure what they were, then pushed himself up. Clark missed the weight and the warmth, even though it wasn't cold where he was "I have no idea. Where are we?"

Clark almost said he had no idea either, but that wasn't quite true.

He had... something. Some totally formless thing that felt like memory but wouldn't resolve into anything concrete... or...

Lex sat down a little heavily beside him, arm against his arm.

"We were walking," Clark said.

"That's right," Lex answered. He sounded a little winded. "In a field. In the dark. I had a flashlight..." He heard the rustle of Lex feeling around on the floor. Clark searched too, slid his hands across the smooth, warmish metal surface. Not a big place, wherever they were, but solid. And flashlightless. At least in the immediate ring they could reach around them. He felt a strange reluctance to move farther. He heard a clatter.

"Found it," Lex said. A click. A shake, a rattle. More clicks. "It's not working."

"I'm not worried," said Clark. Weirdly he wasn't. This place felt calm, peaceful. There was a hum in the air that he found kind of nice. Like bees happily at work making honey.

"I'm not either," Lex said. "That's kind of what worries me." They both laughed a little. Clark settled back against the wall and Lex settled next to him. Lex's arm was a warm line in the darkness. Nice. He bumped Lex's shoulder with his own. Lex made a little laugh sound and bumped back. They settled again. Almost like drowsing. Clark thought about bees, about lying down in warm clover and taking his shirt off to let the sun and wind touch his skin.

Lex leaned against him. Lex's leg rested against his leg. Clark thought of the smell of summer. Or maybe he smelled summer. He leaned down, sniffed.

"Clark," Lex sounded really calm. "Are you smelling me?" Clark thought about it, sniffed a little more. Felt a little warmer.

"Maybe a little..."


Clark thought about it. Sniffed some more. Found the top of Lex's head and rubbed his nose against it. Smooth, soft, thin skin.

"You smell good."

"Well that's... interesting." But he didn't sound upset and he didn't move his head away. "What else do you remember?"

"About what?"

"About walking in the field at night with this flashlight. I think it might be important."

"Okay. I remember.... hmmm. I think I was telling you something."

"That's right. No, you were... you were showing me something. Something with rocks or corn or... Clark?"

"Sorry. You just smell really really good." He pulled away a little, leaned back against the wall. Surreptitiously sniffed again. Still good.

"It's not that I mind," Lex said after a while. "It's just..."

"Interesting," said Clark. Another pause. This one not so long. Lex shifted against him.

"Actually, no."

"No?" And then moved away again.

"There's something not right here," Lex said. Clark heard more scrabbling and the sound of Lex getting up. The muted tap of his shoes on the metal floor. He listened while Lex made his way around the... room?

"What kind of place is this?" he asked.

"I think.... It feels like an elevator. I think we might be moving. Except.... hmm."

"No buttons?"

"No door."

"Okay, *that's* creepy."

"We should definitely be more worried than we are. I suspect we're drugged."

"I don't feel drugged, Lex. I feel..." He stopped. Thought about it. Tried not to think about it. Rubbed his hand on his thigh. Shifted. Breathed.


"Nothing..." And Lex was beside him. Right beside him, crouching down, close enough to...

"What is it, Clark? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Talk about... what we were doing. What I was showing you."

"Clark..." Hand on his arm, moving up to find his neck, his face, forehead. Cool hand against his warm forehead. Lex smelled really good. Clark let his head fall back against the wall. The hand followed.

"Talk, Lex."

"Okay." Lex took his hand away. "Okay. We were walking, so... hm... So there was no road. And you were showing me something. What would you want to show me?"

The laughter snorted out of him. Well, come on. It was funny. Like it could be anything but funny: Lex, come here I want to show you something. Zzzzzip. And his dick falling into his hand, hard and...

"Share the joke?"

It just made him laugh harder, except... he could almost... The sun would be hot on his shoulders and there would be bees in the clover and Lex would... He had no idea what Lex would do. Run screaming probably. Wasn't that what anybody would do? Wasn't that what he would do if Lex was standing in front of him, naked in the sunshine, holding himself in his hand?

And he knew he'd stopped laughing. And he was very, very warm. And Lex...

He needed to get Lex naked.

How? How could he do that?

"It's hot in here, isn't it."

"It is a little... yeah."

"I'm just going to take my shirt off." He undid the cuffs of his flannel, started unbuttoning.

"Clark, you know you're acting a little weird." He stopped unbuttoning.

"I know." He undid another button. It really was warm.

"I think I know why."

"Really?" The last button and he opened his shirt, fanned himself with the edges, then pulled it off.

"Yeah." Lex sounded a little farther away all of a sudden and Clark looked up. Tried to see through the darkness. He found Lex's bones, standing maybe three feet in front of him. "I think what you were showing me in that field... I think..." He watched Lex put his hand-bone up to his head-bone and rub. "There was a hole in the ground and there were... there were pieces of metal with weird symbols and... And... Clark, do you hear bees?"

"Yes!" Clark said, enthusiastically. "That's what I've been trying to tell you."

"It's really warm, isn't it...?"

"It really is, Lex. You should probably come here and smell me."

"I..." And he could hear Lex breathing in the dark and then coming closer and then sliding down the wall and brushing against him before he expected it -- long arm-bones still inches away. Weird. He blinked until he couldn't see bones anymore.

With his eyes closed the sound of bees seemed louder. He could feel the sunshine liquid on his back. Lex's face was right beside his face. He could feel the warm brush of Lex's breath on his bare shoulder. His cheek just grazing Lex's cheek.

"What are we doing?" Lex asked him.

"I don't know. You just..."

"Smell good. So do you, Clark. I think... " A tiny shift and Lex's lips brushed across his cheek. "Can I touch you?" Whispered against his jaw. It made him moan -- just ripped this low, shaky sound right out of him and Lex's hand was on the back of his neck and Lex was... tasting him. Open mouthed and wet and almost cool against the heat of his skin. Sucking and biting at his jaw, his chin, his mouth....

Lex's tongue, licking his lips, licking his tongue, his ticklish upper palate. Lex's teeth nipping his lips and Lex's lips just there and slick and open. Over his mouth and he had Lex's shirt in his hands and then just fabric in his hands and Lex's bare skin under his hands. Silk threads and cotton and hot, live skin. Lex down on his back and the floor was so warm now under his knees and Lex was making low, raw, breathy sounds. Sounds like Clark sometimes made under his breath at night, when his dick was hard and jumping in his hand and he was going to come.

"Lex. Lex. You're going to come."

"Oh god!" And Lex writhed under him and rubbed up against him. Hands strong and everywhere. Too many layers of clothes between them, shirts and pants and zippers and cotton and Clark just tore and tore. Peeled Lex like an egg. Breathing in his moans, his shouts. Getting his mouth down onto everything -- the bow of Lex's throat, his chest, the soft, salty wrinkle of an armpit and Lex was smooth and alive and....

Hands tugged at his fly and suddenly he had to tear at his own clothes, get them off, fling them and then finally, finally he was. Naked. Up on his knees and heavy between his thighs.

Lex under him. Wriggling, grunting a little like he was working at something. Soft friction between his knees. Clark reached with both hands. Found both of Lex's upper arms bare, muscle corded. Lex's muscles were lean and hard. His skin was the livest thing Clark had ever felt.

"What are you doing, Lex?" His voice sounded rough and a little wild.

"Trying... trying to get what's left of my pants off."

"I'll help."

"No! You..." But Clark knew he didn't have to rush now. Didn't have to hurry. Lex was his. All his. Not going anywhere now, as he slid his hands down Lex's arms. Found what he was working at. Waistband, catch and some rags of wool and satin. He slipped his fingers between Lex's fingers and undid the catch. Gently. Slid his fingers under the waistband, other waistband until he was touching skin again and eased things down Lex's hips. Gently. Arch of Lex's hips. Bump of Lex's erection coming free.

Lex sucked air through his teeth as Clark pulled the remnants of his clothes away. He ran his hands over Lex's body, taking his time. Unbuttoned Lex's unattached cuffs, his collar. Brushing away threads and rags. Peeling away shoes. Socks...

Lex was naked. He'd gotten Lex naked!

Lex's bare foot in his hands. Long, surprisingly soft foot. Like it had never really walked on the ground. Narrow heel Clark had to pry at a little with his thumbs. Long, silky toes he had to put in his mouth and suck.

Lex jerked in his grasp, almost a kick but Clark hung on. Lex's toes were salty-sweet and so tender against his tongue and Lex was making so much desperate noise.

More noise when he bit the arch of Lex's foot and mouthed his way down Lex's ankle. In the back of his mind he knew that this was probably not normal. To want to do this. Taste every part of Lex. Bite and kiss and hold him. Make him make those sounds. Want to rub himself against Lex like he did. Want to find a way inside.

"Lex..." Moaning it into the smooth silk where Lex's knee bent. Another jerk and he felt hands on his head, pushing at him.

"Clark." Lex sounded breathless. "Clark, stop. This isn't you... You don't want this."

"I really do, Lex."

"No, it's this place it's this... oh god..." Lex arched up hard, hands clenched in Clark's hair. And it just made Clark bite down, made him open Lex's legs wider and pull him closer until he was right there. Nuzzling Lex where he was hard and soft and bare. Lex's balls so tight up against his body, he knew what that felt like, how close. Felt his own body tense the same way and Lex smelled so good he had to taste, had to lick the furrowed velvet. Had to suck Lex into his mouth and tongue him.

It really wasn't normal at all. Lex's thighs up over his shoulders and Lex spread wide for him like... like a long, pink wedge of watermelon. Lex's breathless little screams that Clark wasn't even sure were happy and that wasn't... right.

"Lex...?" The sound of his voice just made Lex writhe and that scared him a little. He let Lex slide down his body. Disentangled their legs. Lex tried to snare him, rub against him, strong hands grabbing at his wrists. Clark didn't pull away, just lowered himself on top of Lex, covering him.

"It's okay," he said. He found Lex's head whipping back and forth and cradled it in both hands trying to hold it still. The skin was slick with sweat or tears and Clark stroked with his thumbs. Wished he could see Lex's face through the darkness. Wished he could tell as he curled over to lay kisses between his thumbs, in the soft, wet corners of Lex's eyes. Planes of his cheeks. Mouth. Lex groaned, pushed against him. Lex was all vertical lines, thin skin, his own kind of strength. Clark could feel hardness between them -- his own, aching and hot. Lex's -- electric heat in the cradle of his hip and belly.

He couldn't resist it. The pulse of it against his skin and he had to push back. Slow rocking motion that he lost himself in, kissing and thrusting like they were making an ocean between them. It felt so good.

Felt so good that he wanted Lex there with him and he knew he wasn't and he wasn't sure why but... Bees. Heat. The unforgiving urgency, like something driven from outside.

Clark lifted his head and glared at the darkness.

"Leave him alone..." Long moment of nothing and there was... something. A lessening of something. Bees. Pressure. Lex gasped for air.

"Oh God..." he said. "Oh god oh god oh god...."

"Are you okay?"

"Oh god..."

"You're scaring me, Lex. Please say something besides 'Oh God'."

"Oh," said Lex. "God. Oh. Kay. Okay. I'm okay."

"You're okay?"

"I'm... I lost...words. There weren't any words in my head."

"Oh, God, Lex. I'm sorry."

"No, it was... Jesus..." And he pushed up against Clark, still hard, still slick, still enough to make Clark thrust back. Groan at the warm spiral unwinding in his groin. And no. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

"Aliens," Clark gasped. "Aliens are doing this to us. Making us want this. Making us..." he swallowed, couldn't help thrusting a little more, "...have sex."

Lex... laughed.

"I don't think so."

"No, they are. They're using some kind of mind-control. First on me, and then when you started asking too many questions--"

"Oh, I know that."

"You do?"

"Yeah. I've watched TV once or twice in my life, Clark. I can posit aliens."

"And it doesn't bother you?"

"No. Of course, I am drugged. Or... mind-controlled."

"Then... "

"Clark, this might shock you, but I actually wanted to have sex with you before we were abducted by aliens."

"Oh." It did kind of shock him a little. He had wondered a little about Lex. Everybody did. There were lots of rumours and Lex was a pretty snappy dresser but...

He hadn't wanted to so much as, maybe fantasized. Sort of. Let his mind wander in the dark with his hand on his dick and sometimes when he was close he'd think of the smell of Lex's cologne or his hands or... sweaters. So maybe....


Realized he was mindlessly thrusting again, slipping himself into the tight space still between them. That Lex was thrusting back. That their dicks were rubbing and catching and sliding by each other in a way that made his toes curl and straighten all by themselves. That it was so good he could just keep going like this forever. That it was never going to be enough.

"Lex..." He wasn't sure. He could still hear the bees, but they seemed drowsy and far away. And Lex was right here, right under his hips and his hands and his mouth -- breath hitching as they kissed and sucked and kissed and rubbed...

"I don't care if it's aliens, Clark." Lex licked his ear, hot liquid tongue and Clark shuddered.

"I don't care either. I just..."

"Tell me."

"I don't know what to do."

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't..." Helpless. Wanted too much. Too impossibly much to ask. But Lex was there

"What do the aliens want you to do, Clark? What are they..."

And it hits Clark with such a rush. They're not making him do anything. They're helping.

Bees. Heat. Like a blessing. Like a warm hand in the small of his back pushing him forward.

"Oh god Lex. They... I can't hurt you here. I can do anything. I can..." All poured out of him as he knelt up, hauled Lex onto his lap, Lex's legs against his chest "Do you want this?"

Lex's groan was wild, sounded like 'yes' and 'oh Jesus' and he arched up so hard. And Clark knew exactly what he wanted to do, slicked himself with sweat and pre-come, slid the head of his dick over slippery smooth flesh until he found the entrance to Lex's body. Dizzying slide as Lex just opened to him and he couldn't take it any slower than one thrust after another. Unfolding heat and the way it made Lex gasp and grunt, all low in his chest and Clark was just...

Wished he could see it. Could see Lex, his face, the way his body was moving with Clark up, all the way up inside him.

"Oh god..."

Sun on his back. Soft grass under his knees. And he opened his eyes.

"Oh god, Clark..."

Not clover. Something soft and curling and of a green so dark it's nearly black, violet sky, blue-white dot of a sun that pooled all the colour of midnight around it and he couldn't look at it, couldn't look at anything but Lex -- naked, really naked and painted in mauve light and sprawled and his


Lex's eyes were squeezed shut. His cock was so hard and wet Clark wanted to put it in his mouth but all he could do was take it in his palm and close his fingers around it. Lex's head rolled back in the not-clover, raising a cloud of tiny glitters.

Not-bees. They swarmed gently against Lex's skin and Clark could feel the warm shudder all the way through to his own. And yes, they were. All around them. Didn't matter.

"Lex. Open your eyes."

Lex did. Blinked in amazement and squinting as he looked around.

"Oh my god...." And Clark thrust then, thrust hard into Lex and it brought Lex right back to him -- the expression on his face was just what Clark wanted -- broken and happy and seeing him. Really seeing him. So he did it again. And again and again, stripping Lex's cock in his hand and making him sweetly crazy and it felt so good, so right, so...

"Lex, I'm coming..." Felt Lex stiffen, heard him shout, felt the heat on his knuckles. Sudden sparkle all around them, Lex outlined in light and Clark could hardly see for the glitter and then he was. Coming.

Really, really hard.

Maybe forever.



Lex woke up feeling heavy. It was dark outside and he was... Outside. Lying in dirt with someone on top of him. He recognized flannel. Denim. Smell of farmboy that he really liked, who was crushing the life out of him.

"Clark...?" Clark shifted. Scrambled. Kneed him in the kidney.

"Ow. You weigh a ton." Got off him.

"Lex? What are you doing here?"

Lex almost laughed. Except... he really wasn't sure. He sat up cautiously. His clothes felt odd, his skin a little tight and sore. The dirt was cold and damp under his fingers, dry cornstalks whispered eerily in no wind that he could detect.

He felt around, found his flashlight. Flicked it on.

Saw Clark, squinting a little. Hair ridiculously tousled. Shirt all rucked up and strangely ragged. Looking at him oddly.

"What?" Lex asked.

"Your jacket's inside out."

"That's... strange. Yours is too. And I think I have a sunburn. Clark, what were we doing out here?"

"I don't... no wait, I do. I was going to show you something."


Clark frowned, looked around, looked back at Lex sheepishly. "Um... corn?"

Lex looked around, looked back at Clark.

"I'm impressed. Nice corn."

They got to their feet, swaying a little. Clark reached out, either to steady himself or steady Lex. It didn't matter. Clark's hand felt really nice on his arm. He wonder if they'd gotten stoned, or something. He certainly felt... odd.

"We better get back, it's after..." He shook his watch, but no, it was truly dead.


"That too." Walking out of the field and Clark didn't take his hand away all the way to the road. Even then it was only to open the car door for him. He got in, waited for Clark to close it and go around to the other side, but Clark just stood there for a minute, frowning back the way they'd come.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Nothing, just... Lex, do you hear bees?"

"I..." And he was about to say 'no' except that something had snagged in his memory and there was glitter and the slide of skin and darkness, weight and the drone of something that could be bees...

Could be real.

Could be perfect because the look of raw, aching hope on Clark's face told him it couldn't be anything but.


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