Little Fish

by zahra

He's not in his element, and he knows it's painfully obvious. Obvious in the drawl of his voice and the scruffiness of his boots. Just a hick in the big city. Country mouse visiting the rich relations, attending the flashy college paid for by someone else. Thank god his father doesn't know about this. That he thinks his son is still trying out for the Sharks. That he's still at training camp; and if that's Jonathan's story, he's going to stick to it.

There's always a contingency plan though, at least that's what Lionel calls them. Lionel says that if he's auditing a class he doesn't have to pay. That's what he keeps reminding him. But Lionel is paying because he says he wants to see how smart Jonathan is.

See how worthy Jonathan is. Sometimes Jonathan doesn't think he should have to prove his worth, but then Lionel touches him and he doesn't really care.

Doesn't care that Lionel's family owns the Sharks or that he's probably a bad influence. That for all intents and purposes Jonathan's become a kept man. Doesn't care about Smallville and society balls, or class and rank and whether or not he actually belongs with Lionel because it feels right. Doesn't quite feel right to sit outside and wait for Lionel to pick him up from class though. But it's a concession he makes.

Dressed in flannel and three year-old Levi's, and truthfully, he doesn't care. Much. Can't really be bothered to feel out of place the way he used to. Remembers the first day of class and just not wanting to be there. Not wanting anything to do with micro versus macro and the entire economic thing. It just isn't for Jonathan. He's not going to run a farm; he's going to play football. He doesn't need to worry about things like this.

That's why Lionel is there. Lionel's the math wiz. The one who takes care of the money. Lionel is the one who has the money.

Glances at his watch and mentally checks it against Lionel's schedule for the day. If his meeting with that Jobs guy from Seattle goes well, he should be picking Jonathan up in thirty minutes give or take. Just enough time for Jonathan to recopy his notes and review what he's learned. Enough time to sharpen it in his mind for the interrogation that is sure to take place. Takes out a pen and begins to copy his notes over again.

Barely notices the red-headed girl lingering five feet away, intently studying his face. His reactions. Working up the nerve to come over and talk to him.

Taps the pen against his lip and wrinkles his brow, trying to sort out how supply and demand works in terms of organic beets. Has to chuckle because Lionel hates beets, and Jonathan really doesn't mind taking the course. If it makes Lionel happy that's all that counts. After all, Jonathan knows he's just a little fish and Lionel isn't. That Lionel is someone big and important and powerful, but sometimes Lionel makes him feel like a big fish in his pond and that's enough for him.

That's enough for right now.


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