How to fall in love with your friend

by Ezrafreak

There are several things you should before falling in love with your friend.

I wouldn't know, but I figured I should just tell you.

So what if I do know?? Maybe he could just be the most perfect guy in the

world, you know?

He's beautiful.Anyone with eyes could tell you. Just beautiful. He's just

all together beautiful, his heart...his eyes..his smile..the amazing six pack..

Like I said, here are things you should know before falling in love with

your friend.

.Day dreaming around him is dangerous. Chances are good, if he's like

my friend that I am not in love with, he can tell you're dreaming about

the perfect wedding day, your dress..his eyes...

Don't day dream in front of him.You know, just sorta hold your cheeks in

your hands and stare at him. Stare at him soooooo long that when he speaks..

"Chloe??" Clark waved his hands in front of her face,"Earth to Chloe.."

You know to speak, and he doesn't question wheter or not your brain was

really abducted by aliens. Maybe it was...

Because of the STRONG sexual tension you feel, dropping in at the

object of your affection's home unexpected could be postive, or just

very very bad. Say, for example, that he lives on a farm. Working on a farm, lifting

things, taking care of things, picking things, makes you sweaty. The sweatier

you get, the less clothing you wear..

Like I said, having a crush on your friend is bad.

It does have it's strong points. Everyone always says that you need to be friends first,

before you become lovers. You know, that because you keep all these feelings bottled

up inside of you, when he says something about you looking nice, you smell pretty...

any sort of flattery that makes your heart race..Only you know what it really means to you.

It means so much more.

It means so much more.

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