by Caroline Corken

Author's notes: Not my first piece of slash, although it is my first Clark/Lex piece. I've included a spoiler for X-Ray, although that episode title really is a give away in and of itself. Plus, since this IS my first Smallville fic, characterisation might be a little off, so any helpful comments and feedback would be really appreciated. There are a couple of very dark moments in this piece, so please take heed of the NC-17 warning. It could be that I'm being over cautious, but I'm talking under aged sex here, so I'd like to think I'm not.

Disclaimer: Smallville, Clark and Lex don't belong to me. Clark, even if he doesn't know it, belongs to Lex, while for the rest of the world; it's only a matter of time.


Lex shivered as he approached the barn, almost as if the stars where shining down a clear bright chill all of their own in defiance of the hazy warmth of a summer night. Looking from his position by the fence he thought he saw movement up where he knew Clark would be.

He smiled.

There was an obvious attraction to Clark, made all the more so by the fact that he didn't seem to know he possessed this...power he had over people. His parents protected him fiercely, his friends, Lex was sure, would put themselves on the line for him just as they knew Clark would for them. If he knew he had that kind of power at his command, then there would be no Whitney standing between him and Lana. Then again, it seemed to go against some sort of ethical code the boy had placed upon himself and Lex suspected that Clark just couldn't help but play the hero.

And it was that which had first drawn Lex to him. That power, hidden between secrets and lies, yet which went deeper than he suspected even Clark knew. Of course, it didn't hurt one iota that Clark had saved his life that day. Hero to the fore.

Lex leaned back against the fence, darting a glance towards the house. He didn't want the understated glares of hostility that papa Kent threw at him every time he went anywhere near him. Or for that matter the maternal sympathy that Martha seemed to have etched on her face whenever the two of them talked. He understood Jonathan's discontent, but Martha's pity...unnerved him.

And Lex Luther hadn't felt truly unnerved since he was nine.

Watching the house, he saw what must have been the Kent's bedroom light come on. By the time it went off again, his very expensive watch told him it was 10.38.

Early to bed, early to rise. A creed to live by. Probably taking advantage of the kid being out of the house.

Still, he was surprised Clark hadn't walked past him yet to head back to the warmth and safety of his own bed. He'd fully expected to have to catch him on his way over to the house, enticing him off back to the Castle for a spot of mid-teenage shenanigans. Which would only consist of some cheap B movie he knew Clark had been looking for. And who said money and power weren't everything?

When Lex had been 15 he'd connived to have his tutor find him watching a porn video he'd found way in the back of the man's bedroom closet. One of the more sophisticated type that featured golden haired young boys having their faces pressed down hard into the sheets as two men took turns to fuck them. Of course it had led to his teacher asking him if he understood what he was watching. Lex had said no and a new lesson had begun.

Still, Lex had been the real teacher that day. His father had caught them both in the Master bedroom of their Metropolis home and that had been the end of that.

Served the fucker right for laughing at his mother's portrait. Served Lionel right for being his father.

Lex shook off the memory. He didn't need his father in his head right now.

More sure of the ground he was on, more sure that he had to try this or live forever clueless, Lex crossed over to the entrance of the barn and made his way silently through the loft to his target.

"Knock knock."


Lex bit down a grin. Was that surprise he heard in his favourite farm boy's voice?

"Hey Clark. You busy?"

He climbed the steps to the top of the barn, unsure in the semi-darkness as to whether or not he'd just seen Clark tucking his shirt back into his jeans.

"Uh. No. Not busy. Not. . .busy at all. What can I do for you Lex?"

"Well, a little light for a start would probably be good."

After so long in the dark, the sudden appearance of light from a hundred or more fairy lights was very welcoming. He approached the telescope where Clark stood, biting down on a grin when he saw that Clark had a blush on his cheeks you could use to melt iron.

He smirked, and God, but if it didn't somehow manage to add more colour to that face of his. How very, very cute. He cast a glance down to Clark's crotch, noticing that business . . .had yet to be taken care of.

"Don't be embarrassed Clark. Everyone does it you know."

Panic. How...adorable.

Clark cleared his throat. "They..." Octave higher than normal. Delicious. "Everyone does what?"

Ok, panic over. Good recovery rate Clark, I'll give you that, Lex thought to him self. He took a step closer.

"Play with their...telescope." He grinned a little, enjoying his small play on words.

And Clark looked so hot with the 'caught in the headlight' look added to his face, especially with all the colour that had suddenly drained out of it.

"Oh God. Lex, you won't tell anyone about this will you?"

Clark really hadn't just said that, had he? Now, did he play this card or did he hold off on it to a later date? He looked up and down the young man's form, wondering if he was the type of someone who would enjoy delaying gratification.

One more look and a resounding Hell no! echoed through his mind, ignoring all that his father had taught him about patience preceding victory. Clark here and now sounded so much better than Clark a week, a month or even (god forbid) a year from now. "Clark, if you don't want anyone to know..." A corner of his mouth tilted up, a smile or sorts on his face. He reached down and, placing one hand on Clark's hip, he used the other to pull up his zip. Slowly. "Don't get caught with your pants down."

It wasn't possible of course, but the silence echoed throughout the barn for a very long moment.


"Yes Clark?"


"I what?"

The younger man coughed, clearing his throat, or at the very least, tried to get enough saliva going to actually form a complete sentence.

" still have your hand"

Lex leaned in closer, leaning down a little harder with his hand, playing his other over Clark's crotch and slowly trailing the heel of it up and down over the obvious, glorious erection.

He blew a little on Clark's neck before whispering, "Do you like my hand on you Clark?"

Ragged breath was his answer, a hand touching him briefly on his back before disappearing again like it had been caught where it shouldn't have been. Taking that as a sign to go ahead, Lex slid his hands slowly around to the small of Clark's back, pulling him in tighter. Then, kicking a little at Clark's feet, he got him to spread his legs a little further apart, bringing his own leg in-between, using his thigh to rub against that hardness between his legs.

God, but this boy was to die for! Possibly via a lynch mob before he got sentenced to life imprisonment, but right now, everything and anything seemed worth it to get what he wanted. What he wanted Clark to want. And God, he wanted him to want it just as badly as he did.

Determined, Lex pulled the shirt again out of the waistband of his jeans, gliding his hands over a chest that was almost as smooth as his own, fingers spreading out to try and get as much flesh under them as possible, finally coming into contact with hard nipples, pressing down even harder on them.

A gasp of breath and a meaningless word half uttered was cut short by his mouth over Clarks, the sweet promise of those oh too sweet lips catching him off guard, pulling him to them ahead of his schedule.

Relief when Clark finally responded, moving his lips against Lex's own; unexpected joy that something could be this wonderful and his. No matter for how long.

A short, sharp press of his teeth on Clarks lower lip caused him to open his mouth wide enough to let Lex slide his tongue in, Clark's eyes widening before almost closing as he responded in kind, almost as if he couldn't get enough.

Clark's hand more sure of itself as it travelled to his back once more, pulling him closer, Clark moving his body against Lex's, a searing heat flaring up his spine. Naturally talented then, or maybe Lex just wanted him so badly that everything Clark did was hot.


Breathless, enquiring...desperate. Just how sexy was this kid?

"Anything you want Clark." He bit down lightly on the teenager's neck, causing Clark to grind his hardening erection against Lex's hip. "Anything..."

"I want..."

His own dick hard and leaking. Anything Clark wanted. Everything.

"Yeah?" He couldn't remember being this breathless since he'd been a child.

"You. I"

He smiled against Clark's jaw line, flicking a tongue out to enjoy a taste that he was coming to know as Clark before pulling back to look into those darkened, hungry eyes, amazed that he'd put that hunger there; more desperate by the second to satisfy it.

"You're going to love this Clark. I promise."

He placed his hands on Clark's chest, fingers pressing and nails dragging down that smooth, smooth skin until they reached the waistband of his jeans, dipping under it for a second to run them between the fabric and the soft warm skin of Clark's stomach.

He looked back up into his face, caught a glimpse of something there and smiled at him again. "There really is nothing to be afraid of. Do you trust me?"

Clark nodded. "Of course I trust you Lex. I know you'd never hurt me."

Lex nodded. "Well, not unless you asked me to." How could he be surprised he'd said that out loud and yet Clark's widening eyes and soft, curving mouth begged him to ask it again? Leaning into Clark's neck again and biting down, a short, quick nip that pulled in a hurried breath. "Sometimes pain...gets translated into something else. Something darker...hotter..."

He undid the button at the top of Clark's jeans, pulled the zipper down again. Looking back up into those eyes, he pulled them down. "But here, right now...I just want to taste you Clark."

He was hard and wet, pre-come leaking against the fabric of his boxer's and Lex couldn't remember his money ever being able to buy him something he'd wanted this badly before, slightly stunned that it was being offered to him by someone he actually respected and admired. Lex moved to his knees, only taking his eyes away from Clarks' when he came level with his crotch. This was an altar truly worth praying at and how could any man, correction, how could Lex not fall to his knees?

He leaned in, rubbing his face against the bulge hidden underneath the soft cotton, feeling the tip wet through the fabric.

Oh to taste this! To finally place tongue to tip and just...taste.

Slipping his fingers under the waistband, he pulled them down.

This was what he wanted. Clark bare and exposed. He may still have his secrets, but this wasn't one of them any longer. Hard and proud, begging to be swallowed whole and Lex wasn't going to disappoint. A Luther was never one to disappoint.

Hands on Clarks hips to hold him still, he pressed in, rubbing his cheek against that hard shaft before turning round and licking the head. Tasting Clark on the purest level. Wanting him on all of them.

A sharp hiss of breath, too many new sensations all at once, Lex's hands somehow holding him in place.

He looked up, Clark looking down at him, eyes all heavy lidded and wanting, hands twitching at his sides seemingly unsure of where he could put them.

First Lex licked his lips, earning him another delightful intake of breath from Clark. Then he reached up and took both of Clark's hands, placing them gently on the sides of his own head.

"It's ok. I want you to touch me Clark. You don't need to ask. You don't ever need to ask me."

Clark nodded. "Oh...okay Lex."

Shaking his head a little, but with a smile on his face, Lex turned his attention back to the dick that he'd wanted for so long now.

Surprised at just how hungry he was for this, Lex ran his tongue over the head again, thanking God for that wonderful invention, the taste bud.

A moan above him told him he was doing something right, the hands on his scalp twitching ever so slightly as control ebbed away. The thought of an out of control Clark, lying under him, naked and glistening with sweat sent a charge straight to his own dick.

He swallowed Clark whole.

"Jesus!" Lex, on some level that wasn't pretty much distracted by the wonderfully hard cock he had his mouth round, chalked up the exclamation as a goal. Clark would be wanting more and if he had to, Lex would beg to be the one to give it to him.

He hummed a little, causing further moaning, using his tongue to press and caress, not noticing when a hand left his head, not caring when something that sounded like wood splintering echoed throughout the barn.

A hand left Clark's hip, and he brought it down to his balls, teasing them slightly as he trailed his fingers softly over them before squeezing gently.

"Lex . . .I'm . . .oh God!"

Shuddering his release, Lex swallowed most of the come, savouring everything he could, squeezing every drop of sensation out of this moment, memorising it, revelling in it, possessing it.

Something to keep the loneliness at bay in any possible future mapped out for him by his father, for everything daddy dearest touched turned sour.

And Lex knew he couldn't escape that, no matter how hard he tried. No matter how much he wanted to.

He fell back onto the heels of his feet, unable to contain the ever-threatening smirk when Clark slid down the wall to join him on the floor.

"Lex. That was..."

"Unbelievable? Life altering?"

Clark offered up a smile that Lex didn't recognise. "Pretty good."

"Pretty good? And where would that rate on a one out of ten basis, ten being the loss of higher brain function?"

Clark looked like he was giving it some thought before he answered. "I'd give it a four."

Lex was outraged. "Four! You're giving me, Lex Luther, a four out of ten!?!"

Clark shrugged, that smile still on his face that both worried Lex on some level and assured him that this was just a beginning. "Well, you see, I can only judge on past experience, and seeing as I don't have any...well, I'm sure you see the problem."

Lex moved, repositioning himself so that he was sitting cross-legged in front of Clark, who would have looked ridiculous sitting there with his trousers around his ankles if only they hadn't stopped him from settling on the ground with his knees too close together for a better view.

"And how would you go about remedying this little problem. After all, I can't let it get about that I'm only capable of a four on the Clark Richter scale of great sex now can I?"

Clark pulled his bottom lip into his mouth, chewing it a little as he fought the blush on his face. "Well, and this is only because we're such good friends an' all. It might be better if you do that again, maybe even..." For a second the red to his cheeks intensified, but he pushed past it. "You know, provide me with a wider scope of such experiences. You know? So I'm better able to judge such things."

"Better able to judge such things? Think that might help raise the average a bit?"

Clark looked down at his crotch. "Might raise..." He looked up into Lex's eyes, and damn-it, if he didn't manage to make him harder with just a single look. "...something, anyways."

"My cars out in the lane. Come back with me to the Castle for the night?"

Lex watched as Clark turned his head to look at the far wall of the barn before turning back to look at him. "Sure. Ok. But I'll need to be back here before dawn?"

Lex stood, if somewhat slowly, holding out his hand to pull Clark back up to his feet, and despite the fact that he wanted to fuck Clark's brain's out, Lex felt something twist inside him, something he knew he was trying to force to the back of his mind, but which had been proving to be stronger than him every time he came into any kind of contact with Clark.

"Are you sure you want this Clark?" It was said even before he realised he'd opened his mouth to say it, his father's voice in his mind screaming at him that he was weak for asking, that he should just take take take and never give a damn what the consequences where because a Luther could make money sing if he wanted to. That money and power where everything.

Clark reached across and ran a hand down that smooth profile. "Trust me Lex. If I didn't want you touching me, you'd know about it."

Lex took the hand in his own, the voice in his head silent now as he whispered, almost afraid of the answer. "Are you sure about that Clark?"

Clark took the hand that held his, bringing it to his mouth, kissing the heel of Lex's hand, looking at those silver eyes that held nothing but worry and fear that no one else but Clark could see. "Yes. Completely sure."

And God damn-it but if Lex didn't believe him.

Grabbing his shirt, Lex pulled him close and kissed him hard, taking nothing that wasn't being given freely.

"Castle. Now."


"Uh, Clark?"

Clark shook his head a little, trying to clear away the cobwebs. "Yeah?"

Lex looked down, smiling at Clark's returning erection before pulling his eyes back to his face. "You might wanna try pulling up your trousers. It'll make walking...a little easier. Maybe."

Clark smiled; a smile Lex was beginning to think he might just one day deserve. Shaking his head a little, he started down the steps of the loft.

Clark had his trousers up a lot faster than they'd been pulled down, and laughing a little, he followed Lex out of the barn and down the lane to his car.

Ok, it had been a sneaky thing to do, but having X-ray vision was proving to be a very useful tool. Who knew what he might have been doing if he hadn't seen Lex standing outside for almost a full hour before he'd come into the barn.

He might have actually been playing with his telescope.

The End.

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