This Part

by Te

This Part
by Te
March 2002

Disclaimers: If they were mine, would I be writing this stuff?

Spoilers: Not a one.

Summary: Random smut.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Acknowledgments: To my Spike, for the dose of vroom. Also to Miz E. I'm getting there, I swear...

Go on, do it.


Spike says:
You are my good fairy. Write Project 8.

Te says:
Don' wanna. It's all challenging

Spike says:
Write me some porn then.

Te says:
hmmmm ah hmm

Spike says:
/me tries to find keys to pornmobile

Te says:
He loves this best of all, he thinks.

Spike says:
<revving engine>

Te says:
Or... it's one of the bests, anyway. One orgasm down, God knew how many more before he has to go home and Lex...

Lex is nothing like a cat, but he's some kind of predator when it's like this between them. When everything is slow and heavy and hot but not... desperate.

Right now he's sprawled at the foot of the bed in a position that could only be comfortable for someone as surprisingly flexible as Lex. Head resting on his forearm and watching Clark. He doesn't seem to blink enough, but that could be an illusion.

It's hard to focus on Lex's face -- just Lex's face -- when he's sprawled out naked like this.

Broad shoulders and lean back. Muscles shifting almost imperceptibly and the obscene round of his ass. Makes Clark swallow a little dryly. Makes him tighten his hold on his cock.

He's been there. He's been inside Lex and this is nowhere near as good, but somehow it's still part of it. In some way Clark would've never considered.

He can smell them. It's so... blatant.

Like nothing that could ever really happen in real life, only this was real. But... the rest of the real world was starting to seem so pale. Shallow and lifeless.


Clark follows Lex's lazy look to his own cock, dark with blood and rising. It would be against his belly if Clark let go. If Lex started to talk.

Gasps and squeezes again, because --

"What, Clark?"

"Uh?" Brilliant. Jesus. "I mean... what?"

"What were you thinking that made you gasp?"

"I was... I like the way you talk to me. When we're... fucking."

"Mm." Lex stretched lazily. "I love that word in your mouth. Say it again."

And that's it, that's the way. Lex always knows, even if... Clark doesn't know. Shakes his head and gives himself a long, slow stroke before focusing on Lex's storm sky eyes. "Fucking. Fuck... this is so fucked."

Lex snorts and crawls a little closer. Kneels up in front of him and spreads Clark's legs apart a little more.


"Yeah. Let me see you."

Can't do anything but shift a little. Spread a little more. Offer himself up to Lex's sharp gaze. "I want you..."

Lex nods almost solemnly. "I know. Show me anyway."

"I... yes..." Tilts his head back and this is the best part. Letting his head fall and his throat stretch and that moment, that first moment as he starts to stroke in earnest and he can't see anything but the ceiling and Lex could do anything to him at all. "Oh God..."

"Make all the noise you want, Clark..."

"Unh --" Loud. Almost barked and he pumps into his own fist.

"That's right..."

"God, Lex you --"

"Give it up for me --"

"please oh please don't --"


Has to bite his lip, squeeze a little more viciously and he's bucking now. Shaking the bed and shaking his head. Sweat running into his hair and down his chest and Lex isn't touching him anywhere isn't -- "Lex --"

"Oh, Clark..."

Satisfied and hungry all at once and Clark knows the glitter in Lex's eyes, knows it all belongs to him. "Make me come... I need..."

"Not yet."

"Ah --"

"So close now..."

"Yes... yes I -- yes --"


And there's a thumb pressing hard on the head of his cock, rubbing ruthless hard circles and Clark gasps out a yell, banging his head on the wall and shooting and shooting --


"Lex --!"

And Lex is already yanking him back just enough, swiping the come off Clark's belly and chest. The preparation is fast, insistent and implacable and it's still almost too long to wait before Lex is lining up against his hole.

Spreading Clark's thighs over his lap.

"Open your eyes."

Clark looks up to find Lex eyeing him like something half-starved, absolutely amoral in hunger, and it makes him moan something unintelligible. No idea what he wanted to say and he doesn't care because Lex is pushing in.

Sharp, rocking thrusts, hands tight on Clark's hips, reminding him not to move until Lex is all the way in. Until Lex has him aching and burning and spitted, fresh sweat breaking out all over his body and he knows he sounds tortured.

"Perfect like this," Lex says, and it makes Clark arch, makes him push back against the cradle of Lex's slim hips and beg.

"Fuck me, Lex god do it hard --"

"Yeah --"

"Need you --"

"I know..."

Lex pulls out slow and drives in hard, setting off some crazy series of explosions all over Clark's body and he's getting hard again, so soon it aches.

Closest thing to pain and Clark grips the edges of the headboard and holds on as Lex drives in again.




"Oh God please --"

Again and Lex rakes the short, sharp nails of both hands down Clark's chest, and Clark chokes off a scream. "More --"

Something like a raw animal groan from Lex and he's hauling Clark's legs up around his waist, slamming in harder. Faster.

Flushed and sweating with it, hunger in his eyes getting lost under something like mindless pleasure and something like agony, loss.

Clark arches up to meet every thrust, digs his feet into Lex's back and urges him on, needing, needing, and he knows Lex can read everything on his face. Always known. Nothing matters but this and this is his.

Lex so hot inside him, so fierce and Clark needs him to come just like this, deep inside him and pounding at him and so real.

"Please..." he says, and Lex closes his eyes, ducks his head and groans desperately. Grabs Clark's hip with one hand and twists a nipple viciously with the other and comes thrusting. Gripping, twisting, gasping out needy little moans and still moving and Clark can't tear his eyes away.

Grabs his own cock and works it fast and hard, balls tight and hot and belly coiled with it so good so fucking good. Lex's head comes up fast and sudden and he's almost glaring at Clark and --


"Jesus --" Just a few spatters but it rocks him through, leaves him shuddering and gasping and spent, right there, staring helplessly into Lex's slow, hard smile.

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